Unbelievable News Anchor Meltdowns

Publicado em 16 Nov 2018
Sometimes you just need to let your feelings out, and sometimes that happens on a live broadcast and results in unbelievable news anchor meltdowns. GMM #1424
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  • i was once waching a live show called ringvaade and behind their window there was a man that poured a bottle of poop on his head.

  • Tom Dickerson! Link smiles

  • I'm in love with Link

  • شاكر شاكر!!!!

  • The spider one wasn’t even a breakdown😂

  • Love the Tom Petty esque jingle!

  • I live in Arkansas and I remember seeing that video 😭

  • To that first reporter. Don't worry. I hate Arkansas, too.

  • We got both songs from the WTF sing along!

  • شاكر شاكر شااااااكر 😂

  • In detroits defense, little ceasers is only known for its hot and readys and regular circle pizzas....which are trash. The deep dishes are the only thing that are worthy of being gotten from there

  • Favorite news clip is definitely still the grape stepping woman.

  • instantly knew the first one lol

  • 4

  • #1 rule of GMM q&a choices: at least one is always nonsense

  • *SHAKEEER* my favorite video ever xD

  • This was on my birthday

  • 5:46 more like hurricane tortilla

  • I want to kiss Link 😙

  • Dafuq is that?


  • 😡😡😡😡😡😡😯

  • شاكر شاكر شاكر!!!!!😂😂😂😂

  • What happens when you watch GMM and from Arkansas the first person on is from there.

  • I want rhetts sweater and 8:28 is the best one

  • I was watching the BC one when it happened lol

  • Chad chad chad chad chad chad

  • the sad thing is is that I live in Arkansas

  • meltdown, honewhicansweersright

  • Where's the billboard in Ohio at????

  • Talk Talk Talk. Play the Clips and Shut Up..

  • Well i don’t need to jacket

  • A news anchor..?

  • Proud to be Jordanian

  • nowadays it the president is having daily meltdowns on the news.

  • Every time Rhett announces how good Links doing, he almost always messes up right after.

  • oh no i live in little rock arkansas

  • Put auto generated captions on the beginning I couldn't believe it either.

  • Lol

  • 00:00 what a mood

  • D and C look like faces like this C: and D:

  • 😂Thats wassup

  • At first I thought he said "carelessly guess the answers"...

  • Who's watching 2019?


  • The second one is my father when he finds a sock on the ground and spends 7 minutes berating us.

  • okay but that last clip is iconic how did he not get it

  • Lol Kristy Gordon is still our local meteorologist... still remember that incident haha

  • wellifyouwouldletmetalk *_-okay-_*

  • meltdown *honeywhichanswerisright*

  • My brother works for global news on the Atlantic side 😂

  • [angery newspeoeopl]

  • Does anybody know what song they used for the game title card?


  • My wish is for it to be D ONCE at least... once

  • I have never watched this in the morning.

  • شاكرر شاكرر 😂😂

  • Weather dude was right... she needs to shut it and let him talk. #teamchad

  • add GAME to title

  • Houston is the Petah Tikva of the US?

  • I saw that. Just didn't wrote nothing. It happened. 🤔 edit: found my comments. Can wait to 2019 GMM.

  • Ayyyy, I’m from BC

  • *you're translation is.. Sarcastic right?*

  • LeT mE tAlK, CaRoL

  • rhett x link ^w^

  • rhett said queen sweep not clean lol

    • he said it twice so far as i'm watching it lol

  • Why Does Link look so Depressed

  • Comment

  • Is Rhett’s sweater homemade? It looks crocheted?

  • This episode was super "clickbaity"

  • What song do they parody at the beginning? I'm talking about that meltdown song

  • Link keep the beard.

  • Wait a minute, Link is...going gray? I thought he dyed it that way. Man. These two look deceptively young.

  • AHAHAHA British Columbia is the "Great White North"?? Guys wait till Rhett finds out Nunavut exists

  • I live in BC, and I'm happy that our news station was featured! :D

  • it works for the game but the lady news anchor wasn't really a melt down, she just got a little freaked out by the spider, like a lot of people might. But she took it well, even laughing a bit and mostly remaining composed. It was all the men who got riled up, cursing and throwing tantrums lol

  • Did they parody a song or did they actually come up with that meltdown song?

  • One of the best seasons so far...

  • I find it unbearable when news people start speaking over eachother, CHAD CHAD CHAD OMG JUST STFU

  • Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww wtf I got a T-Series ad

  • I'm taking an enormous dump at work right now while getting paid for it... it is biblical AND mythical.

    • Feces are everywhere!

    • Update: Pants size now 4 inches smaller. It's been a good biblical morning.

  • What song did they use on the title card?

  • I'm watching this after midnight. Good mythical morning.12:14

  • Only 5 minutes into the video and already hit the like button

  • It would have been great if the crew started running around like wild after links false meltdown 🤣

  • omg that last clip had me dying

  • These have become my favorite episodes because sometimes Link dominates the conversation and so by putting Rhett in the quizzers seat, the dynamic is really fun ☺️


  • The reason why tailgate Jones had a meltdown is cause he had the day off and he wanted to go to his daughters birthday and they called him in.

  • *The goofy smile link got when Rhett said “Dickerson”*

  • That sweater is horrendous. It looks like Britney Spears tried to knit.

  • Excuse me Tom Petty fought his whole career against his music being used for advertising it's poor taste you used breakdown for your intro normally I love the show but I can't stand behind that and no I won't back down

  • The two Syrians was great! 😂

  • My quote of the year "if you caress me you win

  • Lol.

  • I'm Arab and my first language is Arabic and lived in Jordan for four years and I still don't understand what they were fighting about lol

  • Please come to amman Jordan

  • شاكر

  • Iam from jordan

  • Rhett and link are so funny!