Samsung Galaxy S10 Impressions!

Publicado em 20 Fev 2019
Galaxy S10 official hands-on and first impressions!
Galaxy S10E Impressions:
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  • Samsung: Creates History Apple: is History

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  • congrats mkb got number one trending

  • Do the new cameras have a feature similar to Google's Night Sight mode?

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  • Me : "I have 2 kids" Samsung : "Hold my phone"

  • I feel poor now.

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  • if I could control rewind id have FORTNITE and Marques Brownlee

  • 12g of ram?? In a phone?? Hahaha my computer is at 4gb only.

  • I want the Samsung s10e. Smaller is better.

  • ah jaja that's hot, that's hot

  • Amazing

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  • im going to need bigger pockets

  • aggghhh i got a note 9...this will make me want the 10

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    • Thunkmeister whats fortnite?

  • Nothin here I already knew. pass

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  • I want one😔

  • damn Galaxy Fold is such a disappointment.. all it is, literally 2 devices hinge together at a 2 device price, not even close to the teaser YOUM device they showed us 4-5 years ago..

  • Hi,on iphone we have godd app imovie for join photos,movies,we can add frame with songs and sent to you tube in 4k,what samsung have???? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • What's next? These phones are way beyond "computers" now. It's literally mind bogglingly good.

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  • Ha wooow I got the iPhone XR not Samsung

  • We're in the $1k era right now.

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  • Shii I still have a iPhone 5s

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  • Yawn. No body buys phones anymore.


  • Does it have imessage? And for that reason, i'm out.

  • As an iPhone user I am speechless

  • S11: no screen

  • All this competition is good. Forcing smartphone brands to actually be great

  • Wow

  • #1 trend in boi.

  • Am I the only one who thought it said $10 and was like “HOOK ME UP”

  • I’m getting tired of this shit it’s a goddamn phone every time every year

  • People complained about apples notch at the top when the iPhone X came out but they like this. And people say apple fans are sheep Edit: Cool phone tho

  • ok

  • Fua son todos inglese giles caretas

  • Android😂😂😩eiw

  • Are there 5 cameras on this thing???!????

  • Would buy but I personally prefer IOS more than android

  • This sounds like a bunch of gibberish

  • that's a terrible impression

  • No new Note yet? Or at all? I love the notes lol

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  • I wish the home screen didn’t look ugly as shit

  • Ok lets play a game: Girls You have to keep the likes at an even amount. Boys You have to keep them at an odd amount. Who will win??

  • Oh believe me people brag about that man they do

  • Remove the black bars

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  • Careful with that flamethrower on the background

  • meh they are all the same

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  • hands up if you want it but you won't have it!! 🙌🙌

  • Ah daz hot

  • Okay but the animation around the selfie camera is 🔥🔥🔥 That's a great detail

  • galaxy fold

  • #1 on trending!

  • Marques, please notice the higher khz. especialy when youre speaking. notice the ‘s’ from your vocal. if like you are speaking with an ‘f’ combined with an ‘s’. Maybe some finetuning is needed? (listening with apple wired earpods..)

  • Phones dont impress me anymore

  • Your videos are great

  • Samsung sells the most cell phones by FAR, they own 21% of the market compared to its next competitor apple 12%. Why would anyone want an apple? Overall iPhones are overpriced and underpowered and while apple itself is an American company the phones are made in communist CHINA whereas 50% of Samsung phones are made in S. KOREA and Vietnam

  • I prefer Samsung phones. But I like iOS and the App Store much better

  • Watching this on my new Samsung Galaxy S10 lol How I got it is because my Dad works at Samsung.

  • Curved display yuck, hole punched diplay yuck. Probably no software updates either. Gonna give this a pass. Hardware seems killer though.

  • But is it waterproof?

  • I'm sorry but this ain't it chief

  • I be out here with the s5

  • Samsung is making a big come back Apple User and watching on a iPhone XR sorry Apple😂

  • Mark Ass Brownie knows them phones

  • Thay AoE4 trailer doe

  • snapchat still trash tho

  • How do you feel about being #1 on the trending list? Must be sweet :)

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  • Nokia is still better

  • Wow trending number #1

  • So there is about 100 people in my school and I feel like I'm the only Android fan

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  • 80% of comments: Samsung is better 10% of comments: random shit Other 10%: triggered Apple users

  • 12gb... This will suck up a lot of power...

  • I’m a hardcore Apple fan, but Apple been the same for years now barely anything changed. Samsung is becoming revolutionary

  • So lots of people like Samsung than apple?

  • I'm watching this video knowing I can't afford it. 😂

  • Damn Mark Ass is on trending

  • Look, I am an un-bias phone user. I use both android and iOS at the same time. Tho, I dont get why people are so impressed and excited about these new release from samsung... That hole punch camera is nothing but ugly... Its just an extra step on the notch to annoy users. Feel like these phone companies are just trying to give users an "illusion", rather than "solution". Besides that foldable shit from not only samsung but also xiaomi is just dumb.... really dumb @_@"

  • Im keeping my S9 until the S12 drops, no matter how cool the new one is

  • Can it run iOS?

    • You can mod most androids to have an ios interface, I did it for my parents earlier today


    • I got u bro

    • If you play lego star wars you have a deal

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  • Apple can’t compete now lol