When This Cop Went Undercover In A Wheelchair To Catch Thieves, What He Witnessed Left Him In Tears

Publicado em 9 Jul 2018
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When Staff Sergeant Mark Horsley went deep undercover in Vancouver, he hoped that the operation would lead to arrests. What he wasn’t expecting, though, was a result that would change the way he looked at people forever.
The sting operation came following a series of robberies and attacks on members of the disabled community. People were being beaten up and mugged as they sat in their wheelchairs, unable to escape from their heartless assailants.
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And the incidents grew in number as the months rolled by, with increasingly severe crimes also recorded. At the time that Staff Sergeant Horsley went undercover, in fact, there had already been 28 offenses in a little over a year. During those, one victim had been sexually assaulted, while six more had needed medical treatment. So the police knew that something had to be done.
As a result, Staff Sergeant Horsley decided it was time to take to the streets. He came up with a plan in which he would pose as a disabled man in a wheelchair on the streets of Vancouver’s notorious Downtown Eastside district.

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  • People.must know it is a set up and not falling for it... sadly any wheel chair that has been victimised wont see justice soon

  • Poooooooooooooooooooooooop

  • I hate jail bait that target the weak sick young and old I think jail bait that hurt kill or said people need to be stomped to a bloody gue on the side walk

  • 4:23 nipslip

  • This touched me. I am a disabled person, and knowing there are good people out there, always feels good to me.

  • Never get y people don't like stuff like this have a Hart man

  • another made up story

  • While most thieves are petty, true thieves even hold up moral standards and good faith better than some "normal" people.

  • So the story of disabled people being robbed was a lie

  • Very cute. But did the crimes stop happening? I can walk around in my city at night for a year, if I’m lucky, nothing will happen. It is still one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

  • That cop most have bein so annoyed

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  • Send him to America and put him in a black neighborhood. I kinda feel the results would be slightly different..

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  • These vids are so boring

  • Gee I hope they don’t do something about it 😳😜.

  • 🤣 the police called it a failure, because this is a loving community?. 🤣.

  • 😎 yup thats we the -people. we rock 👍😎❤️

  • The least they could have done was donate the $24 to charity

  • When humans don't think anyone's watching you see how the disabled are really treated!

  • Now come to detroit and try that, p.s. wear a bullet proof vest

  • If he wouldn't of been so flashy with the large amount of money, and asked if people had change for a larger bill, and trying to hide, but "accidentally" letting people see his large pill of money he might of got robbed, ppl aren't dumb, unless they are dumb or junkies who just don't care because they need a fix. Plus all cops have a certain smell to them, almost like a military smell.

  • Wow~ I wasn't expecting a happy story. What a delightful surprise!

  • With his beard maybe every criminal recognized him through his disguise

  • That's not how mafia works

  • 1:38 bro are you kidding... he looks like a fuckin cop XD, it's way to obvious even to me. I bet the real scum were getting alot of laughs outta that one. nah but for real, attacking and even just robbing disabled folk is one of the lowest pos things you could do. Someone finds you out behind bars then your gonna learn that's for dam sure, you'll get your own wheelchair then.

  • Any English people watching this, stop laughing at "fanny bag" LOL

  • B4 seein this im laughing 😂😂😂😂 Thank God for the best report ever!

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  • I insist Chow is an asshat! What a douchbag fo those public statements.

  • how many chanels does this guy has lol? so far have seen 3.

  • Isn’t this entrapment?🤨

  • They all knew he was a cop. he was moving too many organs and apendages to be *disabled*

  • Plot twist : he was the attacker they were after...

  • Lol everyone knew he was a cop. I remeber this was the talk of the neighborhood

  • I see alot of funny cowards with commets neitherless are the same Sneak thieves praying on the weak. I honestly wish to see that so I can get Bayard Gets and say the reason I stopped firing is because I ran out of fucken bullets .

  • Your voice and information are not for me. Thank You Good Luck

  • In 2018 they have a thing called VIDEO

  • I wish American cops would watch this.

  • I don't believe this story.

  • Wrong hood

  • why don't they stop baiting low income neighborhood's and start baiting in rich neighborhood's?

  • he's disappointed? smh

  • No video??

  • You went to a poor neighborhood around lowlifes and found caring people. Try going to the rich and see how most will rob you blind & leave you crippled. They place bait trucks around our poor black communities & kids. Like predators! Targeting us! Most are first time young offenders. Just kids. This is so wrong and hurtful. The police was never created to help us. Even the stupid dogs that hunted down slaves. How can people live with themselves?

  • Hi I have talk to criminals(specially theft) before they said they dont steal on the same level/poor and most of them says if they just have enough they wouldn't do what they do but for the passionate police, i salute you.

  • Sorry I can't even watch a video only showing photos...

  • This is how to convert bad luck into good luck.

  • you know you really can smell pork...

  • Joe swanson in family guy...now i know his function in police

  • Who Gives a Fuck

  • They probably knew he was an undercover!

  • Cuz he was in canada what do u expect them to do

  • Wow. I'm from St. Louis, MO. That wheelchair would be stolen to be used as a prop to get handouts! People here are seriously messed up. All races, all neighborhoods.

  • Reason is because when you are in the hood the good takes care of you

  • This article sounds to me like there are very few who would commit this type of crime. That means that if you catch even one, you would make a big difference. one person or one group responsible for nearly all these types of crimes.

  • Only in Canada?

  • Looking forward to my first disguise and hoveround! `Retirement! LOL

  • Did no one notice that the squad is 1/3 Asian?

  • CANADA The greatest people in the world. If you did that any where else in a large city you would be mugged. Sign: proud Canadian.

  • u can smell pork a mile a way

  • Praise God 🙏🙏🙏

  • Great story 👍

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  • wheelchair bound is not enough you have to look unable to defend your self then you would get some arrests done and not just helpful people coming to you in the pictures you look able to defend your self to easy to see it was a sting and by the way you were acting disabled would not past the test of a criminal.

  • So the people in wheelchairs are liars?

  • Hope he gave the money back

  • This police was looking for something to do. We were paying for him to deserve us to think that is disable

  • Bull shit alert

  • this was a wonderful story

  • Try that in Melbourne Australia they will take your wheelchair and leave you there

  • Awe

  • It is just common sense to understand that his cover has been blown. Instead of feeling sorry or disappointed he should check if he has a leak. These so called notorious crooks suddenly becoming good Samaritans is evident enough that his operation is known to them well in advance.

  • It is called ENTRAPMENT BY PRICKS pity someone would have clubbed him over the head with something really big and hard -------Surprised the police didn't arrest him for loitering.

  • When the guy asked if he could prey for his health the cop should have got up and walked just to mess with his head :)

  • I haven't watched it yet but I have started thinking about the police man in the wheel chair from family guy lol

  • Everyone, even robbers who have taken people's stuff, helped him, because he was "disabled" that's so nice

  • I've been to Vancouver, B.C. Yes it's true, even the "bad" guys are nicer than the bad guys in the U.S.A.

  • The 'sting' should have been called "Operation entrapment"

  • thieves can smell a cop from a mile away

  • Go to Detroit?

  • If this was in England I'm pretty sure he would get done for entrapment

  • So the guy took money from wellwishing public... isn't that fraud?

  • Should’ve made him black nobody will mess with him

  • Go 2end its all blahs

  • People: very nice to him Him: I am very disappointed in you guys

  • This guys stuff is all the same.just a bunch a pictures with a story being told......yawn

  • Dude even criminals helping him that’s just next level

  • So then why were so many people getting robbed? Lol...

  • The footage would have been more interesting that you talking over pics.

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  • $24 dollars ahead? How much was the cost of having all the officers on duty being paid salary and every other expense when it comes to these operations...

  • The Republicans rob the disabled here is the U.S everyday. No code for those thieves.

    • How do they do that ?? Get a job loser!!