The Haunted Town Of Tombstone

Publicado em 16 Nov 2018
We travel to the O.K. Corral in search of gunslinging ghouls.
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Big Nose Kate's Saloon on E Allen St in historic Tombstone, Arizona
csfotoimages/Getty Images
Village near the Oljato–Monument Valley in Arizona. Ranch house. Aerial view, from above, drone shooting
AlenaMozhjer/Getty Images
lump of silver or platinum on a stone floor
Oat_Phawat/Getty Images
Close-Up Of Beer Glass Against White Background
Classen Rafael / EyeEm/Getty Images
Antique photograph of people from the World: Jay Gould
ilbusca/Getty Images
Ouzina desert
Manuel Breva Colmeiro/Getty Images
Vector wooden Texture
Julia_Khimich/Getty Images
Full Frame Texture, old concrete wall
Ivan/Getty Images
3D Image of classic old deserted western town
richard eppedio/Getty Images
Silhouette of Cowboy couple riding horses at sunset, vector
kanyakits/Getty Images
Set of blood splashes isolated on white background. Vector design element
ioanmasay/Getty Images
U.S. Army Taking over Western Territories Engraving, 1887
bauhaus1000/Getty Images
Antique photo of paintings: Man
ilbusca/Getty Images
Scenic View Of Mountains Against Clear Sky
Arthur Simoes / EyeEm/Getty Images
EDITORIAL USE: Graves of OK Corral gunfight participants, Boothill Graveyard, Tombstone, Arizona
Elizabeth Beard/Getty Images
Man with handlebar mustache and chin puff
Holly Harris/Getty Images
Cowboy in various action
4x6/Getty Images
OK Corral, Tombstone
Mirrorpix/Getty Images
Barman stood behind the bar of his pub
JGalione/Getty Images
Glass and bottle of beer on table
Lumina Images/Getty Images
Men Killed by Wyatt Earp
John van Hasselt - Corbis/Getty Images
Doc Holliday
John van Hasselt - Corbis/Getty Images
John van Hasselt - Corbis/Getty Images
Tombstone Arizona
Art Wager/Getty Images
H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images
Shotgun icon vector
MrsWilkins/Getty Images
Modern condo apartment
Stuart Dee/Getty Images
Wyatt Earp
Bettmann/Getty Images
Evil School Janitor
inhauscreative/Getty Images
Silbermine, Westerndorf 'Tombstone Village', Arizona, Nordamerika, Amerika, USA, Rei
Peter Bischoff/Getty Images
gravestone set
koya79/Getty Images
Court of the Queen's Bench
duncan1890/Getty Images
Victorian People
Man_Half-tube/Getty Images
Young Black Server or Waiter Holding a Tray
innovatedcaptures/Getty Images
Ridin' down the canyon
Eastview Photography/Getty Images
Trailer Trash
vandervelden/Getty Images
A Stagecoach In Tombstone
Underwood Archives/Getty Images
Western style silhouette buildings.
Klibbor/Getty Images
Empty pub
Spaces Images/Getty Images
Western Cowboy Gunslingers - Gun Fight, Outlaws
KeithBishop/Getty Images
A black and white portrait of a cowboy in Paradise Valley, NV.
Rachid Dahnoun/Getty Images
A black and white portrait of a cowboy in Wells, NV.
Rachid Dahnoun/Getty Images
Equestrian Sports: Western
Gaucho/Getty Images
cowboy deputy
treasurephoto/Getty Images
Grunge background in black and white with a brick pattern
Angel_1978/Getty Images
Witold Skrypczak/Getty Images
View from Massai Point at Chiricahua National Monument with Sulphur Spring Valley Dragoon Mountains in far distance.
Witold Skrypczak/Getty Images
Young cowboy at table in saloon
Mordolff/Getty Images
Tombstone county courthouse
Tashka/Getty Images
OK Corral Gunfight Site, Tombstone, Arizona, USA
Walter Bibikow/Getty Images
OK Corral Gunfight sign, Tombstone, Arizona, USA
Danita Delimont/Getty Images
North America, United States, 1855, Map Of The United States Exhibiting The Several Collection Districts. Senate Ex. Doc. No. Drawn By David H. Burr Draftsman U.s, Senate. Ackerman Lith. Broadway N.y., Map Of The United States Exhibiting The Several Coll
Historic Map Works LLC and Osher Map Library/Getty Images
Tables in restaurant
Tetra Images/Getty Images
Portrait of a cowboy
Adam Burn/Getty Images
bartender shaking cocktail mixer in bar.
RK Studio / Monashee Frantz/Getty Images
Thinkstock/Getty Images
Thinkstock/Getty Images
Colt Peacemaker and a handful of bullets
Geoff Brightling/Getty Images
(Slow Motion) Horse Running- Hoof Close Up
Rocheleau/Getty Images


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