Natalie Portman Tries to Keep Up With a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit

Publicado em 27 Jun 2018
Natalie Portman visits the Bon Appétit test kitchen to make a vegan carpaccio with Carla. Can she follow along using verbal instructions only? Find out!

Natalie Portman produced and narrates the IFC documentary EATING ANIMALS out now and playing in major cities.
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Natalie Portman Tries to Keep Up With a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit


  • PSA: No animals were hurt during the making of this video. Unless you count my own thumb, which hurt a lot after I whacked myself with that godforsaken coconut hammer.

    • No animals EXCEPT the ones that were culled to keep the crops alive that is....

    • Carla Music was it supose to be a comedy? It was funny as hell. You guys should do more like this.

    • You can actually open the coconut in less than 30 seconds, there is a specific way that once you learn in, it's quick and easy.

    • Unknown Prophecy or what. Cooking predates Gordon Ramsey. He learned from others as well.

    • ManuZero4 and vegans are competing for the ruminants food source.

  • This has got to be the dumbest way to crack open a coconut. Smh🤦‍♂️

  • well.... i kinda think that professional chef is explaining everything waaay more complicated that it needs to be....

  • And to think, one can drill a coconut using even a pen, just find that one hole that is soft, than just crack the shell on the stone flour... Works every time for me anyway. But I guess they just went with more dramatic style, plus the goggles look cool ;)

  • Props to Carla. Wonderful

  • “Quick and easy” *Proceeds to take out a coconut and open it with hammers and screwdrivers*

  • Watching this is making me uncomfortable the same way I get uncomfortable when I hear nails on a blackboard.

  • She could’ve just had anakin cut it smh

  • : ok squeeze the lime : I LIKE ACID

  • We Asians just lough throughout the process of breaking the coconut shell. Hahahaha....

  • Jesus, pro huh? That's not how you open a coconut. Nat did really good though, surprisingly

  • Natalie seems like so much fun!!

  • I thinkI just l lost a thumb just by watching 🤐

  • the way she was getting the juice out of the lime had me dying lmfaooo @ 14:28

  • i hope they used the other 90% of the watermelons for something!

  • Vegan food is simple and easy... open a coconut with tools. Yeah super simple lol

  • What kind of vegan food is this lolol 😂

  • I eat it or just build a house from it?

  • lmao "we're similar in petite stature" .... ok? what does that have to do with the sizing of the coconut?

  • N.P is foineeeeee

  • *Quick and Easy Vegan food* Rabbits have left the chat... Islanders who can open coconuts with their teeth have left the chat... hot meals have left the chat... cooking, in general, has left the chat...

  • As an Asian, I would have happily opened up that coconut with a machete :D

  • Natalie Portman cant even keep up with a script correctly how do you think shes going to keep up with this chef

  • I'm very surprised they don't have a coco jack opener/scraper thing! Whack it and ya done

  • OMG!... Just made this. I definitely had my doubts, but it was super delicious.

  • Who else felt uncomfortable when natalie was hitting that coconut with a hammer so close to her fingers? lol

  • South Asians are cringing their lives away watching them handle the coconut:'))

  • Pls include next time: - Emma Stone - Margot Robbie - Emelia Clarke

  • I love how awkward Natalie is. Reminds me of Keanu as well.

  • 1:40 Natalie Portman already had 3 of her supplies out before the lady told her what she needed lmao! I call her bluff! Smh

  • That watermelon is sickly looking

  • Keep on hammering!

  • Srilankans Indians and Caribbeans all went mad at that coconut opening 😂

  • She did way better than Shane

    • A cocker spaniel could do better than Shane.

  • thats cooking? looks more like construction work

  • 12:51 "This is great/grate"

  • 5:30 to open a coconut....Jamaica, machete, 20 seconds. rest of the world power drill, angle grinder 10 seconds

  • u said meat wrong, this video lasted 16sec.

  • She sounds so much like Elizabeth Olsen.

  • 5:25 I afraid she's gonna hit her hand

  • Watched this while eating a huge plate of noodles and salmon with cream sauce.

  • I'd rather eat Shane's crab cake

  • I really had to laugh when i say them struggling to open those coconuts, then i felt really mean because i've been cracking coconuts for years in a country where coconuts are a part of almost every breakfast, and they probably crack coconuts very rarely.

  • Y'know.. I can excuse the needlessly complicated and nerve-wracking coconut trials and the depressing dish, but OLIVE OIL? And sesame oil on top of that? On watermelon??? Natalie's a treasure but I feel kinda bad that the end result is so lacklustre for all the effort that went into it. Vegan food can be tasty, but this ain't it

  • I can almost hear the signs and head shaking across tue Caribbean. Cause thats definitely not how to crack open a coconut and grate it.

  • He

  • I just smack my coconut on the ground or the edge of a step or a wall! Works just as well!

  • Thanks to this video, I have been convinced to continue eating meat.

  • 12:26 *turn the beet around*

  • FYI. If you eat vegan you won’t be strong enough to cook vegan food.

  • That's a lot of olive oil... For a disgusting dish

  • Stupidest way of opening a coconut

  • They open coconuts weird.

  • why salt and oil on fruits? wtf

  • I'm dying to do this but I'm a nobody lol I would kill it tho

  • Very boring one ,y do u take such a long time to break a simple coconut .lol

  • In my home in Thailand, we use machete or a cleaver... dangerous but one smack and ur done.

  • came to see Natalie Portman, stays to see Natalie Portman wack a coconut....

  • i felt pain when i saw natalie smack that coconut with the hammer .. like she's gonna bang her fingers

  • Luckly those coconuts weren't animals, otherwise it would be torture.

  • Natalie is so pretty!

  • i swear i've seen Gordon Ramsay in this same kitchen.

  • Remember when she had aronofsky’s baby

  • Less this, more cooking with drag queens

  • Watching them open the coconut is hilarious, you don't need all those tools.

  • Tbh this “professional chef” is not very good

  • look at Nat's manner she had when they trying the food, little detail that made me

  • Thor says: "😑."

  • I got a give it to Natalie 💃 she can definitely keep it up with pro💪👍✌🏻🎉

    • Yeah, Because mastering basic cooking skills is so difficult. Lets watch her change the oil in her car or fix a lawnmower. Those skills I would respect.

  • I'm gagging at how many unnecessary calories you packed in there from all that oil

    • Ok go back to the toilet and throw up you fat freak.

  • I've seen monkey's open coconuts faster.

  • I love Natalie ❤️💁🏻‍♀️ I’d so watch a cooking show with her on it trying new recipes for the first time.

  • Why are they both so sweet. I love them

  • Watching Chris in the background just laughing to himself quietly was probably the best part of this

  • This reminded me of what a godess Natalie Portman truly is. She should not be allowed among normal people

  • I found it's easier to get a fault line on the coconut by whacking it with the back of a sturdy chef's knife. Hammers are too blunt.

  • 6:19 Mind your own business!

  • She has more patience with her then she did with Marlon Wayne’s

  • I wish they did a different vegan meal that wasn’t a salad :/

  • She is so much better at explaining than Gordon Ramsay.

  • In mexico we just use a knife and the floor to open a coconut 😂😂 (yes we throw the empty coconut to the floor until its open)

  • Is it bad I think this doesn't look good? :/

  • Do I see Claire in the background or am I imagining things?

  • lmaoooo the coconut scene was so extra!!!! just throw it on the ground!!!!

  • That's the whitest watermelon I've ever seen. Might as well just drink water since it probably has no flavor at all. Don't even get me started on the construction work with the coconut.😂😂

  • I love how everyone in the comment section has a way simpler safer way to open up a coconut than the professional cheff who said they were making a "simple, quick" dish (which btw, looks as appealing as an agonizing jellyfish on a plate). I'm gonna try the comment section's way on a coconut

  • As an African for real the way they are opening the coconut is hilarious. We only use a machete to crack open it geez!

  • instead of using the hammer you could just use the screwdriver like a drill. that would be a much more safer and faster way to open coconut eyes

  • 14:26 *I LIKE ACID*

  • As an Indian, it is quite fun to watch this coconut breaking technique.

  • she only using the damn watermelon to imitate the red color of the meat that's usually used in carpaccio? if so, how stupid. your ingredients should all make sense taste wise.

  • FFS! Use a punch, not a screwdriver. What's wrong with you people?

  • Never seen anything so simple made so complicated hahaha

  • "Vegan food can be quick and easy!" - Pulls the dual lightsaber and Thor's hammer

  • I'm absolutely in love with Natalie Portman!

  • ew

  • how is that even considered cooking? she is a chef? more like a florist wtf

  • olive oil over watermelon... okay... well...

  • Carla always reminds me Seinfeld characters.

  • i hope everything they didnt use was used elsewhere. all that being foodwaste? yuck.