Tyler, The Creator Wears Boxers In Late Night's Coldest Theater

Publicado em 25 Jul 2017
'Flower Boy' rapper Tyler, the Creator greeted Stephen with a butt-grab and the rest is history.
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  • Poor Tyler you could tell he wasn't ready to come out yet .

  • I LOVE YOU TYler

  • 2:54 lol

  • That's 100% sexual harassment 😂

  • Dap up

  • born to entertain

  • Tyler, the butt grabber

  • Tyler is one of my favorite rappers and I have yet to listen to his music

  • 3:47

  • 3:10

  • 3:05

  • 2:53

  • 1:23

  • He is so chill and hilarious, even though I don't listen to his music lmao.

  • Why did I watch this video?

  • Dude tyler is an all around great person

  • they vibe so well😂

  • He’s just weird lol but I love him

  • Fun fact: no one under 60 use those fluffy boxers in Europe. We use those tight boxers, we just can it boxers but you might that confusing. Some of you find that gay which is very weird to us. I’m not a guy but I’d rather use gay underwear than old mans underwear.

  • Tyler reminds me to fresh prince


  • He gay af

  • Someone give him a damn jacket!!

  • He reminds me of Pete Davidson a lot, personalitywise and the voice

  • His music is complete trash, if he wants to say something about em. I respect anyone who wanted to get famous and makes it but he makes me sick to my stomach and I have never had a problem with any guest of Stephens but he loses a vote now. I’m sure he’s awesome but yeah this was just fuck

  • Came in like Tupac on Arsenio

  • This nigga on drugs 😂


  • If he’s lying make some noise.... lmao

  • gayy

  • That ass grab Is EVERYTHING 😂😂

  • Stephen: How are ya, Tyler?? Tyler: yo it's cold Stephen: well tell us about golf?? Tyler: yo to be honest it's cold as hell


  • Tyler is my nigga

  • This ma fuck er is gay

  • This guy Tyler

  • why am I getting a strong pete davidson vibe from him in this interview

  • Where the fucking performance lol

  • it's obvious Tyler loves his white daddy

  • 2:50 😂 Tyler why

  • fuckin "Air, oxygen." LMFAO

  • She’s dead now though...... 😂

  • It's strange how much you can tell Stephen likes Tyler despite them seeming very different

  • Takes his jacket off and says it’s cold?! What? Logic?

  • The first thing I thought was ... gay 😂

  • Wow when is Tyler going going to stop trying to be funny he is so cringe

  • *this negro weird*

  • tyler is definitely on drugs rn lmao

  • Oohh shit the cringe is so fucking hard.

  • #metoo

  • He’s so hilarious 😂. Kinda reminds me of Pete Davidson 😂.

  • Why was Tyler's performance taken down???

  • tyler looks blazed in this, but he never smokes soo

  • His next album will be called, *Lurkin in Barnes and Nobles*

  • He too funny

  • He luks 17

  • Omigosh you’re not letting me do what I need to do🤦🏾‍♀️

  • dammit i love tyler so much

  • Everyone has so many likes lol

  • I really think this man I want Tyler to said that he gay in minute 2:35 is like why the fuck he say that.

  • Tyler actually made the show funny for a change


  • Tyler is my fashion inspiration. his style is just overall stunning

  • Why am I finding him so adorable right now??????????

  • Don’t grow up Tyler

  • Stephen is a tool

  • Please much dank needs to edit this!!

  • 'Is that your inhaler in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?' LMFAO

  • Tyler is so funny oml

  • this was so gay but I'm giving it a pass because c'mon who doesn't love Tyler, The Creator......no homo

    • That nigga is the best troll rapper

  • He looked fruity af @ 58 secs yo wtf

  • Tyler❤

  • Flower boy was actually a lit album

  • 0:30 same

  • Tyler just bust in and touches Stephens ass bahahahha

  • He’s wearing the same type of green leather vest 2pac wore on Arsenio in 1993. I wonder if that’s intentional?

  • He’s so cool he’s my favorite musician

  • How tall is Colbert Tyler is 6ft2

  • There was that one thirsty person trying to peep Tyler’s dick

  • I don't even listen to Tyler but I love his interviews dude's funny as fuck


  • This guy showed up high to Stephen Colbert...

  • Bro I’m dead how Tyler doesn’t do drugs but this is the most high interview I’ve ever seen

  • He the Eric Andre of rap lmao

  • “if he’s lying make some noise”

  • Goals

  • Legend

  • The funny thing is is that hes being serious

  • He didn’t smoke but he’s high

  • He’s always wearing the weirdest stuff😂

  • This is the best inverview ever

  • That butt grab. "...oh"

  • Tyler's Clone

  • This is actually my favourite interview ever like I think I watched this like a thousand times 😂

  • I love it when Tyler acts like he’s some dude they just pulled off the street, threw on camera and was told to act like Tyler the creator

  • if hes lying MAKES SOME NOOOOOISE

  • Poopy di scoop whoop poop

  • this is so sus is there sewriously NO CROWD

  • Tyler is the man