Publicado em 12 Jul 2018
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Sewage · Hollow Prophet · Scumfuck
℗ 2018 Hollow Prophet & Scumfuck
Released on: 2018-08-10
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  • Dickie Allen is a machine.

  • 0:19 so fucking disgusting. FUCKING SHIT! 2:06 love it 2:38 just....BRUTAL

  • Hollow whispers seep through the murky water Swallowing the garbage that sits deep in the dirt Silence burdened by a rotten salvation Violent currents wiping away the settled scum Vile river flows, a cesspool of drifting rage digesting deranged bile discharged in an intricate splash of soiled sentiments Rotting psychological sludge A castle of grim and disgust Drawbridge through the manhole, over the moat of muck and pus Grotesque, elaborate logic devouring the sunlight bliss Submerged in a cryptic, cycling torment, a morbid abyss Vile rivers flow! Necrotic suffering screams echo in the filth! Embrace the sewer! Let the stench of decomposing delirium grow! Lathered in putridity, macabre satisfactory, spewing septic splendor a sanctuary of sadistic sanctity Eroding excrement caressing the leaky core, digesting deranged bile discharged in an intricate splash of soiled sediments Vile rivers flow, a cesspool of drifting rage!

  • This penetrated my ear with the spirit cock of satan. Amazing.

  • Why does this say it was posted four weeks ago? Lol

  • Fuccking naaasty i love it!!!