When I Get Older

Publicado em 17 Out 2018
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  • We could make a religion out of this!

  • Goddamn can you sign your crusader helmet and send it to me please


  • what did I eat?

  • one day i’ll be older than you then i’ll beat you up

  • in merica you sing song. in bill wutz song sings you

  • If bill wurtz did a song with jack stauber my dreams would come true

  • IF you work in an environment with no piped-in muzak, sing Bill's songs. It gets me through.

  • when I hear music I get excited tat me :D

  • Its only been a few months but nostalgia is hitting me *H A R D*

    • This song is very nostalgic, gives me good memories of the past

  • Your music and videos are beyond fantastic :D

  • 1:23 swaggersouls face reveal

  • Is he high? Am I high?

  • his dances throughout remind me of david byrne in the best way

  • I want this guy to be in a commercial about car insurance

  • 2:33 *"And I don't quite know what it means."* Ah-HA! I _knew_ you'd slip the truth eventually! _Even you_ don't know what your videos mean!

  • Is he referring to swaggersouls there?

  • Love ur traditional grip

  • You can make an religion out of this

  • The poem about rain is literally clouds then a cascade of rain and then the ground in a puddle !!!! * brain goes kabluey!*

  • He's cute

  • I think you forgot something in your poem: Clouds Clouds Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain umbrella Rain Rain bill wurtz [[[Ground]]]

  • Ok I just got it (ball & stick that is)

  • Is Bill @swaggersouls?

  • first video to greet 2019

  • I want to befriend with you,Bill

  • you're so amazing, I love your videos I can't believe I'm just finding you today

  • Hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

  • When I get to be a oder

  • *drum is shoe*

  • He has the second most calming voice I've ever heard😁💛

  • This one is oddly very very motivating

  • I dont like toto

  • I can't not smile watching/hearing this.

  • Where does he get his inspiration to make these songs?

  • He sings into a mic properly but not plugged in but when plugged in he sings into it backwards

  • Love this guy 💙

  • here's a poem about rain.....DOWN IN AFRICA

  • Bill Wurtz is secular gospel. Hope without meaning. The best.

  • I think hes a time traveler

  • Google translate?

  • He makes me want to write songs about anything lmfao

  • Most underrated song

  • Bill Wurtz, you are a totally inspiration.

  • Bill. Can you get a new camera and new equipment s and edits?

  • I like how he doesn't put "hey guys, thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe, here's more about my channel" at the end

  • bill, you don't have to be older to be older, do watcha want my home brethren

  • Not nostalgic enough. *puts on 144p*

  • but he is already lifting up most of the world

  • I dont know if these vids are outcries by a depressed human or im just overthinking it

  • 1:44 mERCH???????

  • Your awesomeness reached over 9000.

  • "and im faced with so many changes, that i just might change my face." - bill wurtz 2k18

  • bill's tie tying method gives me life

  • He should make "All of WW2, I guess"

  • (((The Ground)))

  • He needs to be in the next BR-tv rewind

  • This one is my favorite. . . Yeah I know I said the same about the other one. Shut up.

  • The part about rain and fame is such a beautiful melody. Thanks, Bill for inspiring me to make music and to love my own style not trying to be anything else.

  • 1:10 I bless the rains down on Bill Wurtz

  • Ur songs make me feel like I'm on an acid trip and I dig it


  • idk why so many people like this (including myself) but its fckin genius

  • man this one got me almost crying of pleasure

  • When I get older I will be stronger They'll call me freedom Just like a waving flag

  • bill you should make music for retro style games you deserve that kind of job

  • 比比牛比

  • this nigga cray

  • When i get older im gonna get closer to death

  • Release an album kthnx

  • 1:50 merch?

  • He recorded at different speeds then matched them up to the audio holy that takes a ton of work man

  • I've listened to this song so many goddamn times this week, i can't stop

  • Do more history videos

  • Bill never ceases to amaze me with his editing skills. This one's super involved o.o

  • How much acid are you on?

  • (clouds (Clouds) Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain ((the ground))

  • woah ur name is actually bill

  • 0:58 happens everytime when i draw at paper

  • ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • 1:43 **drives over car** mAKeS sEnSe

  • In soviet russia, bill wurtz watches you..

  • Why isnt this guy on the radio yet

  • 0.55 oh my god it’s proof that he has made all memes

  • When i get older, I'm dead

  • Bill Wurtz=Logan Paul

  • N o t t h e b a b y s h o o s

  • Wow, I think this song is inspirational for creative folk. Keep going you can do it!

  • Wait... Peter Knetter

  • I wonder how much spare footage bill ends up with of him just doing random crap to his music. Director's cut plz

  • U sir.

  • Do I spot a jojo reference

  • wait was he lip syncing in slow motion while jumping around and then sped it up and then lip synced faster while tossing a ball up and slowed it down thats insanr

  • What drugs?


  • This is the new mr.bungle

  • i zoned out during the video and entered a parallel universe i guess. good video.

  • This song is super heartwarming for some reason.

  • I think i'd like to hear Louis Cole and Bill Wurtz do a duo project!

  • slaps