Natalie Portman Tries to Keep Up With a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit

Publicado em 27 Jun 2018
Natalie Portman visits the Bon Appétit test kitchen to make a vegan carpaccio with Carla. Can she follow along using verbal instructions only? Find out!

Natalie Portman produced and narrates the IFC documentary EATING ANIMALS out now and playing in major cities.
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Natalie Portman Tries to Keep Up With a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit


  • PSA: No animals were hurt during the making of this video. Unless you count my own thumb, which hurt a lot after I whacked myself with that godforsaken coconut hammer.

    • I've only ever seen it done with a machete... hahaha

    • All the pesticides to produce the veggies likely killed some bugs which are animals. All the living vegetables were killed prematurely for humans and bugs to consume. A human might have died on the job from a heart attack farming the produce or driving the truck. If there was any contamination a human could of gotten sick or died from food poisoning. Some kind soles feelings could of been hurt for producing this. Overall this was a traumatic experience, close to a genocide. It should require a lifetime of therapy to get over for thousands of people.

    • Lmao

    • your coconut hammer looks really similar to my hammer hammer. hmm.

    • Carla you gotta stop whacking yourself with hammers or any other tool haha. By the way. You're cute and so is Natalie. Looking forward to your future Back to Back Chef episodes :-)

  • That chef is dumb af, come to India and we will show you real vegan food and how convenient it is because most of the Indian families eat at home everyday.

  • Vegan Food: Coconut Meat Watermelon Flesh😂

  • They should've used a power drill to bust its eyes, it would be convenient tho😂

  • In India we just smash Coconut on the Ground😂

  • Not only did they take *five minutes* to break open a coconut, all they actually used after all that was a few shavings 😂

  • LMAO at the coconut techniques .. Sorry, not trying to troll but .. LOL

  • I like you Carla but I don’t know what you mean why saying vegan food is bland and all one color. Girl what about the most colorful foods in existence, fruits and vegetables?? I sure as hell don’t think of many colors when I think of chicken and cheese.

  • She is such a sweet and fun person 😊💖💖

  • they wasted so much watermelon!

  • OSHA is this okay

  • The back of the clever knife could break it in half.

  • The hammer part was just terrifying!

  • Who tf wants to eat this? lmao

  • Natilie Portman nailed it

  • Are they sculpting the coconuts 🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄


  • also who eats radish😂

  • no one thinks vegan food is bland like anything that doesn't have meet or dairy in it is vegan

  • I would have put money that the glass measuring cups were going to shatter as they banged into those coconuts. Maybe if it was me, because I would've smashed through in 2 hammer hits.

  • did anyone else flinch watching natalie portman almost whack her thumb with the hammer

  • I've only seen western open coconuts like this, you don't need hammer, screwdriver, and all these shenanigans to open up a coconut. use the back of your cleaver and tap the coconut hard on the line in between the eyes, it'll automatically crack around. And those coconuts are so old. From where I am, we don't eat the meat of that coconut, we just use it to get the milk and the shredded meat for other desserts. The meat you eat is from a younger one where the meat is way tender and easier to eat. That coconut meat is a disaster to chew one

  • hi

  • that sounds SO delicious 😋

  • White people dont know how to break coconuts.. Indians dont need screwdrivers or cloth or measuring cups to crack a cococut and get the juice out... Haha i do it every day for my mom with just a hammer and the coconut in my hand... And not one drop of juice gets lost :P

  • this is irrelevant but honestly Carla is actually beautiful. I'm 22 by the way. (also unrelated but thought i'd give some context)

  • She made it look so gorgeous wow

  • That's the type of food my food would eat.

  • Looks like the inside of a lawnmower

  • No animals were hurt but what about WILSONNNNNNN

  • Very funny... Being pretty handy around the house and also in the kitchen, I use a drill for coconut. One hole through the eye of the coconut, then turn it over a glass and one hole through the back. After it's drained, I slam it onto my concrete driveway and pick up the pieces.

  • Do they work at Apple😂, It literally takes a 2 seconds all you need is a hit to the rock.

  • In PH we only do that within 30 secs.

  • My mom thought i was watching porn

  • Nati is a natural.

  • cooking grass?

  • PLEASE get charli xcx on here i will die

  • Was anyone else terrified that NP was going to smash her thumb with the hammer? Also, I know it was a salad, but NPs teacher was far more descriptive and helpful than Gordon Ramsey and Bobby Flay.

  • I find the way the chef gives instructions overly complicated yet somehow still not clear enough. She could have said go cut the watermelon so that 1 half is a few inches bigger than the other one.

  • I know oive oil is good for you and stuff, but putting half a litter in a carpaccio feels a little aggresive.

  • jajajajajjaa que chistosas intentando romper esos cocos jajajja

  • she should have tried it with gordon ramsey

  • I can't believe that's how a trained chef breaks a coconut *facepalm. Use a machete it won't take 30 seconds even. Why would anyone think using a hammer and a screw driver is the right way to crack open a coconut. Plus when selecting a coconut shake the coconut and listen if there's a good amount of water in it.


  • nice way of showing people vegan life is convenient(sarcasm). i'm vegan and i would never take this long or work this hard to make a meal

  • This woman really tried complementing herself by saying to Natalie Portman “we’re pretty similar in stature”

  • That's not a salad.

  • This’s why I’m not vegan

  • Vegan food is easy and simple *NOW TAKE OUT THE SCREWDRIVER, HAMMER, AND GOGGLES*

  • The guy in the background 💀😂💀😂

  • Americans can eat anything and say that its delicious 😂 😂 , coconut with lemon on it 😓😓😓😓😓 please try Indian food or even Mexican or Thai or Italian

  • Are they even cooking 😂

  • 5:14 in the back.

  • 5:25 she almost lost her thumb...

  • I’m vegan and this looks so gross and difficult to make. Why didn’t they make something normal like pasta or curry or something?

  • My friend uses a power drill for coconuts 😭

  • That’s not zucchini lengthwise 😡

  • Coconut method sooo unnecessary. I'm Caribbean. All you had to do was wrap the coconut in the towel hit it on the floor hard enough...VOILA.

  • It's vegan food? That's the worse, what a waste of time this video would be, good bye!

  • This is so good! I just use a cork screw in the eyes of the coconut to get the water out, saves the fingers in the end :)

  • i just open coconuts by slamming them on the counter

  • You can see Claire in the background at 2:34 😂

  • Padame is that you?

  • omg can bon appetite please make these “back-to-back”episodes a thing. i love it! and they should do it with other celebrities!!!

  • Vegan = slice veggies and cover in oil and salt......

  • So painful watching the "cook" try and open a coconut......

  • 15 minutes to make a stuffed pepper 15 minutes to make crab cakes 20 minutes to arrange a pretty salad?

  • Natalie can grab my zucchini any time.

  • I like how she explains in detail and slowly to a celebrity while the other pro chefs were being quite fast and not so understanding with amateur cooks.

  • I ❤️ this video and ❤️ Natalie Portman. The chef is awesome and she seems to double as a chef-comedian!!!

  • Is Natalie portman a mother yet??

  • Next time, please use the blunt side of a meat cleaver along the circumference of the coconut. Leave a steel or metal bowl underneath to catch the water. Use a coconut grater to make small coconut shavings. No need for all this risky stuff. I do it everyday.

  • Why in god's name would you pick a whole coconut as an ingredient for a super quick and easy meal? Not even shredded coconut in a bag or something, but a whole coconut that you have to open up ... SMH

  • I can’t imagine myself eating watermelon with olive oil!

  • Everyone is starring at her lol

  • Love Natalie!

  • 8:58 What? No. Is there really such a preponderance of savory watermelon salads? I've never even heard of such a thing.

  • this was painfull to watch....clueless

  • Omg what's with the screwdriver and hammer... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Natalie is so little!!! Love her!

  • so what happens to the rest of the unused ingredients...?

  • what do they do with the bowl of food?

  • Am I the only one that can hear the slight salt towards Natalie? Or am I just lookin for beef?

  • I saw Claire in the background!!!!

  • bahahahahahhaahah....a cheff??come to malaysia.i show u how to open a coconut..

  • I think is a good ideia use a corkscrew in coconut eye! I allways use this and works very well. ps: I love you Natalie! Please marry me?

  • Natalie, legit looked worried at the beginning of this.

  • That’s so much effort for something so unappetizing.

  • that is so not the way to crack a coconut, at least not the Indian way🤣

  • the salt on watermelon feels wrong

  • There are really few seeds in that watermelon.

  • I just missed the easy part of all that. Natalie did great.

  • Is it healthy watching this video everyday?

  • Vegan food is easy *Brings out a jackhammer*

  • The professional doesnt know how to open the coconut...

  • One eye of coconut is soft it can be done with simply inserting in it with knife or even with a sharp pin then if u heat the coconut on gas little bit u can have whole of the coconut out of its shell without any loss of time and flavour

  • Women hammering lol.

  • “I like acid” Oh same😂

  • My Bengali/Asian mother in law, would be so mad at them for opening a coconut 🥥 this way

  • Easily the worst "professional-chef" meal/dish i have ever seen in my life... Reminds me of a BAD poor-student meal....................... Rather eat a carrot by itself or something