MOVING the SubGenius Foundation

Publicado em 15 Out 2017
We have two days left before everything is loaded onto a truck. The next (and almost final) thing to be packed is the computer used for editing video, so this is the last video we can edit until we land on Planet Texas in the Stang Ranch crater and unpack. The time-lapse footage was supposed to be compressed down to fit one Rainmakers song, "Swinging Shed," but time has run out. When you run out of time to edit, the resulting movie becomes, perversely, longer instead of shorter. On the plus side, you get to hear a SECOND swingin' song by The Rainmakers and my ShorDurPerSav, singer/songwriter Bob Walkenhorst. Praise "Bob" and Bob! There is bonus claymation violence at the very end. It's really eye-popping! SEE YOU IN GLEN ROSE, TEXAS, if our eyes haven't popped out by then.


  • I'm wanting that cutout of The Creature From The Black Lagoon! 4:44

  • Great claymation Stang!

  • The wizard of speed and time!

  • He couldn't let the dead girl lie First he had to scavenge her eye

  • that made me tired just watching, need nappy-poo

  • white flight

    • No, we're spitting our time between Cleveland and rural Texas because we CAN.

  • you give us hope stang

  • What triggered this move to Glen Rose Texas?

    • MY Pappy died in 2015 and I inherited his house. Which is paid for. And on a huge beautiful hill country property with goats and dinosaur tracks. (See my other videos.) We'll still be in Ohio every summer for X-Day and Starwood. We'll finish the clean-up next summer and sell the Cleveland Heights place. We're looking for a SubGenius renter for this winter.

  • Where's the slack?

  • I don't know how you guys did it, Stang. Seeing this spectacle has convinced me to save myself the monumental trouble and simply drop a match on my stuff on my way out. "Bob"speed to you and Wei on your journey to Tegasus.

  • I guess you can't make an omelette without popping a few eyeballs.

  • Those EyeEEEEEEs.


  • Hello