The Try Guys 400 Dumpling Mukbang ft. Strictly Dumpling

Publicado em 6 Fev 2019
Will the guys be able to make it through 400 piping hot soup dumplings? Don't try this at home!
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Mike Chen
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  • You two just had 69😂😂😂😂😂

  • There is nowhere to eat dumplings where I live and I’m sad and now I want Yang Sing

  • “ you’re going to so much fat” 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤟🤟🤟

  • Shouldve atleast mentioned Yuka Kinoshita, who started this 400 dumplings in the first place ://

  • I challenge the whole try guys squad to a ramen contest I pick the ramen place it’s in the bay are

  • *Mike-* so the dumpling story is that... *Keith-* oh these are too many dumplings. *Mike-* the dumpling sto.... *Keith-* too many dumplings. *Mike-* the dump.... *Keith-* TOO MANY DUMPLINGS. *Mike-* WILL YOU F**KING LISTEN?!

  • 11:20 when your assignment deadline gonna hit you in hrs

  • Zach is high AF

  • Zach is the purest little bean he's always so sweet and it's just so precious I think I teared up a bit

  • Eugene has a mouth of steel

  • 2:46 etc. ... Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh lol

  • I suck dick

  • OMG dude perfect is my cousin hes nice to me

  • Despite my first encounter with them, these guys are actually pretty entertaining.

  • MIKEYYYYYY! way to go!

  • 'you're going to be so fat' fucking mood

  • I don't know but i laughed so hard at 8:15😂😂

  • I clicked on this for the thumbnail *pants in asian - i'm a dawwwg*

  • Eugene is a superior being

  • My heart says yes, but my body says no! 🤣 MEE

  • I love xiao long bao with all my heart and soul, but if I were to do this, I'd probably never eat a dumpling ever again OMG

  • you need to be better at trash talk; )

  • I only clicked on this because mike chen was in it

  • When you realize the try guys are younger than you are.... *big sigh*

  • I may be biased, but I will not use xiao long bao for a speed challenge. You gotta live in the moment when you're eating xiao long bao and slurping its broth. You gotta enjoy it. You deserve it.

  • 6:42 look at ned's face lmao literally me after hours of homework like if u agree

  • The thing Zach says about burning the roof of his mouth and playing with the blistered skin using his tongue.... I do that too!

  • Joey Chestnut had 384! Stonie had 373

  • I would do that weekend I want to be one of those 10% that would have done it with you but I've never tasted dumplings and I've always wanted to

  • I have never seen anyone more mad to see dumplings

  • Eugene like.... can’t lose. Like he refuses to

  • Why does Eugene win literally everything?

  • Keiths face on the thumbnail though

  • This video was soooo funny I can't stop laughing

  • Hey Mikey? Could you have done more if you had some of your hot oil?

  • I don't mean to be negative but was I the only one who noticed that mike Chen left 2 dumplings in her first tray?

    • Lauren Alvarado if you don’t pay attention he reaches over for them a few seconds later.....

  • Keith and ned are dying. Eugene is in primal mode. Zach is just having fun


  • in this house we stan din tai fung


  • when u have never had a dumpling (sooooooooo totally not meeeeeee) can anyone sense my sarcasm?

  • WTF you will never ever have seen somebody in Asia eating dumplings like this... You supposed to use the spoon to hold the dumpling, take a bite and sip the soup...

  • I realized why the left like BuzzFeed so much. First there like the cnn of BR-tv then they post these guys which have the least amount of masculinity out of anyone I've seen

  • You should make a video where you make the mukbangs. I made it before, it is really hard.

  • My top dumpling record is...... 6

  • Did these guys completely separate from buzzfeed?

  • those aren't dumplings

  • I love Eugene xD

  • Zach has made me happy with his small stack. Thank you for making my day

  • 8:15 I died when the girl fell 😂😂

  • How are buns from korean culture

  • "EUGENE!!! SLOW *DOWN!!"*

  • how did these 4 clowns appear in recommended.... they sound like confused people attempting something confusing

  • More food videos like this!!!

  • The part where Keith asks Eugene, “how’s it going, are you okay?”, kills me omg fucking hilarious!

  • 10:01, you’ll thank me later :)

  • And here's me giving up on my entree because I had 4 soup dumplings as an appetizer.

  • I bet it smelt like shit after the video

  • ok youtube i watched it

  • Matt Stonie: 384 Dumplings The Try Guys: Hold our beer...

  • I’m i the only one who scrolled through the comments seeing if anyone threw up before they started😂

  • Omg 400 dumplings is 16400 calories

  • Soy sauce is the cure to everything, invite me next time we'd smash that world record

  • Zach is me trying not to look fat in front of my skinny friends but secretly wants to be Eugene...

  • Spot the subscribe

  • How do they have the money to waste on this??

  • Eugene: * eats 70 dumplings * Keith: "Wow, Eugene, you really are a god." 😂 Eugene: "I feel like I'm about to have a heart attack." Keith: "Don't do it." 😂😂😂

  • I would love to eat 400 Xiao Long Bao

  • Suddenly I want some dumplings

  • I feel like the white guy next to the Asian likes him cus the whole video “wow your so amazing”

  • 7:48 Keith: wow Eugene you really are a god Eugene: I feel like I’m gonna have a heart attack

  • Yuka Kinoshita did this on her own. 🤔

  • I heard if you fart and burp at the same time you have no soul

  • mike and eugene: *asian asf so fuq the burn kieth and ned: *white asf we gone he sophisticated zach mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm food "this is the best day of my life"

  • eugene: im korean thats where mukbangs come from me: honeybooboo but im chinese where dumplings come from and i eat a lottttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • It was actually Joey Chestnut who set the record @ 384 Potstickers (2014) and not Matt Stonie! He ate 343 Gyoza in 2015 @ the Annual World Gyoza Eating Championship.

  • They should've unstacked the dumplings so they could cool down. Amateurs! 😉

  • can you rename this video keith hitting on eugene for 17 minutes straight

  • woah what was that about 15 and 19 lmfaooo

  • I tried like 20 different types of soup dumplings 2 days ago

  • Dumplings are different I think, these are bao buns.

  • Them trying to figure out how many dumplings they ate at the end at 13:00 is me trying to calculate my GPA lol

  • low testosterone guys back at it again with another video

  • Why no one mentions queen Yuka? it takes 5 guys to finish 373 dumplings she can eat 400 alone

  • *High Keith* : Eugene, you're so impressive....Let's talk about Eugene. Let's do it Keith, there's never enough talking about eugene. I'm on it.

  • Who’s watching this cause their hungry??

  • This video will forever have a special place in my heart, because I watched this the day my grandma died 😢💔

  • Soup dumplings when you take off the lid are so fucking hot this video caused me pain

  • If you guys would have all been high, this challenge would have been a cake walk.

  • these guys are sassy, but every time that is about food they do a great videos... and that's why I'm subscribed

  • I usually eat 20-40 momos in one go if I'm hungry, maybe I can eat double the amount if I was really really hungry idk but 100 seems like a little too much lol

  • When did logic show up???🤣

  • if these were normal dumplings they would've been fine but these were SOUP dumplings i.e; filled with piping hot soup , so these were way harder to consume quickly

  • I would eat all 400 in like like 5 minutes. I love dumplings

  • I am soooooooo hungry now..

  • first world problems

  • I'm Chinese I wish I can eat 400 dumplings :C

  •’s the point?

  • I thought Keith would be the one to eat the most dumplings, BOY WAS I WRONG

  • I love how Zach was so chill about this