Thai cave rescue: All 12 boys, coach out of Tham Luang cave complex

Publicado em 10 Jul 2018
Rescue workers capped an extraordinary mission by evacuating the final members of the Wild Boars football team from northern Thailand's Tham Luang cave complex. Channel NewsAsia's Pichayada Promchertchoo recounts the extraordinary mission to save the 12 boys and their coach.
Meet the Wild Boars and the heroes who helped bring them to safety:
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  • คนอ่านช่าวคนไทยใช่มั้ยครับ ผมฟังสำเนียงออก

  • I wish North America was like this!!!


  • I hope these boys and the coach make money off the movie that will be made!

  • Now, let's pray for Japan.

  • This brightens this world and humanity. Great joy to the world. Greatest joy of the decade may be.

  • Thanks for mentioning an ex navy seal, hero Saman, in this coverage.

  • thank you and thank you

  • Saman is a hero in our heart for ever Rest In Peace hero Respect

  • Good on you nice people Navy seals great job saving the civilians Bravo

  • A landmark case to demonstrate to the world of great team supports shown by local and external rescuers. I am very glad of the outcome.

  • Hi thant god for helping these boy.know you see that and til you no the love of god to no that god is reality real then you no muting and til you no the love of god .to hall the people take part may god blessed and keep you and your family thank you god for the way out of that cave

  • The man who lost his life is my hero. I love him! God of all God's has preserved his Essence in all our adoration and appreciation of his endurance to love. May all Love in us and in him live on throughout our lives. Those that give their Being in all, is our Being. He will live on forever!

  • Jubilation must be the word of the day in Thailand. Inspiring. from USA Comfort to the Thai Seal's friends and family.

  • please do not travel to thai land / we are easily forget and for give the thai pirates / / who died in the ocean and women . minors gril . victims of the thai pirates

  • All glory be to God!

  • Tears of joy when I heard this this morning!

  • Feel so sorry about that rescuer ex navy seal guy he saved people and gave his own life doing it

  • Ur sooo cute.. will u marry me..

  • We thank the Almighty for answering the Buddhist monks prayers, and the prayers of all the other the people around the globe, for keeping away the rain, and for giving the rescuers the intelligence, the courage and the willpower to accomplish their wonderful feat! May these children be blessed! For several days, they have been in our hearts and in our prayers.

  • The reporter is cute

  • God Bless Wild Boars and All Supporters!!!! :D

  • Clap clap clap - all well out and safe - fantastic rescue operation involving so many especially the British diver - deepest sympathy to the Thai Navy diver family members - nobody is to be blame - like this group of boys/couch - most younger people are very adventurous/so nice to see people with much experience to come together - all over to help out in the rescue operation...Well done and have a nice day everyonle

  • So very very grateful to all involved in the rescue. Hugs & Kisses (The Netherlands)

  • At last they are safe.... all be home soon..... Thank God .... Amen...

  • Praise the Lord our God for their safe rescue and for the safety to all those who risked their lives to save them.

  • they have just become FAMILY forever

  • People who helped from across the world makes us feel that we are all one or the other way connected and the world is better place to live in hormony.

  • wow amazing

  • Very brave & strong bunch of boys. Well done to the rescue team.U all r true heroes. Salute to all❤️

  • Hello can someone tell me; Will coach be charged? He without consent brought them in danger. A man lifes lost because of him trying to rescue those kids Many milions are spend. Equipment. All helpers. All manhour. All internationals who flown in. Stayed at hotels. Media Its all big costs. Then where did they pee (and poo) especially after foumd and divers and doctor staying with them? Will that team who stayed be brought to hospital as well? They were without protection in direct contact with those stranded? Why cant fam with masks on hug there kids? Like the divers also had contact so why cant the parents? Doctors nurses doing tests are also in direct contact so why cant the parents? I doubt they care if they get sick from it? Just like the divers didnt care. I want to know these things. The news tells same story. How the dive is going. How with equipment. But nothing on all the questions i raised here. Nothing on each video ive seen. Please can somebody tell me?

    • benjie solmia I have heard the the boys said to the doctor that they saw no bat in the cave. In several clips or footage uploaded I see no bat. However the doctors will do complete check up I'm sure.

    • Go n take rest . Don't think much

    • they poo'd and pee'd on the other side of that river system inside that cave (not where the divers found them). besides, most of them didn't have food & water to really have normal defecation / urination during the 2-week ordeal. they were only given gel kind of food (energizer), not the typical solid pack lunch (rice, fried chicken, spag, dessert). it's mostly water & liquid food (so there's not much to defecate about) even as we speak, they were still not allowed to eat their favorite food it's a slow process of metabolism (it's like "orienting" the gastro-intestinal tract again in a slow-mo), otherwise the body might be overwhelmed by the "sudden" high caloric food intake. it is believed to be dangerous & risky what should be a concern is the rabies from bats... anti-rabies vaccine must be administered to all, including rescuers

    • Amarah smit I do not think the kids would have survived as long as they did without the the 25 year old young man. He is also a hero even though he is responsible for the event. Accidents do happen and I think it would be a nasty shame if he was punished. God forbid and God protect him from any backslash. He will always remember the man who died for this mistake. In all, throughout it all there was no mistake for we all ended up loving the Thailand people, and it unified us as one in all together in effort, which after all is what is most loving.

    • Amarah smit Everything is well taken care of by expert not to worry😊

  • Praise the Lord 😍♥️💃

  • rest in peace Saman, they r all safe now.

    • crying

    • Deserve a naval ceremonial burial.

  • Pichayada is so cute! Looking so ATTRACTIVE!

  • Kudos to the Thai navy seal and the British diver. Rest in peace suman. You are a true hero. Clearly will power overcomes uncertainties n obstacles. This is unity regardless of race religon nationality.

    • Robin Tan ... British diver?

  • These people are heroes, and those kids are stronger than what any body thought. I also truly believe that the diver that died and God had a part in it.I pray they all have a healthy recovery.


    • AMEN XX

  • So thankful for this day🙏💞!

  • Bravo