RM, Wale ‘Change’

Publicado em 19 Mar 2017
RM, Wale ‘Change’

A special collaborative single ‘Change’ by RM, Wale is out now.

Music video credits:
Director: Beomjin _ VM Project Architecture @vm_project
1st AD: Jiwoo Kim @_jiwookim_
2nd AD: Soobin Park @soob92
Line Producer: Yohan Joo @jooyohan
DOP: Eumko @eumko
Gaffer: Seungnam Yun
Art director: mu:e @mue.artwork (jinsil park, bona kim)
Post production: jeawook lee, jason kim @huchu2jasonn

Get ‘Change’ on:
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/bangtan/rm-wale-change/s-aYWe5

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  • Who's listening in 2018? -this is still a BOP

  • People srsly Need to appreciate namjoon more.

  • "Change" [Rap Monster:] Oh, tell me that dark could never win the light Oh, tell me that wrong could never win the right Baby, tell me that we gon' someday stop the fight And tell me that every, everything gon' be alright Oh tell me who's stupid, baby, is it me or them? Just tell me who's insane, baby, is it me or them? In this crazy world after patience, could we get the pearl? But this world, which teaches me, preaches me how to curl Oh, fuck the school All we got is mad teachers and some visible classes Divided spaces, and forever-lastin' stresses Everybody's mad Kill people with fingers on Twitter More than a gun, more than a knife The tip of your tongue just glitter Would the pain always win you gain? (Nah) How could you bet? It's damn checkin' game (Yeah) We're losin' again, homie, we losin' too many things What should we tell our sons? You know that they will be the men Like you and me If hope is a taste, what is yours? What you eat all day? (What you eat all day?) And if your love is a game Are we losin', losin'? Oh World is gonna change (Ooh ooh ooh) World is gonna change (Ooh ooh ooh) World is gonna change (Ooh ooh ooh) World is gonna change (Ooh ooh ooh) [Wale:] Yeah, yeah, tell me what is really real? I'm tryna buy a new Ferrari for my newest deal Baby girl say, "The world really hate us, huh?" Pray a lot and maybe God give you Saint Laurent Wish that I could change the world but they hold back When it's time to go, the people just be mad again And what if I could change the world with a pen and pad? When it's time to vote, the people turn to mannequins Challenge that Namjoon, I'm the man too I'm out in Chevy Chase the teachers used to lampoon I sing songs, haikus Over rap tunes, high IQ Lookin' for a Song Hye Kyo Hey cutie girl I'm tryin' to keep it a hundred Got no faith for no government That's why we need each other, hey Laughin' to keep from cryin' Folarin's a rap monster BTS is the ARMY Now it's on me I'mma keep the piece until I see some more peace I'mma keep it G, forever keep it low-key Take a trip to South Korea with some DC OGs Chiefin' OG, I'm chiefin' OG Hated by alt-rights and racist police Say, woop woop, means, welcomin' They make them kids really freeze, when they say, "Freeze!" Freeze! [Rap Monster:] World is gonna change (Ooh ooh ooh) World is gonna change (Ooh ooh ooh) World is gonna change (Ooh ooh ooh) World is gonna change (Ooh ooh ooh) World is gonna change (The world is gonna change) (The world is gonna change) World is gonna change (The world is gonna change) (The world is gonna change) World is gonna change (The world is gonna change) (The world is gonna change) World is gonna change (The world is gonna change) (The world is gonna change) World is gonna change [Wale (Rap Monster):] Moonz, prayin' for better days for you and I I see progress via my daughter's eyes I think I think too much now and drink too much now I numb it 'cause I don't wanna cry (Prayin' for better pace for you and I I see some grass growin' in winter's eyes I think I think too much now and drink too much now To numb it 'cause I don't wanna die) I believe that real friends love you to no limit (yeah) I believe that real change lies in the mirror (yeah) Since I was a little one wasn't 'posed to get much status Now they got they hands up for me like a stick up (Say, "Hands up, hands up" like a stick up Hands up, hands up like a stick up Since I was a little one, wasn't 'posed to get much status Got they hands up for me like a stick up, check it) [Wale & Rap Monster:] Take it day by day, night by night It's on you and me if I'm gon' shine Not stoppin' day by day, night by night It's on you and I Moonz and the ARMY right (My hands up)

  • ❤✌♡♡

  • I love this songg!!!!!

  • Still coming back to this?

  • Una obra de arte. 🌻

  • Lideriiiiimmm gayet güzel olmuş antilerin amk :d

  • You know, I never used to like rap. Namjoon changed that.




  • ¿POR QUÉ ESTA OBRA DE ARTE NO A SUPERADO MIL MILLONES DE VISITAS? Dios, esto en serio es arte, y trae un fuerte mensaje, es perfecto.

  • namjoon is THE MAN


  • Who still listen to change, iove it. And i just read from comment that some of u armys underestimate it. U guys do not know what u got till u lose it. Namjoon will go solo one day or even stop music and u who do not appreciate him will regret.like how Bts haters are regreting now.

  • This song is so underrated

  • Ahhhhh I love this so much

  • I love this with every piece of my heart. A truly brilliant masterpiece, that is simply fantastic and dazzling. RM is one of the down to earth human beings in the world. How can this song be underrated. It’s almost an insult. But I know, not everyone like it. BUT, the message, come on it’s realistic.❤️👏🏻 Love you RM💘

  • The fact that this gem only got 14 million views when it's also a billion of us.. Smfgdh


  • Underrated masterpiece

  • November 2018??💜💜

  • RM my Brother 😍😍😍

  • stream change for clear skin and good grades

  • Still so fuckin underrated it hurts

  • I don't know how many time , I listen to this song but this is my first time to comment....... Love you joonie..............

  • 💜👑Namjoon😍Perfecto😌Hermoso😘Arte😀Bello😉🌸💜💜💜💜💜👑🙂

  • 💜💜💜

  • Cooooooool OMG Jon "namjon"

  • Joonie💜💜✨✨✨ love you thanks wale we love you too thanks for creating a masterpiece 💜💜✨✨✨

  • -I can’t get over this masterpiece 💜😍 I love u jonnie💜 u deserve better-

  • One day you'll come back to this video with a greater appreciation for Namjoon.

  • 3:17 Rest In Peace Kim Woo Young. I just heard about this it’s just so devastating he seemed like an amazing guy and he was so young. My condolences to his family and friends.

  • Hino injustiçado


  • Песня просто офигенная!! Мне щас плохо станет!! 😊😊😊😍😍🤗😚😚😣😳😇😇

  • R.I.P Kim Woo-Young 🙏🙏🙏

  • I love this song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • I love he rap❤

  • This is sooooo cool!!!!!

  • Wale and RM did the damn thing. This song is golden. I will keep coming back to this song I can promise you that.

  • 14.3m

  • I swear RM has the best voice when he speaks English

  • Kim Namjoon~😆💜

  • 💙2018💙


  • I just broke the replay button :(

  • The lyrics 😍❤

  • I need another collab with wale :(

  • I want to learn this song but I suck at rapping lmao

  • Dude, this song deserves more appreciation.

  • lets see if we can reach 25M+ views before 2019

  • Que música❤uau

  • like bts member always said, they have many profile, and every side is still theirself, they always have side that we as fans never know, and they like challange to make their music better and better, i love all of them side,and all music they make, have own story and message...my fav member is V but Mono is my fav

  • 2018 ?

  • Honestly every song of Namjoon is a masterpiece.

  • It's been one year but it's still so iconic

  • I love the vibes carried by his voice.His personality is what I always admire😍.He is the best leader.RM I P💜rple U.

  • Get it boy!!!

  • why I see this just now after 1 year being ARMY? Gosh I love it

  • 4:43 His smile... My hearteu ... 😭😭😭

  • Why i am so late to this masterpiece??? Sound so good... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Rest in peace kim woo young :'(

  • UGH!!! This song need more appreciation for real

  • ¿Por qué solo tiene 14 M? esta joyita merece muchísimo más;) 💕

  • Hino injustiçado

  • bop

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘 rm is so cool

  • I guess k-armys are now gonna feel how i-armys do

  • I've played this song so many times because this song is smart enough

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Rapmon is the best

  • I always come back to this amazing song

  • rip Kim Woo Young

  • 2018?

  • I Like the Part when RM Laugh at the end Like oh my Gosh My Heartueee😂😍

  • Les juro que me encanta

  • Los colores me recuerdan a "do you"

  • Damn Kim Namjoon kills me when he is in his element doing his thing. HANDS UP HANDS UPP

  • Why wasn't this hyped harder? Namjoon is the smoothest man on the planet. He is sex appeal personified.🤤💋


  • 2018????

  • Rest In Peace Kim Woo Yeong 🌷

  • R.I.P Kim Woo Young 😭😭 Tha Tatto guy (im late 1 week LMAO)

  • ARTE

  • Marley Hong was the Korean male model at 1:10 and 3:14, who tattooed his whole body and still was a model, breaking from the mold, shifting from beauty standards. He died in a car accident on November 7, 2018. He seemed like an amazing dude and I can't seem to forget about him. R.I.P. Marley Hong. Thanks for supporting our RM.

  • Brasil Change Please :(

  • This was almoste my birthday march 20 Why😣 ok I'm not gonna comlain


  • I am stre@ming this more than BTS mvs

  • RIP model 3:17😪

  • Why I don't know this ?! Like wtf. I'm an army but why today?!!!!

  • why ain`t this a hit?

  • RM is the BOMB! BTS today wouldn't have being there if not for him. I watched an old BTS video recently, them on a talk show , and JK and V both told that what made them join BigHit and BTS was Namjoon. They said that they had seen RM's talent and his personality looked cool so they wanted to work with him and that's the reason they joined that company over other big ones. SO ARMYs out there, we have V and Jungkook in BTS thanks to our KING.

  • This song deserves so much more love.

  • the vi3ws are slowly increasing. I am doing great and few Armys hat decided to stre@m this

  • Tú, Kim Namjoon, todo perfecto como siempre, gracias por ser el mejor líder, gracias por tu amor, te mereces todo lo bueno del mundo💖

  • Rest In Peace, Kim Woo Young 💕💕

    • +Al Proto www.soompi.com/article/1259635wpp/model-tattooist-kim-woo-young-passes-away

    • ?

  • Bored and scrolling through bighit Yt channel and I see this 🔥 why doesn't army talk about this 😕 it's so good