Slow Down

Publicado em 13 Nov 2018

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  • Welcome to the magical world of LSD.

  • is... is this song abou depression?

  • *you could make a religion out of this*

  • I never know what kind of music Bill makes... But it's beautiful. And yet I don't understand.

  • Wait wait slow down

  • Time Isn’t real

  • *woah there friend you might need to...*

  • 0:16 conform, you say? *NEVAAAAAAAAAAAAR*

  • I love how it doesn't make any sense

  • Is there a way to report this in a good way? Cuz if it is i need to do it

  • Is this what it like on acid 🤣🤣🤣

  • you

  • p

  • o

  • o

  • This is a message to our society we need to play a different kind of music

  • Genuine good music. If only it made sense haha.

  • We can make a religion out of this.

  • Ok but can we appreciate the intense symbolism this vid has

  • I've been watching too many of these.... I know this because this video made sense to me.

  • *"I'm going to hell and I'm late for it"* same

  • And then I wonder why I have such fucked up dreams

  • this is therapeutic

  • Your music is seriously so soothing. When I'm anxious late at night it helps me calm down, and it's SO GROOVY. Keep up the amazing work!

  • How does it feel to be on drugs

  • We go from clocks to bent hats. What are you smoking?

  • a pile of water

  • This is so fucking catchy! I've listened to it way to many times!

  • If the Universe is shaking, we have some *very very big* problems to attend to.

  • shout out to your music theory god damn homie thanks for inspiring me to make music :)

  • What the fuck kind of drugs was this dude on.

  • i was the 6667 comment gotta keep it a Christian channel

  • What is this witchcraft

  • Bill-senpai should make an album with these songs

  • The middle to end bit reminds me of Channel Orange Frank Ocean.. so good

  • Name one imperfection in this. I dare you. Can’t do it? That’s what I thought.

  • I hate how many times I've come back to this video in the last 4 days

  • The hi im Steve shirts are sold out so im sad..

  • This is somehow inspiring

  • I think there is some deep political message here. Maybe about climate change.

  • how high is this dude

  • (Puts video speed at 2)

  • I really think there's something more beside the song and animation.... I feel like it has a meaning behind it....

  • *Oh I got a bent hat*

  • Am I the only one who felt that the was the longest 3 minutes of my life? Time really did slow down

  • I really want this song to be covered by Al Jarreau, somebody please make this happen.

  • This song is a FUCKING BANGER


  • feels like it could be sung by a demon

  • bill wurtz is my aesthetic.

  • we should slow down the video

  • i kno wut kind of music the radio plays. . . . . . . bill wurtz

  • look i'm late to hell

  • If you break down some of the lyrics, it actually makes sense.

  • Something about this really hit me like a train

  • "no" Sanic

  • *Don't let this video distract you from the fact that Mr Krabs sold Spongebobs soul for 62 cents*

  • In like 150 years instead of analyzing Edgar Allan Poe in English they'll analyzie Bill Wurtz lyrics

  • the pacing is so good I dont even know how you make something like this without the pacing being all wrong and rambly

  • now the mystery is the SONG. Please press read more to read mystery: Mystery: Why did the song looks like numberblocks zero (The first and almost)? Link: (For who's loving or likes numberblocks) Mystery 2: At 1:25 try pausing the video , He/She just playing skateboard not swing!

  • "Going to hell and I'm late for it"

  • I love the fact that about 99% of the song makes no sense but it's still awesome

  • this is a fucking bop and a half man kudos

  • *gos to setting, puts it on 0.25 speed* there we go

  • At least I can understand 5% of the meaning between all of the nonsense.

  • 0:30 --- This key/style change is about the sexiest thing I've heard in long time.

  • which is the correct read more Read more Bio: I make Roblox Minecraft parodies. Check them out

  • I watched this in .25 speed

  • damn

  • You messed up your own song. You said "And the client's name is always there" when it's "And client's name is always there"

  • there is too much progress, not enough time is being spent.

  • 0:56 - me

  • "My hat is bent"

  • It seems I can't Slow Down :(

  • "The radio's playing a different type of music" Is it this song? Because if so, it truly is a brighter day

  • Who hurt you

  • This whole channel is what it's like to have ADD

  • I leave these videos with little pieces of inspiration and life advice gained from the strangest things said

  • holy shit this should be on the radio asap

  • Gotta watch this on acid

  • 1:43 yeah, why is that? And then they don't really help, so I have to pay to tell a stranger (shrink) instead & then he/she doesn't really help so you just gotta figure it all out on you tube instead lol.

  • 0:33-0:43 is my favorite part

  • Actually very catchy

  • Anyone else curious where he came up with these lyrics?

  • I can't watch this, my head - IT HURTSą :o

  • Look at the time up on the wall The clock is tellin it all wrong You got to slow down x2 Slow it right off the wall My hat is bent Oh, I got a bent hat Maybe I'll slow down And straighten it out And then twist it all around Then put it down And I'm bobbling down 124th street And I think I'm bobbling to a brighter day And the radios playing a different kind of music And the universe is starting to shake Look at the time, it's 12:30 I'm going to hell and I'm late for it But I'll slow down And talk about it And the world goes round And then comes back down Now I'm swingin about My every daily business And I'm pondering about How it's daily been And it's easy to feel if you useless But it's strange when you tell your friends So I reloaded my fax machine With some fresh clean paper So I can slow down and have a slow time printing it out Then the roof blew off again And it came back down And the Hurricanes and storms Cover the landscape And the picture frames are floating off the wall And the hourglass is twisting a little bit sideways And the neighborhood is all gone Look at the time on the wall Cause it's going very very really slowly now And it's the only thing anybody ever talks about And the scientists are always trying to figure out And the physicists are always letting it bounce around And the novelists are typically writing about it And the journalists are usually breaking news about it And the pharmacists are usually making drugs about it And the charities are always making money for it And the clients name is always there And the clients name always care Pls sub

  • Probably the best of your songs.

  • Beautiful instrumentals at 2 mins :')

  • When you put this at 2x speed

  • Why does he keep making these

  • 0:54 what

  • what the heck is that time signature after 2:20 im so confused edit: i think it goes from 5/4 to 6/8 and then 7/8 right after (still unsure)

    • at your time stamp it's a measure of 4/4 (the word "on" is on beat 3) and then it goes into a slow 7/4 from there. if you listen closely to the hi-hat it's mostly on-beat.

  • hey you could make a religion out of this

  • For some reason I get extremely happy after I watch your content, even thought it’s the weirdest thing ever...

  • It doesn't make sense to the point that it does make sense

  • your videos make me feel existential in a pleasant sort of way

  • I'm pretty sure the lyrics are taken from a deep-learning-sentence-generator AI, I mean even if it's not really the case that would be a concept that fits very well with your channel !

  • The song: its 12:30! Me: looks at time its actually 12:24!!

  • Best description of bills music is PBS rock.