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Publicado em 7 Fev 2019
They don’t come back the same. Watch the second trailer for #PetSematary, based on Stephen King's terrifying novel. In theatres April 5, 2019.
Based on the seminal horror novel by Stephen King, (#StephenKing) #PetSematary follows Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke), who, after relocating with his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz) and their two young children from Boston to rural Maine, discovers a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near the family’s new home. When tragedy strikes, Louis turns to his unusual neighbor, Jud Crandall (#JohnLithgow), setting off a perilous chain reaction that unleashes an unfathomable evil with horrific consequences.
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  • Now why. The. Fuck. Is. Gage not the one to die via semi truck?

  • This movie messed me up when I wad a kid. But I absolutely loved the film.

  • The original is better


  • I think I just saw the whole movie in that trailer.

  • *Cemetery

  • Darling..

  • What people don't understand is that you can't do much with a toddler as a monster. You just can't. That way they changed it.

  • Idk why everyone mad at this its just a movie if you don't like it just ignore it than

  • This feels like a remake, not a sequel

  • If they are changing things so much, swap the ages of the kids, make it the mom who wants to bring her child back, make the old man and old woman... just TOTALLY destroy the original!😡 Isn't it enough they made a terrible sequel?

  • GAGE HAS TO DIE NOT ELLIE! DONT TWIST A PERFECTLY OK STORY! god. sephen king would be ashaimed

  • Kill a 3 year old boy instead It just works better

  • Everybody is saying that they have given away the whole movie. I understand that the change between Ellie and Gage is new, but it’s a remake. Everybody already knows the plot. If it really is a reinterpretation, they won’t have put everything it the trailer. The children with the animal masks are hardly explained for example.

  • No no no I do not like that movie not even the original and that goes for my Mom too see my dad were visiting friends and they thought they could watch the original movie on TV when they got to the part wherethe two-year-old son goes in the middle of the street and gets ran over by that Mack truck my mom wanted to leave since at that time I was only a cute little baby since then she never ever ever wanted to see that movie never ever 😱😱😱😱

  • Remake that should never have been made.

  • Just watched the whole damn movie in 2 minutes smh

  • I wouldn't go down that road

  • Dies, goes to heaven, gets brought back to life, gets mad and kills the jack ass that brought you back

  • Ah yah

  • Jesus, the comments are filled with salty people who have seen the orginal one.

    • The original is loyal to the source material more than this at least

  • WOW I HATE THIS ALREADY. Really??? You killed off Ellie when it was supposed to be Gage?!? Sigh.

  • People who read the book knew what really happened

  • Way better than captain marvel

  • scary tune 0:01

  • Do you really not see what they are telling us? The spiral? The little girl? Moana? Feline Feminine Divine. Turn from the Father and worship feminine divine. The women dressed in all white at the state of the union address being coached by Nancy Pelosi wearing the necklace of the woman in scarlet. Is everyone one of you really this blind?

  • me trying to finish reading the book before this actually comes out

  • I feel that people are being rather unfair toward this adaptation that has YET TO EVEN BE RELEASED. I understand that the original was a grand film, it actually left out a few different parts of the novel. So pretending that it was some flawless film adaptation is bullshite. I personally think that them expanding on the story and possibly involving more of the Wendigo and town children could work out very well. Not to mention that the amazing Stephen King himself is completely okay with the changes. Hop off their dicks, damn.

  • Are we really to the point where we simply just remake a movie that's been done twice already? Hey I'm a huge SK fan but the movie was done once, than a sequel and now another remake of the original? And people wonder why the movie industry loses money year after year?

  • Anyone else wondering if this movie is going turn out to be like The Shinning movie? In which case, I hope not

  • Mary Lambert should of handled this...making it an updated/modern version of her 1989 film and have the original cast have cameos in there...

  • set-his trailer showed wayto much'

  • So they screwed up another Stephen king movie. Bullocks

    • Lol you sound stupid IT 2017 was fantastic the shining is a must see for film buffs. That 1989 movie is not good as a film end of discussion


  • Why would they think switching Ellie and Gage would be a good idea? Just why

    • Because what modern 3 year old can act. Gage in the original was a extremely rare thing if you want bad child acting go ahead.

  • Bunch of losers fill. Makers with no talent just remake every hit movie from the 80-90s cause they have no talent. Then when the movie is shit blame everyone else.

  • This look even less scary than the original😂😂

  • Much as I like John Lithgow hes no Fred Gwynne who's portrayal as Jud Crandal was the best part of the original

  • Cute 🐱

  • Let's all leave an F in the chat for the old man at then end..........F

  • If this movie was the exact same as the book, would anything be worth while? No. All if it would be seen coming. Few different things will have an ending we won't really see coming. Bottom line, shut ya mouths and enjoy a new twist.

  • Looks scary. But why are they playing Hearthstone out in the woods?

  • Oh hell no😱😱😱😁😁😁

  • 👹 (Zombie Superman awakes). *Aquaman* 🤔 : "Something is wrong". *Flash* 😨 : "Pet Cemetary" .

  • Don't want to live my life again...

  • I'm sure with all the changes they won't even mention TIMMY BATERMAN

    • Daniel Watson that subplot was pretty gay tbh, at least in the original. I heard it was frightening in the book though!

  • Are they remaking all of the Stephen King movies now? I swear to gawl if they try to remake Shawshank, I will sue.

  • I thought that Gabe died? Not Elle?

  • How I love stephen king.. BUT but BUT how I do hate remakes!! I watched the new IT and after that I did promise to myself that I wont ever watch another shitty remake..

  • Ooooooo Goatman

  • Jordan Peele: Ha You Don't Have Jason Blum Stephen King:Now we Do Jordan Peele: Oh That's Bullshit And Fuck you

  • I found this because I was looking for a Tierra Whack song lmao


  • I’ve never read the book or seen the first film, so to someone like me, this is a pretty good/scary trailer. My two cents.

  • I get so sick of these people remaking classics that don’t need to be remade

  • I was actually kind of hype for this movie since the first trailer came out right after I watched the original for the first time in a while. It's one of my favorite Stephen King works. But after the first minute of this trailer things really started to tumble down. I don't favor the changes and they showed way too much for an effective trailer. Can't say I really want to watch this anymore. This is just my opinion. No hate to the movie or anyone who wants to watch. Just sharing my disappointment lol.

  • Destroying yet another great film.Hollywood blows!

  • This is low key going to be good

  • I don't want to be buried in a remake. I don't want to live my life again.

  • Here they go fuckin up a classic I guess this is what happens when you can't come up with new scripts

  • Hug your daughter!

  • Wtf is up with previous these days? They give everything away!

  • When my dog dies he is going straight to the crematorium.

  • Why is it always a creepy kid? You really think adults couldn't handle a creepy kid? :/ Nothing a baseball bat can't fix...

  • What's the point of watching the movie now?

  • I’m going to be very upset if there’s not more about Gages death

  • that will give you nightmares thank you

  • Ive regretably never seen the original which is why im not surprised from the people who have think this looks terrible haha but this looks really good.

  • Telling us that Ellie dies instead of Gabe was a good twist spoiled. Also, Fuck Zelda.

  • Well, that looks like a good family show. We are such a dark impulsed people. It is very sad.

  • I like the change what's the big fuss? you people are doing like The Walking Dead fans Lol They want everything like the comics. Movies or TV Shows based on books or Comics doesn't have to be like the source material I bet even Twilight and the The Harry Potter Movies changed stuff plus I'm sure they told Stephen King before everybody else of this big change im looking forward to seeing this movie.

  • the Ramones brought me here

  • This is an outrage, they are changing the story too much!

  • Looks like another modern horror movie with creepy visuals, but no substance. I'll wait to watch it on tv on a few years.

  • The thumbnail looks scarier than this trailer tbh. It does actually look pretty good tho.

  • “A charming little landmark”

  • In the book Gage comes back and says so many evil things to Judd. Like he says he saw his dead wife in hell getting fucked by all of Judds dead friends because in real life she was a whore.

  • Hope Blitzkreig Bop gets played at some point in the movie.

  • Everyone is concerned about how Ellie was the one to die instead of Gage while I’m here scared shitless by Zelda and am utterly terrified to see what she’ll look like in the new movie.

  • Im sry to say to those sayin Mary Lambert didnt stick to some of the source material from the novel....well it was Stephen himself who gave her the script for the movie. He wanted it filmed that way even if he excluded some parts. He wanted it filmed in Maine and he was even on set for most scenes. So i hafta say that the 80s version was closest to the book then the new one will be

  • Herman Munster said it better

  • Pest Sematary

  • Zelda!

  • Bueno, TeLoResumo te faltó una de Pet cementary

  • I bet taking Gage's part out was at least partly laziness so they didn't have to deal with a toddler actor

  • OwO

  • Even little white boys need to be replaced now. Fuck Hollywood eat a cock

  • Good movie - but some parts could have been trimmed to get under 2 min running time

  • Where is Edward Furlong? Not the same without him.

  • no originality 80's and 90's movies being remade it's pathetic btw the ground is sour

  • They shouldn't just make the same movie it's not a bad thing by changing some plot

  • Please. Do yourself a favour. Just read the book. Please.

  • John Lithgow always adds a bit of quality to anything he's been him...

  • Bem feito! Você destruiu oficialmente um clássico. Inacreditável. Ellie está morrendo? O que você estava pensando? By the way, o livro é incrível e faz você tremer, os jovens cm as mascaras de de gato, nossa muito chato mas vou assistir rs

  • If you are gonna change the story so much you should change the name of the movie. One of my favorite books ever so I was excited for this but now I'll just re-read it instead.

  • This seems nothing like the classic. Rituals? A preteengirl? demonic contortions? wtf?

  • They muspelled cemetery!

  • Should've been a Netflix mini series instead.

  • I LOVED the original, and the book. But this just looks like a cheap jumpscare fest. And what the fuck is wrong with trailers, this ruins way to much?

  • movie title is gonna be more scary than the actual movie. kudos