Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Everyone is Here Trailer (E3 2018)

Publicado em 12 Jun 2018
Every fighter in the Super Smash Bros. series' entire history is coming together at last in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch! Ice Climbers, Wolf, Snake, Mega Man, Cloud, and more -- everyone is here! Check out the first-ever footage from Nintendo's E3 2018 Direct!
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  • R.I.P. Smash 4 Charizard. #noteveryoneishere


  • I actually wtb a switch just for this @-@

  • Idk why but I just thought of this, I wonder what it could've been like if they went off the recent final fantasy and had Noctis instead of Cloud like Tekken 7 did. Ffxv did come out in 2016 didn't it?

  • The legends have returned

  • But we’re waluigi ;(

  • Luigi will F**k em, by doing absolutely nothing! 😂😂

  • I’m excited for 1:27 (Ryu), bc I am good being him in marvel vs capcom infinit



  • WAH


  • reads title why the fuck you lyin stop fuckin lyin

  • why is there not naruto and goku because is super smash flash 2 there is naruto and goku

  • Everyone is here they said, so where the fuck is waluigi...

  • Yet again, no waluigi

  • not gonna get Super Smash Bros. Ultimate until they have Delphox

  • Everyone's here... except Waluigi.

  • BTW I have SSB on 3ds and Wii U and LOVED IT! Obviously had all DLC, but who was brought back from older series that wasn't in those? I keep hearing people say that, I haven't played the other smashes in so long I can't remember who is in this new preview that wasn't just in it few years ago?? Seems like Snake is only one I noticed that wasnt in last.

  • Excellent, please just ADD CHIBI ROBO w Telly flying with him. So much potential there, he had 5 games, great potential moveset, unique, and good/quirky Nintendo franchiser feel to him... and my god you added R.O.B. Chibi has had 5 games! He and Telly are much cooler!

  • alright alright i buy the switch

  • Everyone and their mother: WHERE'S WALUIGI?!?!!?! Me: ma boi Shovel Knight...?

  • Only newcomers I REALLY WANT ARE: Zack from FF7 and Shadow from the Sonic series since his assist trophy was replaced with Knuckles. If Zack can't make it, put Barett Wallace as an assist trophy.

  • Waaaaaaaaah wah Wah waaaaah Rip Waluigi 😭

  • I made an animation to celebrate! It took me several months but i got lucky on the timing haha

  • I held out this long on getting a Switch but... yep. That'll do it.

    • Daniel Gould ikr this was the only way I was getting a switch


  • i love the music please tell me name if there is one

  • Bomberman is supposed to be playable but now he's a assist trophy. Really.

  • *But.... Wheres Bert and Ernie or Tony The Tiger?*

  • Lol Wario and King Dedede were funny at the end

  • Okay, I just cummed in my pants and I can't even stand the Smash Community. Holy fuck you guys better drop Melee and make Ultimate your game now FFS. Even I want to play this. Holy mother of god.

  • Press F for waluigi

  • Where the fuck is tracer?

  • Idc if the game gets delayed as long as there's a story mode in it

  • *E V E R Y O N E I S H E R E*

  • Now this is the most ambitious crossover. Avengers... you don't feel so good...

  • Live realtime dashcam footage of the South African Anti-Carjacking Unit / Anti-Hijacking Unit in action. Real pursuits and real high risk situations recorde. Visit the following BR-tv Channel. Fasten your safetybelts and hold on tight.

  • Wait a fucking minute, is Mr. Saturn playable? At the end, he appears next to Olimar...

  • What about Garfeild?

  • Ryu and ganondorf look badass if they teamed up thanos would probably shit his pants

  • I wish this would come on Xbox 1

  • Nintendo: Damn it fans! When we said "Everyone is here" we didn't mean that literally!

  • is that it? wow worse graphics than mortal kombat x! come on guys!

    • hahaha

    • Moon Emoji cringe

    • Agent 4 omg I got someone on the hook! **pulls agent 4 out of water with fishing rod and yells in face** GET BAITED

    • The games not completely finished you haven't played it yet and ur already judging it? Wow

  • 1:10 so we're just all gonna ignore that huh

    • Yustin J. Every one is here including you

  • That's cool and all but WHERE IS WALWEGE (spelt wrong on purpouse)

  • Will there be a story mode?

  • everyone is here.. not Waluigi

  • super smash sounds like a porn movie name more than a game



  • Still no sceptile eh


  • *smashes beer bottle* /where’s waluigi?/

  • So much fire emblem charaters

  • yet no waluigi

  • I meant to misspell it

  • O mah gawd Pokemon trainer is back

  • This trailer was amazing. The direct fucking sucked, but this...

  • wwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH... LUIGI

  • when ike came the footage looks like a cutscene...perhaps story mode?

  • I'll buy if Waluigi is playable.

  • Everyone’s here except waluigi

  • Poor luigi and yoshi

  • We did it, boys! No new anime sword fighters! Clap it up for yourselves!

  • I was surprised Bayonetta was in the game.

  • This game just made my day.

  • Where is waluigi

  • I'm so happy. High expectations.

  • This is going to be insane xD. There better be a adventure mode

  • 2:40

  • This is a lie where is Waluigi the title is extremely misleading

  • I want this

  • Now in super smash bros ultimate: No items Fox only Final Destination

  • I wait for gengar and sans

  • Hype train get on now!



  • Where the fuck is WALUIGI

  • This game deserves a story mode, Oh I miss it so much!

  • my wildest dreams

  • I wish Ryu dick suckers at Capcom would stop finding new and innovatives waves to force him on us. I'd love for Ken to make it into another game at least *with* him. They *are* rivals after all.

  • I'm gonna miss you my dear ol gale boomerang and clawshot 😖

  • Not everyone is here actually... Where missing(Smash u/3ds) Twilight Princess Link,Zelda,Ganondorf, Shiek(tp concept art),(Smash Meele) Ocarina of Time Adult Link, Zelda, Sheik, .... Just because they are not the same and had a few different movesets that differenced them from the other incarnations... Joking aside, I still think this is sorta truth but the Zelda franchise already has 3 links atm and it's to much not that I complain about it... But I mean... They added young link again Wich I though toon link took his place so this means this further backs up my statement...

  • This makes me cry from happyness

  • Everyone but walawigi......😧

  • I'm just happy we didn't get some bullshit like Travis Fucking Touchdown


  • Any Smash Bros that was previous Cut: YOU'RE FREE!!!!



  • holy shit... 64 characters

  • I know there’s a lot of sword characters but I really want Crono from Chrono Trigger.

  • Mewtwo?

  • Everyone's here????

  • But will Corneria be returning?

  • This sucks, where the hell is Duke Nukem

  • Original will never be beat

  • Maybe add new people

  • They better make twilight princess link a redesign for botw link