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Lonzo Ball will lead the Los Angeles Lakers to the playoffs next season says Skip | UNDISPUTED

Publicado em 28 Jul 2017
Will Lonzo Ball lead the Los Angeles Lakers to the NBA Playoffs? Eddie House joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Lonzo Ball will lead the Los Angeles Lakers to the playoffs next season says Skip | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  • Is Lonzo life changing for the Laker Nation?

    • nahid ahmed MJ did make it smh.

    • Trey Lyles averaged 30 PPG in the summer league , tell Skip that it's not relevant.

    • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Skip.. You can't be taken seriously when you say on the one hand, Lonzo Ball, a rookie, will take the Lakers to the playoffs, then on the other hand say, the Timberwolves adding 2 seasoned veterans, Butler and Teague, doesn't necessarily make them a better team.. let's wait and see. (?) (?)

  • Did they get into the playoffs? I’m asking from the past

  • Watching this analysis on Dec. 7th. Haha. Funny.

  • it's already clear now that they won't make it. I firmly believe those experts should be held accountable for their forecasts...

  • You crazy skips. I'd love to see my lakers in the playoffs but I don't see how.

  • Time will tell...No one can predict what he will become.. let the record tell..

  • is skip a mental case? yeah lakers gonna need a new arena for 5000000 fans when bozo, sorry i ment lonzo starts playin.

  • Why is Lonzo getting more attention than Fultz? He is a bust.

  • Don't believe the hype

  • 1. Warriors 2. Spurs 3. Thunder 4. Rockets 5. Timberwolves 6. Clippers 7. Grizzlies 8. Blazers -------- 9. Jazz 10. Pelicans 11. Nuggets 12. Dallas 13. Lakers 14. Kings 15. Suns

  • I agree with skip if lonzo stays healthy. Otherwise they will struggle hard af

  • 1. Warriors 2. Spurs 3. Rockets 4.Thunder 5.Lakers 6. Blazers 7.Timberwolves 8. Nuggets

  • Ben Simmons passing > Lonzo's passing

  • Lavar said that Lonzo will win Rookie of the year 2 years in a row

  • 6:17 , her face just says "i dont wanna be here" 😂😭

  • That Joy is something special

  • Almost everything skip says makes no sense

  • Don't sleep on Dallas.

  • The Lakers will make it to the western conference finals and challenge the Warriors. No one plays like Lonzo. And with Ingram there man.

  • Lakers will be a 6th 7th or 8th seat in the playoffs.

  • All this is is hype

  • Skip is turning into Steven A Smith

  • Yeah Skip, Lonzo can roam. Let him roam on Klay Steph, Houstons backcourt, Portlands backcourt... Let him roam on Minnesota's guards, Russ or SAS. And that's just some of the West.... only person he can roam on is Andre Roberson, Skip stop it...

    • The Lakers have Ingram who will be a great defensive player. And if you didn't noticed, they brought in KCPope. Go watch his video defending Curry. Lonzo as a rookie will not be guarding the top scoring guards but KCPope will. Lonzo is a good off ball defender but not onball defender. In summer league, it's the reason Lonzo had 2 games with 5 steals or more and was averaging 2 blocks. That's defense. Some guards don't play on or off ball defense well but at least Lonzo plays off ball well.

  • 1.warriors 2.spurs 3.rockets 4.okc 5.wolves 6.blazers 7.pelicans 8.grizzlies Skip just hates chuck

  • Timberwolves in the 5th seed

  • Lakers>Timberwolves

  • Skip ride Lonzo harder then osn does.

  • Skip has The Sight

  • am i the only who got frustrated when eddie house kept on interrupting shannon sharpe -.- but anyways does skip actually think lakers are better then the wolves?

  • Is the "case of dew" code name for something else 😭😭

  • testing 1 2

  • #BossAngeles #Lakeshow

  • do a segment on Steph Curry mocking LeBron with Kyrie do anyone agree

  • 02:05 man I laughed so hard

  • they love the dew lol

  • What is Joy's role here? All she does is ask the initial question and then just smiles and makes faces.

  • Skip is just stupid.

  • Skip Bayless is like the Donald trump of sports

  • Western Conference 2017-18 1. Warriors 2. Rockets 3. Spurs 4. Timberwolves/Thunder 6. Pelicans 7. Clippers 8. Trailblazers/Nuggets/Grizzlies 11. Jazz 12. Lakers 13. Mavericks 14. Suns 15. Kings (Just an educated guess)

  • Skip is doing what he does best ( picking the WRONG team or individual) consistent and this is why they pay him the big bucks 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

  • Lakers over the Timberwolves? Is Skip sarcastic?

  • Lakers might just make it though!

  • If Lonzo was drafted by any other team Skip wouldn't talk about him for a minute. This is for ratings

  • Hmmm, well too bad he definitely won't

  • Win so many more games? Ummm the Portland Trail Blazers went 41-41 and made the 8th seed. The Lakers were 26-56. Portland won a whopping 15 more games than the Lakers last year. People act as if the Lakers were blown out of every game. Lakers lost 23 games by less than 10 points. Lakers aren't that far off from being in playoff contention. Memphis is on the decline. The Clippers are on the Decline. New Orleans is hit or miss. I don't see them being too much of threat. Jazz will be about the same. Denver are what they are. Laker can compete with those teams.

  • They'll be fun to watch.

  • WEST 1. Warriors 2. Spurs 3. Thunder 4. Rockets 5. Timberwolves 6. Blazers 7. Pelicans 8. Grizzlies 9. Jazz 10. Clippers 11. Nuggets 12. Lakers 13. Suns 14. Mavericks 15. Kings EAST 1. Celtics 2. Cavaliers 3. Raptors 4. Wizards 5. Bucks 6. Hawks 7. Hornets 8. 76ers 9. Heat 10. Pistons 11. Knicks 12. Pacers 13. Bulls 14. Magic 15. Nets

  • u forgot about jordan clarkson

  • Skip your psycho. The lakers wouldn't even be able to beat last years timberwolves just stop it💀💀

  • Sometimes I wonder how skip got this job

  • 6:08 when bae is flirting with your best friend

  • Fo Sho!!!

  • they do a hella of a make up job on skip

  • This show is kind of growing on me. I like Stephen A. better than either of these guys, but this is a good alternative for those who will not, under any circumstances, listen to Will Cain.

  • Lavar's boy about to lead the Lakers to the playoffs EASY! I'm a Kings fan, so you know I hate the Lakers.

  • I agree with a good bit of what Skip says, but this has to be the most ludicrous thing he has ever said. Transcendental? Really? Come on dude, wake up Skip. Get off your high and return to being objective.

  • Lebron, Jordan and many more have never led there team to the playoffs in there first season. Skip needs to stop blowing Lonzo ball off

  • Iv never seen such a overhyped player like lonzo all because of lavar

  • 1:35 "the wolves are much improved"

  • Skip is hoping for a 2016 Cowboy season type of turn around with Lonzo Ball. Is it possible? Yes. Likely? No.

  • this is skip bayless people.this is what he does constantly.He makes these outrageous predictions all the timeand they come through he says i told you so and when they dont he just gives ridiculous excuses

  • I'm a Lakers fan and Eddie House is right...Yes, we will see more of the showtime we've been missing, that doesn't change that fact not only is the west stacked, but the team doesn't have scorers like that even if Lonzo passes. Tired how everyone making it seem as though Brook Lopez is gonna go off like that...I'm ain't expect much but an 'ok' season from him.

  • funny how people think a rookie will change a losing team when lebron, curry and kd couldn't even do it. and lonzo aint better than any of them

  • The Timberwolves are gonna make it tf and Pelicans not the Nuggets what y'all talkin about

  • I think what Shannon is missing is how Ray Allen hit the greatest clutch sir of all time.

  • Skip has never been this wrong before lol

  • It's fricken summer league skip, who cares. The best player from the 2014 draft(Wiggins) didn't even play well in it. Darron Fox is way better, and so is Dennis smith

  • So cringe

  • Based on his track record of predictions about "transcendent players" I think you would want skip to think you're garbage lol

  • Lakers ain't making playoff till 2028

  • More likely Warriors miss playoffs than Lakers making them

  • 40-42

  • 1Warriors 2Spurs 3Rockets 4Thunder 5TWolves 6Portland 7Clippers 8Lakers (Or Denver)

  • Rafer Alston slapped this beige has been. Not taking him seriously.

  • Diehard laker fan. But they not making the playoff this year. Not yet anyway. Maybe two years.

  • Lmao Lonzo bout to make it to the 8th seed, just to get 4-0'd in his own court by the Warriors.

  • I'm riding with skip

  • I put them at 57 wins......2018,,, #nba2018lakers

  • skip in his head... think the lakers going to the 2018 nba finals... 79-80.... magic..... all over again

  • lakers 6 or 7 seat watch

  • skip how much stock u got in lakers?

  • Can't wait to see the 3BB hat "I told you so"

  • i been a Lakers fan but i hope lonzo can live up to this hype but we dont have the pieces yet to make the push

  • the lost tweets of skip Bayless tosh.0. haha skip has no clue what hes talking about

  • How did Lonzo win Summer League MVP? He shot 1/15 game 1, sat out game 2 and had a good game 3.

  • Shannon funny af saying he going to drink it on set 😂

  • I agree with Skip! Playoffs

  • Skip is right!

  • Need to fire shannon

  • what is skip smoking before the show...

  • I don't really have faith in the lakers making the playoffs. all though i think it'd be so funny if they actually did, coming back here seeing all the reactions would be priceless.


  • I think lakers gonna be on the 9th seed. Even with the son of the GOAT Lonzo ball and Kyle Kuzma starting.

  • who wants the lakers to make the playoffs just to prove these old geasers wrong?

  • I miss Barkley on Inside the Nba

  • go LAKERS 2018 eigth seed and beat those warriors :)

  • West is so stacked!

  • ahead of the rockets, spurs, warriors, thunder, clippers, grizzlies, timberwolves, and pelicans?! YEAH OKAY SKIP! they might not even beat the blazers, jazz, or nuggets

  • I love the lakers but eddies right they win just 10 more games

  • I'm a Lakers fan but no I don't see it.