Our Cats :3

Publicado em 9 Dez 2018
How many cats do you need to have before you're known as the 'crazy cat lady?'
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  • sub to pewdipie

  • I am a full animal lover! So cats dogs cat-doghybrid thing!all equal!

  • Good job on #1 on trending

  • I miss the family friendly James

  • No sé por qué a la gente no le gustó el rewind, a mí me encantó, yo GRITÉ cuando apareciste, GRITÉ 💕

  • I can't pet cats or I feel like I'm dead

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  • Rewind 2018 was C R I N G E


  • next up: Our Dogs:p

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  • over 6 million views about cats????? I am doing something wrong! LOL

  • Since Baby Cat is a boy, u should name it Azulon, instead of Azula

  • Congrats on #1 trending, luv the video.

  • I think James will be the first animator i love to get a diamond play button

  • Following my

  • My puppy’s name is Jax too!

  • *im a bird person*

  • I have 12 right now

  • Hey james, those puns are suuuu *purrr* good

  • good job being number 1 on trending

  • Im watching this video with my pet on top of me wanting to be pet and my dog sleeping under the cover stuck to me. So life is great

  • James l, you are allergic to dander / dandruff. It occurs when you pet ur cat, dog, or hamster, Then you rub your eyes. You can get rid of your itchy eyes by washing them with a wash cloth

  • Holy this is first on trending.. Congrats James 💖🖤

  • Meow

  • Do draw my Life

  • oh hyojin got involved. That makes sense

  • *Then Luna passed out..* *sigh* Me: „Yeah they do that.”

  • "Firebenders " 😂😂😂

  • I hope poppy doesn’t feel so bad about Georgie’s death

  • Test dislike the comment and see what happens

  • Good job odd 1s out! 1 on trending!

  • How are you on trending

  • Please show jack!!

  • Your either a dog person or cat person Nah new saying Your either a pewds sub or indian

  • Cat PURRRson! hahahahhahahahahahahha. That was so funny do any agree?! No? I’ll go back into my corner of shame.

  • Congrats on #1 trending again :3

  • 1 trending btw :3

  • r.i.p georgie

  • I Love Cats


  • Rip Georgie Hey that rymed!

  • Yay 1# trending!😄❤️❤️😊!!

  • U sound like matpat on puberty.

  • The only watchable part of the rewind was the where they gave the animators a bigger part. other than that it less than purr-fect

  • #1 on trending

  • You might as well as named the video furries

  • Mmm..1

  • 3:43 *NAAAWWHH!*

  • Woah you are really famous but sorry for your shady 🐈

  • Коты моя жизнь

  • 1 on trending let’s go

  • Good job James, #1 on trwnding

  • aww at least poppy still has a friend

  • Who's ready for the 10 mil sprinkles

  • Georgie: was I a good boi Death: no, I've heard you were the best.

  • Number one on trending bisexual for animals well yay?

  • Why is there so many cats just outside

  • Good luck on 10mil subs!!

  • BR-tv rewind sucked the animation part was the only good part. Also PewDiePie wasn’t in rewind

  • Wait a sec if Georgie is dead..... ITS TIME TO SPAM THIS CHANNEL WITH DOG BREEDS YA!

  • My friend have 180 pet

  • You're popular in the Netherlands you are always in trending top 20 in the Netherlands

  • Wait... Georgie was a girl??

  • Whoo james made it to number 1 on trending!!

  • There's tears in my eyes from laughing and crying Т-T

  • Omg!!! I love your video!! First time I've seen and laughed my butt off!! I love my TWO cats and I love dogs too! !

  • I dont hate them but im like you but im an dog person

  • Congrats James numver 6 on trending on Singapore

  • #1 trend

  • My cat is named Luna too! She's a tortoise shell cat, very cuddly and loud xD

  • Until one day, the end of humanity youtube rewind

  • I love this so muchhhh A biggest a lover from Brazil 💜💜💜

  • Calico looks exactly like my cat oml

  • 2018 rewind is trash

  • #1 TRENDING!!!!

  • can you do a video about your setup and how to use it?

  • 1:16 Are you sure you are not a furry?

  • 30th on trending in Germany 😻

  • Ow man hi next vid-... THEY DIED ? :((

  • Congrats on number 1 on trending

  • HAHAHA great video as usual.

  • R.I.P Georgie

  • RIP Georgie

  • I am actually allergic to dogs but i still play with them a lot

  • Ive been watching your videos for 2 years now and i just realized i wasn’t subscribed... Pterodactyl !

  • I am getting my new dog today

  • HE liked BR-tv rewind, I hate this video already. Lmao jk.

  • A malicious sequel to Odd1sout's 2016 "Our Hamsters" but on steroids.

  • Прив ты топ

  • 5:21 and turn on captions. Thank me with a like. Nah jk you don’t have to

  • #1 on trending

  • R.I.P Georgie

  • Where did you live damn I want cats to show up all the time

  • Can we get a video of James reenacting bongo cat

  • I don’t like cats cause I’ve never met a nice one DOGGOS FOR LIFE!!

  • 1# trending in indonesia!!!!

  • Porque bota o titulo em português se nem tem legenda português retardado

  • Oh btw, this video is trending

  • Oooooooo, somebodygotaacaatseasse Donald deufgh 2k01