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We've got Noah and Shayne here and we're playing Stranger Strings! Inspired by the kids of Stranger Things - time to see who's facts are whose!
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  • 2019!!!

  • 20:24 it's really funny

  • shaynes story 12:34

  • The more I look at Shane the more he looks like the twins from Dude Perfect

  • I have the same bed😂

  • You should listen to Rangers Apprentice

  • My name is Oliver

  • nice pants noah

  • Wow

  • What did I do

  • Weave snatched

  • Can i join the team? I'll fit in I'm a mix of all of the smosh pit peeps.

  • Follow your dreams

  • I ship Noah with both of the girls

  • @#*+ Noah.

  • I have that bed!!!

  • I love Noah's pants

  • 13:40 Shayne is a good man for that 😀

  • F*** you shave Pepsi rules b**** you are so addictive no that's real steel

  • X

  • Im sorry courtney

  • Meanwhile, in the Oreolmpics, Shanye is....ah.....nevermind!


  • If I was Shayne I would have said nice moves

  • pepsi for life

  • Wig snatched

  • 0:25 courtney jumps into the battle

  • At 10:40 why did you have to bring politics into this?

  • That would be me passing out at 6 from my blood

  • This is Jr.. 🧒🏻 👕 👖 He has no friends. 1like=1 friend for Jr

  • 21:35 mad

  • Shayne you are awesome

  • Courtney: watch out Noah that's strait up alcohol. Noah: sorry I'm trying to destroy the o -zone layer. Me:😂🤣👏. Lmao

  • “Nice boobs” *kicks ball* “WHAT” *triggers*

  • Shane is the type of kid that makes you laugh so hard at lunch that you choke. 😂 like what I did today but I choked.😂😂

  • Tell Noah nice pants

  • Courtney: I definitely don't support Trump Noah: I'll say I wrote that one Courtney: why wouldn't you support Trump Me: you don't support Trump so why would you say that

  • Sleepover in a stage and mid day

  • I like Noah’s pants!

  • okay so about the mistletoe also grows on apples ew:(

  • 13:07 It was at this moment Shayne knew …. he ****** up

  • wheres keath??????

  • 9:51, Shane looks for a mistletoe on the ceiling(in regards to what Courtney is saying). I stilll hardcored ship Shortney.

  • My family support Trump , I support myself.

  • Oliver was the og courtney freaking miller

  • Ha my name is Oliver

  • Hey my name is oliver

  • Freak you Shane my dad works for Pepsi

  • An*

  • Trump is and idiot

  • Shanye Looks like he did some Hardcore Jacking off Edit: I miss spelled Shayne's name. Sorry

  • I was just drinking Pepsi shane

  • SFP on electronics. ___________________ SFP to Olivia Straight . Frickin . Performer

  • Team root Beer 4life

  • I'm Jewish to. I love your channel. I subscribe.and liked the video.👍😃

  • 1:I do not suport trump 2:nice pants Noah

  • I own a gun and I'm 11

  • Is Shane in the gold burgs

  • 10:52 *Drinking Pepsi right now* Well dang


  • Trump needs to be deported

  • The pepsi fairy is offended.

  • OK MAH LIL STORY! I was about 9 and my parents weren't home. I was watching you tube and my nose began to bleed. I'm like in my mind "oof a nosebleed time to clean this up!". I went to the bathroom and looks in the mirror....then i collapsed. my dad just had gotten home so he helped me (well, thats what i heard).

  • No one thought Shayne wants to be a teacher XD

  • I don't support Trump because I watched a clip of him screaming at a kid

  • Hi mi name is kiara limelight you guys are umasin

  • Noah in the beginning is so cute

  • Why do I honestly feel like they’re just mean to Shayne? Like they always blame stuff on him and I don’t get it-he comes over there and all the sudden the blame’s on him. I feel like he covers it up with laughter but I just feel bad. And for anyone that says “yeah but it could just be a joke” still-he could still feel bad about it. He didn’t get to participate too much in the oreo tour either because they wouldn’t let him, and when he had a chance Noah knocked it out of his hand. He said that it was mean and I get that-but sometimes I just feel like they’re bullying Shayne.

  • I would be right at home in smosh but 1 I'm nine years old 2 I'm in a different country so how the fuck would I be able to go

  • Why you so mean I’m only 15

  • How dare she kill her birds😖😫😖😫😭😵😭😱

  • Look at shayne and courtney 18:08

  • shayne dang wow

  • 10:07 I love it sooooo much! ( and all the rest too! ❤️)

  • My all time fav person is definitely Shayne his laugh is so funny and just himself is funny I was laughing at him the whole time

  • I meant Shayne sorry stupid autocorrect

  • "I think coke is better than Pepsi " so true shane😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dang the Kurt Cobain reference

  • BUILD A WALL!!!!

  • I LOVE COTTON CANDY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Courtney Miller the weave snatcher 😂

  • . . . . . . Ugh Content makers and political opinions. . . . I don't support him either. . . but I don't want to hear about it all the time. . . . I though smosh would know better not to post that kind of content even if it's just slipped in. . . .

  • 18:08 look at courtney and shayn

  • Didnt they say one of the silly string cans has pepper spray in it?

  • I wasn't paying attention to my screen so for a minute I actually thought Shayne was Courtney.

  • 9:08 shayne shot his load on Courtney

  • look at the window its clearly day

  • They’re both white. They’re meant for eachother. Shartney is life.

  • 16:04

  • im not dumb because i drink pepsi im dumb because i was born that way

  • did court bourt come from the upside down?

  • *How dare you remind me i'm still waiting for S3*

  • *or if I had emotions...*

  • The Courtney freaking miller theme music sounds like something from korn

  • No people support donald trump

  • I don’t like donold trump because... HE HAS REALLY BAD ! AND HES ORANGE!

  • frick, i got every stranger string person correct!

  • Fyi Noah you can make songs for people so u can help musicians

  • I’m bi and proud! F ya liva I heart Couny