The Accidental Fascism of You've Got Mail: What This 90's Rom-Com Is Really About

Publicado em 2 Fev 2019
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Is You've Got Mail the most Orwellian rom-com? Join us as we explore the subversive nature of a movie that thought online dating would be a good thing.

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Written by: Alec Opperman
Hosted by: Jared Bauer
Directed by: Michael Luxemburg
Edited by: Mark Potts
Opening Animation by: Michael Sinclair (
Produced by: Emily Dunbar

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  • If I could utterly destroy a movie in history and have it disappear up its own asshole, it would be this utterly redundant yet more offensive piece of crap. Thank you.

  • I love this channel so much

  • reads one overhyped book, assumes everything since is a derivation of it

  • interesting mind

  • Wait, how is big business crushing small business, isn't it actually called competition. The true killer of small business is taking away their opportunities to compete and just crushing them with taxes and regulations.

  • God damn, I might actually watch a Rom-Com.

  • Why would anyone mistake this horror story for a "romance"? Apparently when the small-business-destroying jerk "loves" a woman (and, so we are supposed to assume, will marry her) all is forgiven--because hey, he's rich, and therefore all HER (financial) problems are solved. Never mind that he will continue destroying OTHER people's livelihoods. And never mind that in real life, the hardcore business-realm a-hole is also an overbearing a-hole at home. (The downside of marrying a power-seeker is having to LIVE with a power-seeker.) This scenario is still sold to women as a "happy" ending; but the real-life sequel often takes place in divorce court, when the woman finds her situation intolerable.

  • We have long assumed that Big Brother would take the form of Big Government; instead it has arrived in the form of Big Business. Therefore, we didn't see it coming--and in fact we have helped to bring it about by deregulating business.

  • yeah, i originally thought the second half of the movie went off the rails and became quite subversive. Glad my impression wasn't alone. But I think your title is off calling it fascist, it is more orwellian and those two terms are not equivalent.

  • Always felt weird with the bad guy winning at the end and condescending Meg Ryan with "Don't cry little shop" ...somethin

  • What an amazing title. I love you guys

  • Ok, that is kinda a stretch. Consider yourself accused.

  • $2.95! god damn we've had some inflation.

  • And all 3 were socialists

  • 1984 was to warn again socialism not big business.

  • Wisecrack, what is going on? You are trying way to hard to find secret messages in movies.

  • You people are lost.

  • Wow, I always knew this movie was gross but this is next level analysis. Love it!!

  • Power is the only act of seduction that work


  • Whatever happened to thugnotes?

  • Are you doing ADR? You need to review the Skillshare on doing it right.

  • Jesus dude, the links you make in this one are so tenuous that for me it wrecks the credibility of your other videos. Maybe its just your lack of acknowledgement for your clickbaity title. Come on man I love some of your videos.

  • This movie weirded me out even at the time, and I was just a teenager.

  • glory to Arstotzka!

  • Very interesting take on the movie. There is one major oversight here though; Joe is an actual character in the movie, and has an arc. Painting what he does as mere seduction and power play leaves that out entirely. Granted I don't have a full analysis of the movie, but still, skipping the actual character development of Joe is going to leave the interpretation of the movie distorted.

  • Franco didn’t stage a coup in a democratic Spain he won a civil war against communists

  • The movie is about Xgen's and meaninglessness. The 90s were a time of consumerism and boredom. Notice how Meg's character never really suffers any great loss from losing her business. She's still an upper middle class rich white woman never needing to downsize her financial life to take such a major lose. Shes still mostly just frequenting expensive bars and restaurants all over a wickedly expensive city like New York's Manhattan like nothing has change, and she's probably better off now where she doesn't have to work, or, pretend to work, like her bookstore really meant anything to her. She falls in love with "Big Brother" Tom not because she's broken by his oppressive business practices. She falls in love because it doesn't MATTER! And Tom is actually HELPING HER come to this conclusion. To anyone confused, let me use another 90s movie about all this to explain. Tyler Durden's Fight Club: "We're the middle children of the history, man, no purpose or place, we have no Great war, no Great depression, our great war is a spiritual war, our great depression is our lives." All Tom is doing to making Meg's character come to the conclusion that they're both the same. Both rich ppl with too much time on their hands. Fine, she loves reading to children in hospitals so much, what's stopping her now from doing that? Seems like she has a lot more time to do that now instead of worrying about the upkeep of a family business that doesn't even matter if it survives or not in the end. This movie is about rich liberal douches realizing they're no different from the so-called right conservative"bad guys." They so deeply choose to despise. It's about a "little" person like Meg realizing she was part of the fascist system all along, now learning to accept it and love it. The movie is about the death of a person like Meg's hypocrisy, and coming to terms she perfectly fine living the good Manhattan Cosmopolitan life while poor black children starve in Africa.

  • And now Barnes &noble was crushed by Amazon .

  • Wow... Do you think this was deliberate? 🤯

    • To some degree, the parallel surely was intentional. At least that's the only explanation for the Franco reference. Although I would say Wisecrack is leaving out a major component of the movie here: Joe's character. And more importantly, his character development.

  • This is a brilliant video

  • I hate to be that guy, but I've always liked this movie.

  • The accidentally fascism of the Dark Knight Returns please

  • 6:30 what is that horrifying creature

  • Weird. Famous romcoms are joo heavy, from production, to script writing, to actors. They just make sure a cute lil shiksa is the dish.

  • Wow, that was such a reach. Did you strain something or did you just pick up one of Cracked's jettisoned writers?

  • We are all watching western civilization die thanks to the actions of (((them))). We must defend white people's right to exist.

  • We must have not watched the same movie, all I saw was a story about a corporation beating its competition and of a woman trading up.

  • Do children of men

  • Why no videos about shows the promote socialism? Socialism is worse than fascism everybody knows that

  • *Capitalism is fascism....* THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY SKILLSHARE

  • Philosophy of Code Geass

  • Do not forget that the deepest layer of hell is for the betrayers.

  • You had me until "Skillshare"...

  • Haha wow... I've always wondered about that (the purpose of including the relationship with Franco)... #MindF___ ...LOL

  • Interesting video and philosophical exploration, but I still love the film...and really hope that Meg and Tom do one more film together before one of them disappears forever...which I think has already happened to Meg, sadly. She was adorable. That plastic surgery was a mistake. It was over after that. She would’ve aged so gracefully with her soft beauty. Why do people do that???

  • Real shit

  • You are over reaching

  • The mythologising of small businesses comes across as petite bourgeois Nazi-lover propaganda.

  • Tom Hanks looks like J Jonah Jameson in the picture. Hey Marvel, take the hint!

  • 1984 is not about the government watching you. Only people who have heard about it but not read it say that. The book is NOT about being crushed under the heal of anything.


  • Very clever analogy but sorry Wisecrack ... wrong, wrong, wrong. There is one MASSIVE difference between Joe Fox and Big Brother which your analogy ignores. "The initiation of the use of force." Therefore Joe Fox (representing Capitalism) is not the same as Big Brother (representing fascist governments).

  • But Hey, that's just a theory, a FILM THEORY, thanks for watching

  • starbucks for 2.99 those were the days...

  • Damn, you really have to work hard to get this far from the point. The point of You've Got Mail, much like dozens of other mid 90s movies, is the idea that happiness is the most important thing in life. That having understanding, agency, and even social/monetary status is meaningless if you're miserable. It was also about understanding that the outlook you decide to have determines if you're happy or not. Greg Kinnear's Frank is SUPPOSED to come off as shallow, petty, and pedantic. Frank doesn't have his suffering thrust upon him, he chooses it, by being grating, idealistic, and pretentious. Meg Ryan's Kathleen spends most of their interactions trying to bring this to his attention and to get him to look at things realistically instead of through the lens of his ideals, but he refuses, completely ignoring her. He prioritizes his beliefs and his ideals over her, which naturally leads to her choosing someone else. Meanwhile, Tom Hanks Joe is supposed to be happy already, he's supposed to be content with being part of an empire, but he's not. The moment he encounters Kathleen, he ends up spending all his time on her. She makes him no money, improves nothing of his business, if anything, slows down his production and restricts his agency, but despite that he still chooses her. To say that the movie is just about structures of power and control you have to literally strip the humanity from it, de-person the characters, and turn them into nothing but objects. At the end of the movie, two of the three mentioned characters are happy, and one is miserable, and it's not the one that lost everything due to forces beyond their control, it's the one that refused to let go of the cause of their unhappiness.

  • ...and here I was just thinking it was a psychological thriller with Tom Hanks somehow cast against type - or perhaps he lost a drunken bet against Steve Buscemi and/or Willem Dafoe.. Whatever! Thanks Wisecrack for the best thing I've seen on net today!!

  • Do the book A brave New world next!

  • Dang... My mama finna be pissed.

  • I remember thinking before watching it that it would be a feel-good romantic comedy, but it made saving private Ryan feel less brutal in the end

  • Just made me love a film I already loved even more now LOL

  • Is it really accidental then?

  • Heil Hanks!

  • I watched this movie too much as a kid (repeated alot): thankfully it had a reversing effect by making me despise romance for how unnerving the ending is; and feel bad for the nerdy writer with political opinions; the movie has a good flow to it though.

    • The nerdy writer was an asshole though, do you not remember him telling Meg before the break up "I think there's definitely something there!" In regards to the reporter who interviewed him? He was pompous, and self absorbed, never actually interested in what Kathleen Kelly had to say or what she thought. Much like Joe was originally. This video leaves out the changes HE went through as well.

  • 5:05 Surprise Dave!

  • You know, at least Franco was worthy of love and respect. He was a hero, saving his people from the horrors that were being perpetrated by a power-mad, bloodthirsty "Republican Government". Comparatively, Hanks plays a man bent on destruction for the sake of greed.

  • "Miracle on 34th Street" is another 90's movies that would be interesting to analyze.

  • Holly fucking shit...! I'm going to ruin this movie for my mom!

  • Soo this movie is actually a masterpiece

  • Speaking of accidental fascism, y'all should cover Robots from 2005. Robots that aren't wealthy and can't afford new parts are literally murdered by big businesses that also control law making and law enforcement. Seems like there's a lot you guys can say about it.

  • Damn.

  • Yo I saw this movie as a kid and I always thought it was weird.

  • do mob psycho 100 :D

  • ... I did not expect such a poignant and resonant political message to come from fucking Wisecrack. I'm very glad to be surprised

  • This is stupid. The "big business" did nothing wrong. I love capitalism

  • I guess what is worth to you is different from what is worth to other people. I always felt a sense of freedom in her, after she got rid of that burden. She was free to break up with a boring and pedantic boyfriend. Too bad that her other choice wasn't a much bettter one. Maybe it's a matter of bad taste, who knows? What I know for sure is that we won't understand people's choices based on our own prejudices. We need more of what some people call scientific evidence for that. I can't see the correlation between the love for one another and the personalist love for the government. Maybe you went too far on that one. It's so unlikely.

  • This has got to be a top-ten wisecrack edition, and that is really saying something. Thank you Jared.

  • Do a Futurama video

  • Damn you this is my favorite romcom, the only problem is that in this movie she is able to affect change on the oppressor

  • Yeah this is stretching

  • Do Mars Attacks next!

  • Please do Russian Doll

  • And now the Borders bookstore has been crushed by an Internet giant. And owner of Internet giant is going through giant divorce

  • The Philosophy of Kendrick Lamar??

  • You're right, it's a little bit of a stretch. But that bit with General Franco is... disturbing. Especially if you consider that Spain under Franco was heavily catholic and restrictive with any kind of open sexuality... it doesn't paint Meg Ryan's character as a very smart or educated woman.

  • i've been checking Wisecrack videos for a while, and I know what's lacking... Undertale Philosophy!!!!

  • Please do: deep or dumb 2001 a space oddysey

  • Interesting, but pretty weak argument. She fell in love with the object of her demise. But apart from that, not many parallels.

  • Ouch... right in in the 90s

  • The intros fantastic & everything after

  • How bout, like, make the filthy frank vid u promised.

  • Great Thumbnail! He looks like J Jonah Jameson!😅

  • nonetheless the add is ironic

  • This is really quite a stretch... maybe if you have never seen You've Got Mail and also have never read 1984 you would buy this but... probably not.

  • This movie is based off the 1937 play Parfumerie by Hungarian playwright Miklos Laszlo, which was written before Orwell’s 1984, which was published in 1949, making (I’ll be generous) 90% of this video invalid. Actually, now thinking. Maybe you can argue that Orwell wrote 1984 based off You’ve Got Mail (Parfumerie) lol

  • (standing ovation)

  • Wisecrack has finally cracked. This is some whack shit man, I'm not gonna lie. I could barely get past the first minute and a half.

  • Little shop around the corner is a very good film. I mean it has Jimmy Stewart. He was Tom Hanks before Tom Hanks was Tom Hanks.

  • bootlicking the capitalist, a major theme in hwood

  • Do the philosophy of Logan's run and the TV shows Dexter and Lucifer!!!