Publicado em 5 Nov 2018
TWICE(트와이스) "YES or YES" M/V
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  • onces i m scared because sasaeng said twice s end is like tara

  • onces let s train for streami.g twice comeback in april and be like blinks

  • i was just watching most viewed mv for 24 hours and isaid i hope onces will m1kehwice first in kpop and beat dudu and blackpink s shit so onces let s do it

  • 💗💗

  • Queens! Can't wait for the comeback!!❤

  • Who thin that this is great comeback ?

  • God jihyo is brilliant

  • My choice is... *yes*

  • Onces tomorrow is weekend so stream please like you did in itzy

  • Nice so

  • Onces Itzy reached 1 m views the last 24 hours but twice mv just 400 k what ashame


  • MOMO ! ♥♥♥♥

  • My daily playlist including : WIL, DTNA, YOY, TBTIED, WIL(Japan ver), LIKEY(Japan ver) n Candy Pop, but when TWICE come back, I will only keep stre*aming new mv, how about u ?

  • 0:01 reminds me the MR. BEAN entry In which he was falling down from the sky😁😁😁

  • This is such a passive-aggressive song, I love it

  • Vai se foder

  • Once fighting 😚😚🇰🇷

  • 352

  • *148!!! 2 million more for 150 M! Let's reach this before February ends*

  • *WELCOME* *TO* *THE* *NEW* *FANS* 💜 INFORMATION ABOUT MEMBERS - 0:32 in orden how are they appearing 💋 🐧 MINA: 21 Years old, lead dancer, Japenese member , she trained a few years in ballet, she born in TEXAS - USA 🐤 JEONGYEON : 22 years old, Korean, her concept is a girl crush woman , lead vocal with nayeon , hate the kiss and jihyo too hate the kiss 🐯 CHAEYOUNG: 19 years old , maknae line, she have the most song wroted by a member ( she ), main rapper, she like it draw and wrote her rap! , korean 🐶 SANA : 22 Years old, Japenese member, lead dancer , the most cute with jihyo in Twice , shy shy shy ( the iconic letters for Cheer up ) , the most gay member 😂, sanaconda 🐍 🍙 DAHYUN : 20 Years old, Lead rapper, Maknae line and the most crazy member , korean 🐇 NAYEON : 23 years old, the old member , korean member and lead vocal - face of the group 🌎 TZUYU: the young member with 19 years old , the most tall member, VISUAL , Taiwanese , Maknae line , lead dancer 👀 JIHYO: 21 Years old, leader of the group, Main vocal and 10 years of training( the most year member ), korean 🐨 MOMO : 22 years old, japenese member , main dancer , dance machine 🔥, her dad is jhon cena 😂💅 TWICE debuted in 2015 with the Mv called LIKE OH AHH , since 2015 they broke so many records in youtube, charst koreans and in their sales, Twice is also the most succesful girl group in the 3rd generation of kpop (from 2010 to 2019), Twice is the girl group with more views in youtube with +4.5 billions, Twice is the GG with more sales of their generation with 4.8 Millions , Twice is the girl group with more daesangs in the history of the kpop ( daesangs are the most importan awards in korea, is like grammys in the pop ) _WELCOME_ _NEW_ _ONCE_ 💜

  • 148,350,040


  • To break our record

  • Once, lets practice streaming now as a prepare to the next comeback

  • Time check: 1:40 am ✴✴

  • Y. E. S.

  • Just like TWICE

  • Itzy better than twice

    • +kdlaxk k- you never heard twice's b sides, did you💀? Get get the fuck out.

    • ANYWAY, both Queens!

    • We are JYPnation right

    • Dont compare to each other, both got their talent and both group own different concept and colour just enjoy the song

    • Twice sing lik dog bark.once too

  • I'll give you 2 choices to like Yes or Yes

  • Who haven't sleep yet?

  • I need to make twice playlist. Anyone aldy made it? Let me copy it. Heheheh


  • Stream hard please

  • Start likey them

  • Lets us Be as One and make TWICE One in a million in the world

  • Then u will know What is Love

  • Just say Yes

  • This is simple to choose TWICE💕

  • Still obsessed with this song Still living for Jeongyeon lines

  • I am a big fan of all of you(which language is this) Love from india💞

    • +Be as ONCE ok.thank u 😊😊

    • This is a Korean song (k-pop). You can check Twice's other song too

  • 288

  • Nayeonnieee

  • Let's get back to 1M a day ONCES! I know we are better than this! 💙🍭

  • Soon 150 million

  • TWICE IS QUEENS 😇😘😘💕💕💕💕

  • Sana💕

  • Jeongyeon

  • Mina💕

  • MOMO 💕

  • Its weekend let's back to 600K to 700K this coming Weeknd!

  • Twice - YES or YES Hey boy Look, I’m gonna make this simple for you You got two choices… YES or YES? (Ah) Choose only one of the two YES or YES? (Ah ah) Make your choice come on YES or YES? Since when was I so selfish? Did I ever want something this eagerly? Everyone is surprised at how shameless I am Come on and tell me yes My scenario has become more daring than I thought I’d say this plan is perfect, quite satisfying I don’t care no matter what others say You better tell me yes I have decided YES! Now it’s time to hear your answer If it’s too hard, there are examples to choose from You don’t have to waste your time thinking Don’t know what you’ll choose, so I prepared these options Choose only one of the two YES or YES? Don’t know what you want, so I prepared these options Make your choice come on YES or YES? I will say no to your no, is it me or us? I respect your choice but reject your rejection There is only one answer, the choice is up to you It’s all up to you Choose only one of the two YES or YES? Do you mean it? Do not guess Are you serious? Do not ask Don’t give me that unsure side-to-side, I want a sure up-and-down There’s no letters N & O I’ll erase them from today There’s no need to think too hard The answer is YES YES YO You bring out my hidden selfishness Your eyes and my curiosity about you Make my heart burning My heart burn burn burn You better hurry up To make it simple, whatever you choose, you will be with me Though it may seem a bit absurd Though you might say I’m insisting you I’ll make you to never regret Don’t know what you’ll choose, so I prepared these options Choose only one of the two YES or YES? Don’t know what you want, so I prepared these options Make your choice come on YES or YES? I will say no to your no, is it me or us? I respect your choice but reject your rejection There is only one answer, the choice is up to you Now, it’s all up to you Maybe not (No! No!) Maybe yes (No! No!) Make it more clearly, show me how you feel Open your ears. Don’t you hear it? It’s! Simple! Y! E! S!

  • I know they need rest, but I miss them, I know, there's a comeback coming soon but aaaaaa I miss them so much

  • April Comeback is approaching. Let's prepare ourself together and make them a legendary gg again and again❤❤❤❤❤

  • Sana has big boobs recently. she did surgery

  • \(`・Ω・´)>

  • Jihyo, nayeon and their friends lol

  • Jeongyeon the reason why i love twice.....even though i'm not once....i hope she get more line

    • Totally! I hope she gets TOP3 in the next line distribution 💙🍭

  • 238

  • 170m before Mina's birthday? YES OR YES? Streammm

  • *I can imagine how heechul dancing to Momo burn burn burn* 🔥🔥😂

    • Same! Heechul needs to make a cover of Yes Or Yes 💙🍭

  • Twice are always number 1



  • *YES, YES, YES, YES*


  • ❤️🍭🍭🍭

  • V13ws getting deleted or more ONCEs are leaving. Please call your friends, to come and str3am YOY at least 10 times a day 🍭💙

    • We know where they go,we don't need them! beside TWICE only need the faithful ONCE.

  • Dog twice



  • Stream hard

  • The views got deleted so badly

  • Who loves TWICE🙋🏻‍♀️

  • IT'S SIMPLE S! T! R! E! A! M! Heyyy

  • 148,2M 👌🏻

  • 2/22 0.00KST 147,752,924 2/23 0.00KST 148,214,274 Today 461,350 views (-56,730) JYP Subs 11,603,486(+11,678) TWICE Subs 4,258,358(+4,013) TWICE Twitter 3,205,637(+3,155) TWICE JPN Subs 1,748,860(+1,296) 📌 CANDY POP 100M ASAP 📌 HEART SHAKER 250M ASAP 📌 YES OR YES 150M ASAP 📌 TT 450M ASAP 📌 LIKE OOH-AHH 300M ASAP

    • Omg, 400K 😢😢

    • what happennnn

    • views got deleted again....

  • *TWICE(트와이스) "YES or YES"* 2/22 0000 kst 147,752,924 2/23 0000 kst 148,214,274 *Total* : 461,350 Likes : 2,067,254(+2,454) JypEnt Subs: 11,603,530(+11,745) TWICE Subs: 4,258,364( +4,038) ***************************************

  • TWICE - Yes Or Yes 2/22 0.00 KST 🌏 147,753,156 (108D 6H) 2/23 0.00 KST 🌏 148,217,141 (109D 6H) Today *463,985 views* 👉 Yes Or Yes 150 Million 👉 Dance The Night Away 200 Million 👉 Likey 400 Million 👉 Like OOH-AHH 300 Million 👉 What Is Love 300 Million 👉 Candy Pop 🍬 100 Million Love TWICE💓💓

  • Ahhhh....ahhh..ah....ah...ah...

  • they should add wwe danial bryan to this mv or do a part 2 with adding danial bryan

  • 148,214,274 views and 2,067,254 Likes!Keep streaming and keep supporting TWICE for they deserved our support! I have never used my disliked before,but I may change my game plan if I am annoyed enough by those haters!Change is coming!!!

    • I always dislike blackpink videos as a payback from those blinks


  • - Twice Real Voice Compilation

  • I am standing TWICE only and I don't stan no one else! So any annoying fans maker or stupid promoting idiot do go away or I am going to your fav MV and do something we both going to regret or just you regret!So go away!

    • I am Minari They will soon regret what they do, someone have to pay.

    • Hey there 💖 Weve got a long way to go before those idiots stop bothering us.. They have a high birth rate so they multiply faster than normal people.😂

  • Saranghae

  • Twice

  • 148,211,982 views and 2,067,234 likes

  • 2.1M likes gogo

  • Yes or yes

  • Stream candy pop!

  • 150M vi3ws + 2,5M lik3s?

  • 211

  • Stan Talent Stan Twice 👑 Haters keep getting depressed

  • 210

  • Blink stream hard Once weak & lazy

    • +R U READY- I can see how rich they're with those high album sales💀

    • ???

    • blink by views because they are rich. poor twice poor jyp no money

    • We must be lazy for views but we are most active for sales And charts .......

    • But blinks buy views ...and we have nature views ...even bts have nature and slow views ....are blackpink world on.1 gg no they aren’t but you guys are making them look by buying views

  • Once mind: Twice should rest. I do not care if they come back even only twice a year. Once heart after months of waiting: I MISS THEM SO MUCH! WHEN WILL THEY COME BACK? ♡

    • Lmao not even months , I was like this after 2 weeks 🍭💙

  • 204

  • 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑

  • Tzuyu bbbbbbbbeautiful