The Most Patient Canadian Ever LOSES IT

Publicado em 3 Fev 2019
By popular demand.. I called back the Canadian restaurant owner as Alexander. You won't believe how he reacts this time.
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  • Send Nester a basket of cakes in da cup!!! I use to be nice person, but then I met too many Alexanders.😕

  • We canadians are very nice 😎

  • Give that guy a medal!

  • He’s too nice he deserves the best in life.... I wish I could get a Canadian visa... can I use him or somebody?? Lol 10 Years !!!!!! Lol

  • Everyone puts a donut on the donger at some point right? I mean..... That's what I'm told.

  • I love being Canadian. 🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • Wow. What a nice guy

  • (773) 793-9804 Can you prank this number please? She’s constantly calling me after I told her she has the wrong number.

  • You need to do a reveal. Do the right thing, please.

  • Aight goin to move to Canada and work for this nice guy.

  • You should’ve done the Asian guy

  • You have to call this man back up and tell him it was a prank he deserves that and I don't really, too much on things like this but this one I have to speak up for

  • Wow, this guy is awesome!

  • I don't like this, you gotta tell the dude how fucking awesome he is :( and donate money to his restaurant

  • In the first video Nester was giving a positive reference to someone he knew wasn't exactly stable, which was basically screwing over the Tim Hortons franchisee who hired him (if it was real) and his motive? Getting Alexander out of his life. Not exactly a nice thing to do. This video he just straight up lied to the government about a man that he now knew was going around exposing himself to people. HOW is Nester a nice person!? He sucks!

  • wow more from alex

  • Have you ever looked at a comment and thought "Damn, I wish I wrote that"

  • I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry

  • Nester has a good heart trying to help the guy

  • do more alexander

  • You should tell him it was a prank

  • The sorry with the Canadian flag lmao

  • where can i hug this canadian

  • Fuck...this dude restores my faith in humanity!

  • What a absolute lefty cuck


  • You know Russel for very first time you acted like a dickhead, I hope you let him know the whole thing was a prank!

  • WTF LMAO !!!!!!

  • Leave this man alone

  • Canada here I come

  • hes such a nice guy.

  • Please call him back and tell him that it was just a prank. Good people like him don't deserve to be harassed this way. We know it's a prank but he needs to know too,even before the rest of us

  • ahhh lmfao i couldn't play after 4:05

  • 2:05 your welcome

  • Lmao, he said get away from me.😁😁

  • come on leave that nice man alone

  • Seriously you need to tell nester that it's a prank. Thumbs downnn

  • Nester moved me as a human being despite not knowing the guy. Not many will do that .

  • "hey get away from me!" 😂

  • Oh my god! This guy is an angel. He makes me want to move to Canada so bad! 😂

  • Awwhh.. to him he's just an unfortunate guy who doesn't know what the hell to do in life lol and he's got one friend who always listens to him and it's Nester, the nester...

  • 'Do you think Alexander would be a threat to Canad's national security?' '... ughhh... I don't see how....?'

  • Guess the name Alexander will haunt him for life lol

  • Nester 2020

  • GET AWAY FROM ME bro ur on the phone 🤣😂😂😂

  • And who doesn’t love CANADA! Syrian Canadian 🇨🇦 on guard for thee

  • 6:33 he said Canada but the subtitle said canda

  • Lol. This dude is a really good guy!!!!!

  • This guy is is ACTUALLY nice

  • 🤣🤣👏

  • I'm Canadian but I'm not this nice. Nor most people in my part of the country. I try hard to be nicer than most people here and even I wouldn't have gave him so many references!

  • His name is Alexander, weird

  • Woah wow never seen such a nice person

  • Call tseries as a pewdiepie fan

  • Go fund me for this guy

  • We need more people like this in the world

  • Alexander sounds like tunji from American Dad

  • Oh wow their is so much good people out there.. God bless u for your kindness🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • What a great guy

  • Yep give Nester the "Hockey Cup of Donuts" and a sweet check for playing along :) I actually feel bad for the guy and I didn't prank him. He wasn't a dick or anything until provoked and even still wasn't violent at all. OK yep defiantly help that dude out in a good way Russel. He was a good sport :) Yep Superbowl of Donuts ring for sure and don't be offensive it's in no way a "Cock Ring" wow man that even offended me lol. Keep up the great pranks Russ :) do the right though bro

  • Being a liar makes you the opposite of Donald Trump. Noted.

    • +Jesus Gomez Yeah, and hes willing to bear false witness. Typical Trump hating idiot.

    • He means he supports immigration

  • NESTER! 😭💕 what a sweet old man! 🇨🇦

  • Damn I'm also gonna use this guy as a job reference

  • Let's see a part 3!!!!!!!!

  • man when you asked if he was a threat to National security i thoughtAlexander would get the visa and then Nester gets called about a terrorist attack or something that threatens Canada's National security hahaha

  • 2:05

  • He has a point about you sounding like the other caller; it’s because you’re severely untalented, but have an endowed and deserved ego that disallowed you from seeing how much of a hack you are. Props to you though, you’ve got the child and mentally handicapped audience, you know, the people that have a hard time telling the difference of voice tone.

  • He has a point about you sounding like the other caller; it’s because you’re severely untalented, but have an endowed and deserved ego that disallowed you from seeing how much of a hack you are. Props to you though, you’ve got the child and mentally handicapped audience, you know, the people that have a hard time telling the difference of voice tone.

  • Lester, if you ever see this. You have the upmost respect from this community and we love you.

  • Such a nice guy lol

  • N e s t e r f o r P r e s i d e n t 2 0 2 0.

  • 4:59 what the fuck was that noise

  • What a lovely man.


  • Wow typical people who don't like trump would have people who put donuts around there dick in a restaurant were people eat and children go.if he was ms 13 a rapist and a drug smuggler he probably would have hired him and let him live with him.

  • Alexander is easily one of the best characters LMAO.


  • Lol we are too nice, I’m guilty of being too Canadian too lol. Fucking Canadians lol

  • You did Abdo and Alex in kinda of the same way

  • You guys for real? Sound like is trying make that Nigeria guy a pedophile or something snd that Canadian guy is still defending him. Liberatard what I see. Liberals don't see bad or good choice or decision.

  • “GOD DARN IT! YOU STOP THIS BULLSHIT!” That seems like a swearing oxymoron.

  • DA CAKE IN DA CUP 😂😂😂😂

  • The true personification of CANADA is Nester. Probably the nicest man you have ever featured on OP, Isn't he? I hope he goes to heaven. Because he's a very good person deep down

  • nester is an amazing person..u should have come clean so he dont worry about it

  • Do a part three

  • This guy was so damn cool. Great guy

  • please prank reveal, i feel so bad for him and he seems so sweet and patient!!!! i don’t want him to get discouraged from this

  • Part 3 😂 Alexander is back to Canada- on visitor Visa

  • They come from fundementally different cultures where they are ok with rape. Not only are you setting americans up for failure butnalso the immigrant who ends up in our prisons at 100k per year tax dollars

  • 5:00 that clip with the throw up has me fuckin dying

  • This guy is great man. You will destroy this dudes faith in humanity if you come clean.

  • Not fair ownage! Not fair! That guy is super nice. Wish the world was that nice.

  • please tell him it was a prank

  • This new stuff sucks. Miss the old ownage pranks.

  • YESS

  • I still always hear the "IVE GOT TO GOOOO" in my head.

  • Please tell him it was a prank

  • Omg this guy is as wholesome as they come hes such a good person. wish more people in the world were like him

  • I would want to have a Canadian boss

  • Canada is the best country yoooo i heard people in canada are the best seems like paradise?