Trump Panics as the Blue Wave Gets Bigger: A Closer Look

Publicado em 15 Nov 2018
Seth takes a closer look at the Trump White House panicking as the midterm elections results get worse and the Russia investigation looms.
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Trump Panics as the Blue Wave Gets Bigger: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • If anything raise taxes on the rich that's what Trump don't want to see that's what ole dump Is talking about

  • More liberal fake news. Blue wave is in reality more like a blue moon nothing but liberal idiotic political bull crap.

  • I wonder who sends the key words to the news groups..

  • Seth, what I would like to know is how you were such an unattentive spouse that your wife wound up giving birth in an apartment lobby. I've become interested in arming her with as much ammunition she needs for when she divorces you. Do you really want to keep pissing me off Seth? I hope you do because it can get real ugly from here. You're certainly not man enough to fight me you pencil pushing desk jockey.

  • Trump made Seth funny.

  • Seth always nails it. Thanks.

  • Gah...! He's so repulsive.

  • Blue wave, where are you going? COMEBACK!!!!!!

  • 2 more years of Trumps bullshit is going to have to even wear down the staunchest Republican supporter to the point Republican representatives standing in the 2020 election will be distancing themselves from Trump. If they don't, the 2020 blue wave, will be so big they will be scared of being wiped off the political map. The GOP will then be insignificant.

  • Wow! Does chump or his people realize the front of his hair looks like Donald Duck's bill???

  • Blue Wave? What Blue Wave? Considering, how much Trump did in these few years, and how much liberals fucked up on every front, Trump 2020 is already guaranteed.

  • it did end up as blue wave and trump can not handle it, he thought all those jerk offs he campaigned for were going to win--NOT.

  • Bushes funeral.Thats the way you act.Trump wants to take some lessons in politeness and manners.

  • So far 2 years of our lives we will never get back.....people PLEASE DON'T VOTE FOR IDIOTS!!!!!!!

  • He’s C.R.A.Z.Y🙄Lol- in Miriam Webster’s first advertisement, for the definition: was “SLIP and FALL ATTORNEYS”👌🏽 maybe it’s due to the POTUS HAIR GEL👍🏽

  • Trump speaks into reality the same way he ignores his white eye lids........ Just look at the images. FAKE FAKE FAKE

  • When Donald Trump said I retired Jeff Flake it makes it sound like Jeff Flake is replicant from Blade Runner.

  • Its not exactly a blue wave tho, just hoped that tgey had won more senator seats

  • I'll be honest. Two weeks later, The Dems are up 40 in the House. I guess the new nickname for Herr Fuhrerr Drump should be Minus Forty.

  • This one was actually unprecedentedly low turn over. Most presidents lose the Senate and the house.

  • Could Rick Scott look more like Gollum, even with prosthetics?

  • Dems won 39 seats which is 9% gain in house. GOP picks up 2 Senate seats which is a 4% gain. Net difference is 5% for both house and senate. If you call 5% a blue wave, get your head checked with your Obamacare.

  • I doubt the blue side is getting bigger - the reason they won is because the left is still many and after the defeat and anger - so many of them went voting. However, many people are walking away from the madness of the liberal lefties world. The liberal lefties world is called socialism in Europe:

  • Do Rep's not realize that high taxes are good for the people and bad for big firms? Didnt they vote Trump exactly for caring about the little men? They are happy now that they safe 5 Dollars a month while the country loses 5 billion for the whole american community. So stupid, its like teaching little children.

  • Why doesn't he ever have rallies in major cities?

  • That’s wicked funny ! Trumpet is getting retired ! For real ! He’s fucked !

  • Trump's speech patterns are not merely intellectually vacuous but border on the purely stupid. Furthermore, he is disgusting to look at.

  • Ha the first time in forever a pres didnt lose house and senate! And he picked up senate seats. There was not only NO blue wave, but a red one. This liberal fake news is getting out of hand. This midterm was the worst midterm for dems in a LONG TIME!!! You leftists are complete morons.

  • Seth Meyers' is a denial so intense that self-examination is entirely precluded! The answers he needs are found in Kevin Hassett's (factual) comparison of the Democrat (Obama's) and Rebublican (Trump's) economies:

  • The “Blue Trickle”

  • no Blade runner joke for "I retired him" , sad

  • Look at this Blue Wave: - GOP wins 20 of 36 governor races. - GOP keeps control of every state legislature in the South and the Midwest except Illinois and the Minnesota House. - GOP keeps 201-202 Representatives. From 1948 to 1994 they never had more than 200. - GOP will have 52-53 Senators. In the last 90 years they never won more than 55.

    • Gerrymandering at its best! Nothing to brag about.

  • The White House doesn't match McDonalds' turnover, but they are competitive.

  • I love Trump. He reminds me of JFK. Thank God someone stepped up to the plate to take down the global pedophilia ring....and don't try to deny it. After it happens to your child you'll wake up...and if you have eventually will. Mock him all you want .... Which is hypocritically arrogant. Have fun in hell with your environmental scientists that have sprayed so many chemicals into our atmosphere ... global warming actually now exists. Amateurs.

  • Your not funny fake news ✌️✌️✌️✌️

  • Maybe The Donald isn’t auditioning for Ray Donovan... he might be auditioning for The Apprentice.

  • Jesus loves

  • Orange man bad

  • Also, Trump said a while ago that if he loses, he'll blame voter fraud. No surprise he actually did it.

  • They say wit is a sign of intelligence. And all of Donny's nicknames are unbelievably non-witty and unimaginative. Crooked Hillary (remember that some of the haters were using Killary, which is rather good). Lyin' Ted. Failing NYT. He just puts an adjective in front of a name and he thinks that's oh so brilliant. At least Wacky Jackie rhymes, which is a huge step up for Donny.



  • 3:30 :)

  • Most late night talk shows(propaganda) is a load of bs to control the gullible puppets that watch the crap.

    • Late night 📺 as well as sitcoms are propaganda. The so called mainstream news is as well

  • You have 6 more years of Trump.....hahaha!

  • Has this president ever stopped campaigning since he took office? And flying on the dime of taxpayers who didn't even vote for him or support his party...

  • the bodies exhibit joke lol so good!

  • 😄😍 🇭🇴🇼 𝙏𝙤 🇹🇷🇦🇮🇳 𝙏𝙝𝙚 🅼🅸🅽 𝙏𝙤 🅰🆃🆃🆁🅰🅲🆃 𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙔𝙤𝙪 𝘿𝙚𝙨𝙞𝙧𝙚! (𝙇𝙖𝙬 𝙊𝙛 Attraction) (𝙉𝙚𝙬 🇺🇵🇩🇦🇹🇪) 😄😍 >> >> 😄😍 3357

  • Why do Republicans like trump lie about their opponents so much? Is it because they can't win on policy ideas

  • 非要让我脸红么

  • Now how would you know he panicked. Democrats are very hateful vengful pathetic people. Shame on you for spreading hate.

  • Lmao the guy booing at 8:22

  • The way he conducts himself and speaks makes him so cringeworthy...yuks ! He can't even hold a candle to Forest Gump.

  • This is all this guys got. If Trump goes so does he.

  • Unbelievable how a talk show is so fucking political. Bring Johnny Carson back from the dead.

  • fuckin anti american traitor.

  • Nice try lil sethy!!! Has your boss told you to kneel yet today?

  • keep dreaming, pathetic libtard lol

  • I am so glad that they are still so afraid of Hillary. such a commendation for her! No one male or female has ever invoked such fear in the repubs. go Hillary!

  • no more apt metric for how terrible this country has become than this, by far the stupidest clown ever elected here. we have never been the great country we hold ourselves up to be, just very powerful, and those are definitely different things, now, we show our elitist exceptionalism in terribly stupid ways. ah, hubris the great leveler.

  • Tremendous!!! 😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅 most psychotic insane lying jerk douchbag president ever!!!!!!!!!! What a looser cannot believe anyone actuslly supporting this ass!!

  • Mentally challenged or lowwww IQ? Among many other dubious talents. Donnie the Dotard!

  • Shill

  • Did you hear the idiot Trump-lodite yell "She's gonna take out guns"?! Lmao These dipshits have devolved into South Park parodies of themselves

  • Blue wave = civil war

  • Man you are such a baby 🍼😂

  • *Trump is setting the states on fire for voting against him* 🔥

  • I bet some of them are paid to have those fake orgasms. Poor Melania...

  • This guy is not funny and he is fake news/fake comedy!

    • LOL Crying Loser Trumptard.

  • I really just want to see all the Trump supporters one by one regretting thier decision.

  • Donald ‘s nickname should be the boy wonder.

  • Is there anyone Trump like & associates with that isn’t a fucking retard/ nut-job, authoritarian dictator, criminal/ con-man, Russian spy, lick spittle or a goddamn rapist!?!? 😡😡😡

  • if you look on election votes by people instead of by states 2/3 is democrats

  • Ya'll be fighting over identity politics like kindergateners fighting over who has the coolest sneakers. Why do you care so much about sides? The 5-6 mega corporations control your reality and you obery their orders more willingly than George Orwell could ever dream of. Your appeals to authority is sickening, your minds lacking all critical thought and the media has your cognitive dissonance on their leashes, so go sick em dog! If our founding fathers saw your squable over this, they'd probably hang themselves as quick as possible, or simply dissemble the Cantillon economy that's created your economic slavery. Fed prints debt notes, asks for it back with interest and you wonder why you're all so desperate to attack, call names, draw lines, fight one another, meanwhile your overlords are laughing. Before you know it you'll be begging for socialism. The final straw making you entirely dependant on your oh so precious media and overlords.

  • anyone whom want to support trumpy only do it to become rich on a bestseller from the inside... if thrumpy fires so many isnt it him who is a bad leader. if america gonna be great again is when he reallize he is a trojan horse himself

  • I died at the part where they pressed 4 for a fart.

  • Sadly for demorats the blue wave didn't manifest itself. They won fewer seats in a midterm election than any party in since Reagan. And with the judicial branch becoming more important as both parties sue to get their legislature or agendas pushed through,the Senate, which republicans retained, is ever more important since they approve federal and supreme court level judges. It wasn't a blue ripple, but it definitely wasn't a blue wave

  • Just here to check out the latest NPC update.

  • Seth Meyers still thinks there was a blue wave? Lol. Poor shill, it was barely a blue ripple and the election results fell so far from the criteria of the early prediction of a “blue wave” and a mid-term reprimand of Trump it’s laughable. Seth Meyers still using “blue waves” makes him look more removed from reality than Trump ever has. Republicans overperformed *again* in the mid-term elections given a historical context, and that’s a fact.

  • I'm panicking to.. Now employment is gonna go in the tank again.. Gotta admit people hate trump all you want he's a asshole but the economy hasn't been this good since the 80s..


  • libtards brainwashed to the end you are the joke s

  • What more,can we do to say we need new,leader. Simpson kid would be improvement. Sarah has to be mentally ill. Answer? Never heard her answer 1 question. Just move to Mexico. Truth there i hope is your karma.

  • I say you are fired trump. And pack your fat ass and leave too. Such an idiotic presidency. Most stupid man i have ever seen.

  • Orange man bad ((NPC)))

  • Trump isnt nervous and the blue wave isnt getting bigger. Stop spreading lies. Its the lefts mantra at this point, making up false claims and stats. Remember when hilary was supposed to be president and no one thought it was possible he would win? This is my point boyo. You're all a bunch of ill informed sheep if you watch this degenerate crap and still believe its the right thats nervous. The left are the ones that are nervous, they are startinh to lose grip on the media and people are waking up.

  • There all jumping ship they know what’s coming but they are still going to jail or major issues. This dude is crazy.

  • Is it just me or are all these programs about government jokes getting old. They get less and less funny.

  • Um isn’t the election over? So why talk about the blue trickle again?

  • I miss the old days when people didn't insult each other


  • Seth is a no talent bum and a poor excuse for a human being only garbage and nasty against America comments,fake news from this piece of ..s......

  • So what who you lawyer is... Trump hired a Clinton lawyer for the Mueller investigation.

  • Everyone is waking up to realize what a complete dumb ass joke he is to this country. he is a buffoon lol. Clown of the United States of America.

  • TRUMP 2020!!!

  • Haha RED WAVE IS HERE no blue wave in sight

    • +JK Ultra Christ you're a fucking moron

    • +Ralph Boyd ha funny because if you knew the facts you would support the president because he is statistically the best president we've had and that's a fact

    • +JK Ultra Loser Trumptards don't know facts. They only know memes they've posted on their MAGA Bomber vans. Loser. LOL

    • +Ralph Boyd you are an idiot libtard. Just look at the facts and you would be a Trump supporter

    • +JK Ultra So your definition of the "News" are the crap you've posted on your Loser Maga Bomber van/home. Just another crying Trumptard. LOL

  • Mueller has probably been quiet because there was no evidence to support the initial claims. Remember, it wa hacking the DNC.

  • This dictator is no better than Hitler, he believes his own propaganda he's so far out of reality it isn't funny let's just impeach this dictator already.

  • So she's been in the bathroom for over 30 years? DAMN!

  • A lot of people don't like Hillary Clinton including myself; but she doesn't deserve the kind of outright demonization that she is getting. She's not some kind of Devil, she's just another flawed politician and her poor reputation has more to do with character assassination from political propaganda and cyber bullying and has less to do with her actual policies or agendas. It's sickening how much this nation revolves around blame and hatred...I guess we have become the United Sith of America, because it seems that fear and hate is all we care about these days. Is this a Republic or an Empire? Every day the line becomes more blurred.