The World of Jake Paul

Publicado em 8 Out 2018
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“The Mind of Jake Paul” is an in depth look at one of the fasted growing BR-tvr’s of all time. From his childhood, to his teenage years, to his days of jumping on top of news vans and lighting empty swimming pools on fire; everything will be explored to find out what makes Jake Paul who he is.
Thanks to:
Jake Paul
Kati Morton, Therapist
Andrew Siwicki
Erika Costell
Chad Tepper
Alissa Violet
H3H3 Podcast
Sarah Hawkinson
Iris - Fae System
Rewired Soul
Marcus Butler Podcast
No Jumper


  • Part 6 up NOW!

    • You know what I dont get? How they don't do therapy or analysis? Like, every famous/rich person does.

    • shane we love u shaneee


    • 410 East Walton Street willard ohio

  • I have school tomorrow but instead I watch this. This is the best series EVER love u Shane ur the best 💞💞💞

  • There's so much nervous laughter in this lol

  • ‘erika taught me how to love’ now they’ve split...shit

  • *Coming here after finding out that Jerika broke up* ☕️ I’m a small youtuber and would love if I got ur support!!! :) ❤️

  • Doesn’t change anything. He’s still a manipulative little shit.

  • The thumbnail XD Shane 😬 me

  • I knew nothing about jake Paul or team 10 but this series is so addicting and awesome!

  • That closet in their room is bigger than my room

  • Erika: "He really is [a great driver]" 10 seconds later: "We're gonna die." Lmao

  • Fuck yall Jake IS not a soushimetia

  • People say grow up and get over this dream too

  • When the word therapist came up when kati turned up on camera i thought it was actually saying the rapist. I was shocked.

  • *jake where we are*

  • Jake seems like a good guy...

  • Jake where we are?!? HAHAHAHA

  • Why has Shane been wearing the same shirt during this series 😂👕

  • Why do they seem so slow

  • I like this series. I just wish he focused less on the whole sociopath thing, i feel like it was basically what the whole thing was about

  • I hate to say this but, please... just fucking kill yourself if you like the Paul brothers.

  • Sidenote: I think its Frick Frackin ADORABLE that little kids that visit the house will think it's made of legos!!!

  • Holy shit shame you’re like a shonen anime. You make me understand and feel bad for the villains

  • Jake:don't worry I'm a good driver Shane:OH MY GOD

  • Do u ever notice how shane basically wares the same shirt everytime

  • Shane: I’m going to be hard, I’m not going to go easy on him. *Fast forward 3 episodes* Shane: I WANT TO JOIN TEAM 10!!!

  • Omg! I bet the next one is gonna be The Mind Of Jojo Siwa (behind the hair line)😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • It’s sad to think that Erika and Jake broke up now🙁

  • TEAm ten

  • Plot twist: Shane spills Diet Coke all over Jake’s furniture

  • The RV bus seems a little pedophiley 🤔 but let me keep watching

  • You know i kinda want shane to join team 10 i mean giant water slide from the house to pool he has great and dangerous ideas

  • Jake Paul is fine.

  • Can you do a documentary on peoples incessant need to say "like" every other word. JC, it's maddening.

  • I’m watching this after jake and erika broke up

  • Alright, I have THOUGHTS... I find this series really fascinating, and I think Shane is on a very genuine and noble mission to truly find out what is going on with Jake. However, I would have enjoyed it much more without the whole “is he a sociopath” aspect. First of all, I think the therapist is deeply unprofessional. She's not even specialized in sociopaths, so why bring her into it? In the previous videos, when she talked about traits common on sociopaths, she mentioned a lot of things that can also be found in ordinary people (such as no respect for rules/authority). Saying that she finds it "suspicious" that she feels pity for Jake is just ridiculous, and the whole editing of the video (with captions like "convincing" before they go into the ATV) makes it seem like they're really eager to make him fit the sociopath definition. It is neither her nor Shane’s job to speculate about whether Jake is a sociopath or not, and I find it so wrong that they discuss it behind his back (despite the fact that he has agreed to everything and can watch the video himself). I don't even get why it's important - the main focus of the series, and the point of it, really, is simply to reach some kind of understandning of Jake Paul as a person instead of a phenomenon, and we can do so without trying to diagnose him. I know the whole theatrical aspect is what gains a lot of views, but I think the series would have been more credible if Shane had focused on just the interviews instead of pointlessly discussing something that can't be proven.


  • People hate him because hes a white boy with stupid hair the things he does are just spice for my daily dose of hate

  • Hahaha i love Shane time out is at the toilet 😂😂😂

  • Wow .... (when Shane was in the passenger seat) I had serious anxiety watching this

  • Jake : .... I gave my account to Anthony Shane: Wait ! Does ppl know that ?! Jake : You mean chance stole my account ? Shane was intrigued by Jake generosity but backfired when stolen account was more important

  • No offense Shane but are you gay. I ask because you kissed a man.

  • Is it bad that I want to ride Jakes car thingy down that course?

  • I think we ALL were waiting for this tea

  • is it insane the fact that I actually feel really bad for him now🥴

  • I hope more people watch this instead of staying close minded

  • tbh, Shane is just as bad. The only thing thati learned from that ENTIRE documentary, is that Shane is a coward. He got criticism and then he does what he normally does when he gets it, he cries and rants on twitter. He then says, get ready for some tea'. I was lowkey expecting him to drop cold hard facts... then and hour or two later l see nothing but Shane cry and cry and sympathize with the snake bitch herself He then tries to paint the picture that Jake and Eirka were pretty chill and were just like your everyday couple He danced around the subject and blew the entire thing out proportion. The only reason Shane wanted to see if he was a sociopath was so he could somewhat make an excuse for Jake's behavior. The documentary didn't need to be that long. The thing was more drawn out then anything I've ever seen. He could've finished the Documentary in like maybe three or so episodes. What we needed to see and hear were cold. hard. facts. Not lies and half truths Jake is a manipulator and a douche bag with no care for others and only cares about furthering his own carrier. Bottom. Line.

  • Honestly Shane’s reaction when he was in the golf cart on steroids is just EVERYTHING

  • I just can’t stand you people giving Shane constant backlash like wtf? Just because he is willing to go against everything we know about Jake Paul just because he is willing to get to REALLY know someone makes him a bad person? Before you start hating on Shane how about you think about how you look to someone else. It is nothing but a fucking documentary and If you can simply unfollow him just because of his beliefs then you weren’t there from the start and you won’t be there at the end

  • Jake Paul still ripped people off

  • Hopefully after all this ends Jake is a better person!

  • loved this whole video, but like.... the best line is "Okay, where's the team 10 helmet?"

  • me: hates team ten Shane Dawson is on team ten me: Yes I stan

  • "Gucci, sue me bro" lmao

  • I stan Thor and Athena

  • I'm only halfway through this video, and have seen the previous videos in this series, and I don't think Jake can be a sociopath or a truly bad person when the dogs love him.

  • Yay good Jake comes out 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • 28:04 you can see the pain in Shane's eyes.

  • omg i honestly think that jake paul is so sweet and has such a sweet soul and heart...😘

  • how quickly Shane became the worst influence in the house. I love it.

  • I AM SO EXCITED!Have watched four episodes and MY EMOTIONS ARE LITERALLY TEARING ME APART!Shane and Andrew are doing a AWESOME job with this as they seem REALLY invested in the mind of Jake Paul.Well,now i am clicking on the start button to this video,episode 5...then to the like button!

  • The off-rode driving part reminds me of when we did the same thing at my friends house, because that's the kind of thing we do in Ohio

  • wait "weave always been playing with fire?" wait cut too the one song play with fire.

  • So a trait that sociopaths have is getting people too do whats normally like bad..was i a sociopath when i was a kid like when i was a kid i was supposed to go to the water fountain that was close too the classroom. But i wanted too go too the water foutain near the bathroom so....i sort of talked my freind into going too the water fountain near the bathroom am i a sociopath?

  • Credit to the ending omg ‼️‼️‼️🖤

  • I think he could've gotten a therapist who was a little more comfortable on the area of sociopaths. Im happy she herself in this episode says that this is not her work field. But I would want to cut her some slack on how invested she is. She did all of that research so i don't want people to be annoyed with her, it's just that Shane should've gotten a therapist or psychologist who is really educated and familiar with the type of mental disorders and stuff. But I think we should respect her for trying to learn as much as she can so she can help the most, like stepping away from the fact that they couldve had a better person for her job, she is aware of that herself and is really trying!!

  • Greg paul-100% sociopath

  • Been destined since you were 8

  • Why u look scared in the thumbnail?😭

  • Jake's a asshole and anybody who feels sorry for him is crazy. He is just a stupid kid who does dangerous and dumb shit to become famous. He takes advantage of people ( His so called friends) like he's no role model. People need to stop looking up to him. What Jake needs to do is go to therapy and get help instead of making youtube videos.

  • "All the little kids that come I mean if any kids do come over. " lol ! I'm not throwing shade or accusing just thought that was hilarious. People are judgemental so I'm sure JP knows people would twist his words up and use them against him so he switched it up real quick Haha

  • DUDE INTRO SONG NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “Jake, where we are?” Damn😂 He scared the grammar out of him.

  • Surely jake watched the video with Katie and would recognise her as being a therapist not Shane’s producer

  • Jake sounds so stoned😂

  • Katie Morton the rapist

  • He's close to my age... wtf lol... I always thought he was way older than me lol

  • 14:04 Love how he takes the coke with him in the restroom

  • It’s hard to think that Grayson, Ethan, Logan and Jake were best friends and look at the different roads they have taken

  • I think that Shane could make really good Hollywood documentaries

  • Take a shot everytime jake say like

  • How many of you felt like jake paul was trying to act serious the whole time but extually he was not ??

  • If you did a drinking game with the number of times ‘like’ was said you’d be dead 5 minutes in 😂

  • 9:49 Awkward hugs be like.

  • why do i feel like they are long lost brothers?

  • "you can't be scared of anything if you live here" i guess i can't live there

  • I felt so bad for him! till he cheated on Erika... :c hate to say he never changed

  • This video changed the way I think about jake thanks Shane keep up the good work

  • His dad drives around and fucks young dudes in it look out shane!

  • I ain't gunna lie that house is amazing and the fact that he wants his friends to have so much fun with him might mean he has empathy? Eh?

  • Every time he says “like” take a shot of orange juice. And also like this comment ;)

  • My eyes are first.

  • “ what in the unseasoned chicken is going on here?”😂😂

  • “*What in the unseasoned chicken!*” Amazing! BEAUTIFUL!

  • Why is the front door bigger than my entire house?

  • imagine if shane was in team 10

  • Omg I love Shane and these interviews

  • "It's like a golf cart on steroids" hey don't speak trash about steroids! They saved my life, I take them........... Legally of course...

  • Who's here after the break up?

  • Is it me or the video filmed liked so annoyingly

  • Omg dude I'm like crying I feel so sorry for him