Super Bowl Baits & Destroys SpongeBob Fans For Half-time Show (Sweet Victory)

Publicado em 4 Fev 2019
Thousands upon millions of viewers tuned into Super Bowl LIII in hopes of seeing the song "Sweet Victory" from SpongeBob SquarePants performed during the Half-Time show. Everyone was utterly devastated.
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  • the victory wasn't sweet

    • At least the NHL pulled through....

    • It was not a sweet victory at all. It was....l *get really pissed* A SOUR VICTORY! The Patriots cheated as that fucker Baron Corbin who looked like Mr. Lancer from Danny Phantom destroyed WWE and ruined Raw with his own stupidity and the heels are being used as tools of violence,war and bloodshed. Smackdown Live got destroyed too by that asshole David The Gnome and Captain Planet Wannabe Daniel Bryan. The new WWE title belt is ugly! Shame on Vince McMahon,WWE and the NFL!

    • At least the *NHL* paid a much better Sweet Victory tribute.

    • Prince had the best half time show. Ever.

  • the game sucked. most of the commercials sucked. the halftime show sucked.

  • It wasn't a sweet victory, it was an extremly salty and sour defeat

  • Superbowl: The song you all know..... IT STARTS WITH AN 'S' Sweet Victory: THAT'S ME Superbowl: Please give a round of applause for............ *SICKO MODE!!* Sweet Victory: (mishearing it) *YYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!! YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAHHH!! BAAYAAAAYYAAAAYYYAAAYYAAAAYYAAAAA!!* (shakes Sicko Mode's hand) Aww, better luck next time buddy. *WWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!*

  • Top 3 disappointing moments in history. 1. Sweet victory not being played in super bowl 2. Waluigi being a assist trophy in smash ultimate 3.piranha plant getting chosen over Geno in smash ultimate. I swear companies don’t give a shit about what people want.

  • I Wasnt happy because that man build up lots of kids childhoods and made them laugh and stay happy and when he passed everybody was sad and they wanted everyone to remember him but they just threw him in the dirt like that Disgusting...

  • Jocks are jocks ... it’s all about the $$$

  • I got destroyed harder than the Twin Towers

  • >they didn't have any black drummers, that's racist >all the choir members were black, that's racist and stereotypical What if it was opposite? >they didn't have any black choir members, that's racist >all the drummers were black, that's soo racist and stereotypical


  • But it’s not spongebobs song. Y’all do know A real band made that song right? They would have to pay them that’s probably why they didn’t play it

  • NHL TEAM DID IT Dallas Stars Did it



  • tbh, I'd say the sweet victory bait and switch was still probably their biggest crime. Representation and the way certain people are treated is rooted in a deep chain of events usually, and there's a much larger picture to consider. But a bait and switch like that? That's intentional, and on the spot. That is 100% on purpose. They know damn well what they did, and they know they didn't have to do it, but I can only assume they were paid off to do it.

  • Well I obviously didn’t miss anything 😂 Glad I didn’t watch it 😂

  • I would have preferred it to have not been in the show at all rather than this cheep fakeout.

  • I’m so upset why they didn’t play it

  • i say we make a new petition saying the NFL has to play Sweet victory at the next Game

  • Nlf: *plays sicko mode* Stephen Hillberg: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?!

  • i keep hearing people say "Sicko Mode" like its a song anyone has ever listened to.

  • Says “no people of color in the drum core” while showing pictures of black people in the drum core at the show 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • It the fact that they did this to me in my home, my land, my territory that gets me.

  • 3:45-4:30 Who fucking cares

  • Fans: let's make partition to play sweet victory NFL: shows bit of sweet victory and immediately changes to sicko mode Partition: Am I Joke to you?

  • The Super BORE 53 basically

  • Well, this video dove into political horse shit real fast

  • The NHL play sweet victory . They the true hero we need

  • I wanted to see Sweet Victory but all I saw was Cheapy the Cheapskate.

  • You know? I was embarrassed for Spongebob a frigging Cartoon! And Negro Fanny Pack of Fanny Packs. WTF was that all about?!

  • They sicko switched us!

  • The nfl is has big gay

  • The man who gave most of us a happy childhood and memories damn well deserves better.

  • honestly, was it really necessary to bait?

  • NFL No Fans Left. NHL National Hero League. Dallas Stars actually played sweet victory. Fuck the SuperBowls Pussy Pop Half Ass Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In all seriousness, I feel like hyping everyone up for what would've been a very good tribute to the creator of one of the most popular tv shows of all time, and then just using a few seconds of stock footage instead of the song itself was just a big F you to the fanbase, especially since Stephen Hillenburg died a couple of months ago, it just seems messed up in my opinion

  • *Search NHL Dallas Stars halftime show* *thank me later*

  • Who da fuck cares about the race shit I'm here for spongebob thing

  • Game low scoring Half time show MO BAMBA OVER SICKO MODE Ads not as funny like last years

  • We should just change our names to Why and Bother.

  • Fuck the nfl for this

  • Jeez guys when it comes to it, there were people of different colored groups that were there with travis Scott and big boi being black and main attraction in the show and there are black people in the marching band from the three pic you showed and many more and why can't the choir be mostly black, gospel tends to be very popular genre with them and so what if the marching band is a bit more white, who gives a shit they were choosen because they are talented not white so cut that bullshit about a diversity quota, also why should care about politics in a show that is about entertainment and remembrance of people who gave memories, seriously what your saying is not the problem beside the spongebob incident which you used to blanket yourself from hate, really shows how you are only talking about this to get to your stupid agenda, this is disrespectful to use the name of legend to put out your agenda.

  • The NHL did sweet victory for their halftime

  • Super Bowl 53 is a mess. We got Maroon 5 as the NFL trolls us. This is why I stick to watching WWE wrestling,anime,cartoons and gaming. The Patriots needs to fire that asshole coach this is why the NFL fanbase are mentally insane and out of control they need to go check themselves to behavioral doctors and go seek help.

  • Is it bad that it would've been better for SpongeBob NOT to appear at the Super Bowl at all instead of being baited into Sicko Mode?

  • We asked for sweet victory and got a off key sicko mode. What. The. Hell. Pepsi.

  • NO! We should not feel proud that we “only got a few seconds of Spongebob during the half time show.” We should be proud that we the majority of sane and rational individuals will not put up with the NFL’s lies and bullshit! Release the memes!

  • Squidward really should have come out and said that they all died in a marching accident

  • I felt like the health inspector on SpongeBob after I listened to that.

  • Nfl: lvl -99 trashbag filled with shit Nhl: lvl 99 respectable master

  • 1990's/2000's: its all about the fans 2019: fuck the fans wheres the money

  • I wish everyone bought tomatoes and throw it at the person who sang that stupid song mode!

  • Man, fuck the NFL.

  • NFL: *doesn't play sweet victory* Memers: *gets mad about it and trashes them* NHL (Dallas Stars, technically): *plays sweet victory: Memers: *be careful, he is a hero*

  • Now the stage was set to m for maroon 5,but it should be set to w for wumbo

  • Great now I hate the NFL again

  • Why tf dose it matter there were few black people in the drum line. If they can play, then they get in. Maybe all of the people who tried out where white. Let's be honest if there was no white people in the drum line the two in the video would not complain about it.

  • Dude there was color in the drum line. And either way, they want to get best of the best. Just like how African Americans are generally more athletic, people don’t choose because of color, they choose because of skill. I don’t ever see a black guy playing the drums. Heck, or even sing. They rap. I know this is full of stereotypes, but it’s true. The choir also had a mix of color. So your second half of the video was basically scrapping for content. So, DISLIKE

  • Welp time to switch to NHL

  • At least the *NHL* paid a much better Sweet Victory tribute.

  • They did sicko mode and drake didn’t even perform which made it worst

  • how did this go from sponge bob not being at the half time show, to talking about the color of peoples skin performing??

  • SpongeBob betrayed us

  • WHY NFL!

  • Sicko mode in NFL?more like PAIN VICTORY in NFL

  • You guys suck

  • This video is NFL propaganda, these guys are telling us to be glad we had SpongeBob at all. How much did NFL payed you for selling out?

  • Hey Roundtable! Cast member from the halftime here. Can confirm the actual song “Sweet Victory” was never meant to be played, as we never rehearsed with it. I have some clarifications about the diversity. The two groups you mentioned, Equinox Indoor Percussion and the Atlanta Voice Choir(?), were the local groups recruited to perform in the drumline and sing. All talented and amazing people, some were former college mates and mentors, and I don’t believe they deserve criticism of not enough representation, because it’s not their fault. I do believe the focus of the production was to incorporate as many local performing arts groups as possible, which was a success. Every cast member was/is from a Georgia-based group. Super Bowl halftime show designers and planners reach out to groups 1+ years prior to the halftime show, asking for our participation pro bono. Equinox and AVC were among the groups, but since their parts were more involved, they required additional outside rehearsal time. Please understand that it’s incredibly difficult to find rehearsal time for people not already invested in a group, so asking a pre-existing group only makes sense. Secondly, indoor percussion and band in general is predominantly white. Unfortunately, that’s the reality of the situation, and whoever volunteered from Equinox willing to do it pro bono was what they had to work with (3-4 black people in the drumline I believe.) I don’t think it excuses SB committees or planners from lack of effort to incorporate more diversity, but please don’t take it out on the performers. We were just there to do our job and have a good time, but trust me when I say there was diversity in the LED cast. It’s just too bad you can’t see us. I still love your content! Just wanted to clarify some things. Keep up the good work!

  • Get ready we goin on a crusade on the NFL

  • I hate how these people started talking about representation of color people in the drum line. Have you ever considered maybe the reason was simply they couldn't find good drummers of people of color? I highly doubt race was a factor at all.

  • The nfl and bowl was infected by sick mode

  • None of them were people of color *shows 2 black guys in the drumline*


  • Why did you mention race into this? Uneeded.

  • NHL put sweet victory unlike the NFL lying and disrespecting a dead man called Stephen hillenburg

  • I just like old SpongeBob and Sweet Victory it's a real good song


  • I liked The tribute

  • We’ve been duped

  • Woah woah woah bringing race in this was beyond unnecessary

  • @TheRoundtable: NO, we're not going to be happy that we got Spongebob into the Super Bowl in "some way, shape or form." The deal is they CUT IT OFF, which was a gesture of disrespect. Buzzkill. Whoever was in charge of arranging the show isn't very smart at all, and should've realized that if they can't properly pull it off, then drop it altogether. Also didn't stop and think starting a song just to interrupt it isn't the exactly greatest editing technique. The gag was so precise, it was as if it really were a directed attack on the viewer's psychology. But no, editors and directors at the NFL really ARE that clueless.

  • Those boobs

  • Fuck Colon Kaprinick. He's a disrespectful prick.


  • Well that makes two things the NFL screwed up this season. *coughs* saints were robbed *coughs*

  • Wow, not enough diversity in marching band, shut the fuck up

  • Lmao I was hiking

  • we got sicko rolled.

  • I don't fucking care about your social justice you stupid fucks



  • The NHL played the entire thing.

  • (Please pin this comment because it’s also an important sticking point) It also doesn’t help that Viacom took down the NHL’s official clip of their halftime where they actually played the whole clip with an actual light show and everything. people are justified at being pissed because the creator of the show had died not to long ago before this and they signed this petition to pay tribute to him, so it smacks everyone who wanted to pay this creator respect right in the face. There is no excuse for why this didn’t happen and it’s not right that they want all the spotlight for playing this song.

  • Why would they play that shit music sicko mode and not sweet victory sweet victory it's a classic sicko mode it's shit.

  • Squidward introducing Travis Scott falling to a football stadium in a meteor in an augmented reality is the weirdest thing I've ever heard.

  • NHL played it about 3 days ago.

  • NHL was better.

  • Ok first of all while it sucks that there was no sweet victory, they never technically came out anywhere and specifically said that they would do it, that was just an assumption by us because of their hinting. Secondly, who the fuck cares about the small amount of "people of color" in the half time show? I'd much rather see and hear the best drummers and musicians they could find rather than just having a bunch of black people to please people. (I understand the last point could have been satirical in the video, bu that isnt how it sounded to me.)

  • >mad when no people of color >mad when people of color are literal choir leaders. Pick one

  • Is this how you get sick kicks, NFL?