When I Get Older

Publicado em 17 Out 2018
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  • Your journey upwards makes me happy and I hope you continue striving for more.

  • 2:02 I cannot unsee it. I wonder if there’s gonna be fan art of this.

  • When i get younger **I'M GONNA BE A LIAR**

  • Why isn't this a meme

  • owowowo

  • Can we get a RIP for bill's baby shoes

  • 1 million views yey

  • “And the music cured my disease” Depression?

  • seriously I think that behind all weird and apparently nonsensical lyrics of these songs, there's always a deep meaning about music, self, and life and a bunch of other things. love seeing how each person has a unique interpretation of the lyrics. the simple yet intricate videos always bring me so much joy! bill is such a unique and peculiar artist and i find that wonderful ! :D

  • Bill is a famous musician from the year 2789, he came back to the past and he says beautiful poetic things through metaphors that we cant understand yet

  • Help, somebody, please, I think I like this and I don't know if that's ok.

  • bass riff near the end is legendary

  • songs expand reality

  • Is that swagger souls

  • i love it when bill wurtz uploads

  • this the kinda channel that dont need to make sense to gain subs. it just needs to _exist_

  • clouds clouds rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain [[[the ground]]]

  • I wonder if there's an underlying story maybe?

  • I don't know why but bill wurtz is like musical Bill Nye to me

  • This is calming

  • I’m definitely lost in youtube

  • Nice poem!

  • After working hard all day, this video relax me a bit

  • I have no idea what your videos are about but I watch them anyway 😮

  • Short opinion/analysis: In this song, I think bill is singing about how he wants to be able to change the world in teh future and make it better than it has ever been, hence the line "higher than it's been before". I also think that he talks about how he wants to be different, but that he'd rather change himself on the inside, rather than apperance.

  • Bill Wurtz manages to fit so many meaningful quotes into one song. For example: (Add quotes in the reply)

  • This song understands me

  • You're like 2006 BR-tv in 2018 and that's one of the biggest compliments I can give you.

  • i wanna know if there are drugs involved or if this is just how his mind works JSJSJJSJS

  • Wow. The editing in this is interesting 😅 I love it

  • owowoowoowowowowowoow

  • You are a being of light.

  • Best poetry ever 0:56

  • *after all these years I just noticed thathe looks like jim halpert*

  • *drum is shoe*

  • This was the longest 3 minutes of my entire life.

  • I think he didnt move from old youtube

  • In Soviet Union, song sing you

  • Idk why but i love this. I wish i heard this when i was a kid. It probably would have been my favorite song of all time

  • ɪ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ᴀ ᴘʟᴀɴᴛ.

  • Who else keeps coming back because the tones are so nice

  • Make rap remix it will be lowkey fire


  • You hav talent dude

  • im listening to this song while doing homework

  • And it’s getting closer together

  • I Kinda really hope that they have Bill on BR-tv rewind this year just because I feel like it be really cool

  • 1:23 bill wurtz is swagger souls confirmed

  • "What kind of music do you listen to?" You ever heard of Bill Wurtz? Great music style, love it, can't go without you, you should listen to it. "But what kind of genre is it?" It's Bill Wurtz.

  • Why do I want to meet him so bad.

  • This is guys is like a BR-tv version of Phil Collins.

  • I don't know what he smokes when he makes these videos but everyone should get some

  • Yo dude not gonna lie this is very deep

  • Bill's enlightening poem about rain: clouds clouds rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain {{{{ the ground }}}}

  • OMG i didnt know you had merch!

  • Bills dreams are probably wilder than this song

  • Not exactly “when I’m sixty four” but okay

  • So when is this song hitting #1 on every chart

  • STOP RIGHT THERE!- Anti Vaccine Mom

  • His music gives me a lot of strength. He's able to put feelings in wonderful metaphors.

  • Here's a poem about fame: owowowowo

  • bill wurtz has bad luck


  • 2:33 - 2:55 accurate description of every Bill Wurtz song.

  • Hes so qdorable

  • 1:33- 1:35 swaggersouls face reveal

  • What a sex icon


  • Jesus??

  • bill please get on pandora i listen to you all the time and the positive vibes actually help me out youre better than youtube

  • Truly a masterpiece thank you bill appreciate your being

  • They threw away his baby shoes and thats sad

  • This music cured my disease

  • I feel like this song has some deeper meaning

  • bill wurtz is actually jack black, has anybody else figured this out?

  • YES

  • You shouldn't have thanked me in the end, I'm just another user in the vast sea of the internet

  • When I watch his videos if feels like I’m on LSD

  • I've had this stuck in my head for two weeks

  • This music cured my diseases

  • Anyone else feel like this is pewdiepie's rejected brother?? Catchy song tho

  • I'd love to just spend a day with Bill 😍🥰😜

  • Bill's music always makes me happy.

  • is there something you cant do

  • I'm gonna... umm... clean fishes

  • what if you never get older?

  • This reminds me of that olympics song

  • as a representatieve and part of the whole entire world, i gotta say, special thanks to you too Bill Wurtz.

  • Here's the lyrics btw. [Verse 1] When I get older I'm gonna be stronger So I can lift up the whole entire world I'm gonna hold it And lift it higher Higher than it's been before [Verse 2] When I hear music I get excited I'm gonna sing songs to the whole entire world And when the whole world sings to the music That's when I'll know it worked [Bridge 1] But my friends say I'm still a baby Then they threw away my baby shoes Well, excuse me, I'm going sailing Into the ocean blue [Verse 3] When I get older I'm gonna be wilder And write poetry in my spare time And I'll use some very interesting metaphors And then post my poems online [Bridge 2] Here's a poem about rain And the water droplets that it creates And I wonder if you feel it this way And I wonder if it seems okay Here's a poem about fame And the strange things famous people say And the strange world that hears them say it Almost every single day [Verse 4] When I get older I'm gonna drive slowly 'Til I get to all the places I'm going And when I get there I'm gonna drive backwards 'Til we get home again [Bridge 3] And I'm faced with so many changes That I just might change my face But face paint seems a bit tenacious So I just might paint my brain [Verse 5] When I get younger I'm gonna be a liar I'll be lying about being so young Then when I'm older I'll be more truthful And then lie about singing this song [Bridge 4] Then the song will sing me And the song won't sing it for free And I don't quite know what it means And it feels like the song knows me Then I'm hearing it in my dreams And each dream seems pretty sweet And the music cured my disease Then the song's complete [Verse 6] When I get older I'm gonna be stronger So I can lift up the whole entire world I'm gonna hold it And lift it higher Then I'll lift it more

  • what a multitalented guy.

  • thanks bill i needed this, i’m going through a difficult time right now you’re a good person

  • You’re actually a beast on the bass my man

  • I still enjoy him singing into the back end of the mic.

  • I’m worried about his mental state

  • When did you come up with this Bill? Seems like you succeeded.

  • weird flex but ok

  • a clacking can be heard

  • That offer still stands for those ducks, bill 😂

  • Your poem about rain reminds me of the epic three-part series ].

  • "So he wants to become a god?" -Me when he said he was gonna hold the world