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Whitlock on the Lakers: This team is built to get Luke Walton fired | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Publicado em 10 Jul 2018
Jason Whitlock, JIm Jackson, Jason McIntyre and Colin Cowherd talk Los Angles Lakers, LeBron James, Luke Walton and Carmelo Anthony.
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About Speak for Yourself:
Speak for Yourself is a one-hour sports debate show starring Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock and Jason McIntyre on FS1. Every day, Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock will debate the day’s hottest topics in sports and offer their unfiltered takes and some outrageous opinions from Jason McIntyre.


  • "WTF" is Fat Albert talking about now ?.He look's stupid, talk's stupid and is stupid. "Hey,Hey,Hey.

  • Your so fat and stupid Lavar had you pegged

  • I love whitlock's reality comments. he just needs to get real when it comes to the fake goat tommy

  • Wow Whitlock was right

  • Whitlock was right!!!

  • No rondo didn’t play Lillard to a stand still. Jrue Holiday was the big reason defensively against Lillard.

  • Fire walton pls ..!

  • lol the amount of hate fatlock gets back for being so negative is unreal, comments killing me

  • thy r asking too much of James, but he signed on them. he gon have to wait.l. a. hyped up thy players rep, thy ain't no good.period.

  • Ty Lue will be the Laker's coach.........

  • Everything he said is totally false ... i don’t like this sambo💯💯

  • Pg Rondo Hart Sg Ball Pope Sf Ingram LANCE Pf LEBRON. Beasley C Kuzma. Mcgee

  • i HATE this FAT black man. He & skip always hate Lebron, WHY ????? Very negative about the Best player to play his gams. They , both should be truth to the way GREAT player like Lebron to play the games anytime he steps on the court.

  • Yeap!!!!!!

  • Oh, please. Whitlock has no of foresight. How does one get a Rodman type player to behave. Surround them with accomplished leaders that they can follow. Lebron and Magic are very accomblished like Phil Jackson and Jordan were.

  • That fat dude is just a pure hater.

  • I’d love to see Colin turn Down 1 million let alone 10s or millions

  • Whitlock is such a negative nancy

  • this guy knows nothing how is this team built to get Luke fire when Bron played with middle schoolers last year and got to the finals SMH!

  • fat fool

  • I'm a Warriors fan so you may think I'm bias but.....LaBron is a coach, Rondo tries to be a coach and doesn't get along with coaches, Lance and Michael Beasley are trouble makers, and don't forget Lavar Ball and his , uh, tendencies. Luke Walton is on the phone right now asking Steve Kerr can he come back. This locker room will make a reality show.

  • Why this FAT Black Man think so negative on the Lakers. Wait & See that Fat Man.

  • Are we really just gonna forget the fact tht Boston made it to the playoffs without two of there star players with a Jason who's only getting better ?

  • If he aint talking about twinkies, whitlock is wrong

  • I actually agree with this fat Sambo

  • Cowherd is a tool 😜 anyone else find him a little douchie?

  • Magics signing all the misfit players not Luke if anything Luke s probably the best personality for these guys

  • Witlock talks out of line quite a bit so is it for ratings cause he talks stupid way more than smart on the show

  • I only came here to see the comments on whitlock 👍

  • I believe in Luke... Let's go...

  • What I see here is the Lakers are trying to build a team of tough minded players, and more physical players. Rondo will be a huge factor this season, he has a great lineup suited for his playstyle. He will def make everyone better as well as take Lebron off the ball. I don't care what anyone thinks of Rondo he is still the best pure pass first pg in the game right now.

  • Come on Colin, Its easier to take a pay cut when ur winning championships, LOL...KD DID NOT DO ANYTHING THAT ANY OTHER PLAYER WOULD NOT DO GIVEN THE CIRCUMSTANCES.

  • I can't believe retired players let Whitlock just bump his gums about the game. When was he dropping 20 points? Maybe his expertise is elsewhere idk.

  • Hire Mark Jackson !!!

  • Lakers 8th seed and play GSW in the first round and go fishing.

  • He was mold in Chaos

  • F.A.C.T.S

  • They talk about cp being hurt alot but I can not recall them saying anything about Kawhi being hurt almost every season

  • Didn't rondo shot 46 percent last year and 33 from 3 I mean that's not that bad is it

  • Everyone Waiting for Brandon Ingram to have a break out year Good luck on that lol 😂

  • ESPN should Fire the Fat GUY!

  • Whoever wrote FATlock below is a legend.

  • Collins the biggest lebron nit hugger he lives in chaos he’s been playing with star players and hand picked players since his Miami days...and this is coming from a lebron fan


  • whitlock has a point but he loses ppl when he goes overboard. i love defense it creates great offense

  • shut up whale

  • Who the F is whitlock what an idiot !

  • I can't believe it. I'm agreeing with coonlock more and more

  • Whitlock doesn't believe 99% of the things he says

  • Shut up snorlax


  • Houston would have been better signing Tony Parker, Ariza, Capella, and have money left over for another player.

  • LABron can shoot. And everyone else can create their own shots. LABron is trying to play off ball this year. LABron is basically about to adopt Kevin Durants Offensive srategy.

  • Whitlock is not crazy. Luke was not Magic Pelinka’s choice, has Mitch Buss’ choice. Ingram is the only player left from the old regime. The Lakers cannot shoot, they will be fast but only if they make shots. See the conundrum? Luke is as good as gone.

  • Pops contract is up in two . They need pops

  • Ahh to win Championships

  • They going to get kawhi and pop

  • They got to win

  • Jason Whitelock sucks

  • Lakers are going at this rebuilding period all wrong, go young.

  • This is not the East. LBJ needs shooters and this season will be a trainwreck. I don't think the Lakers make the playoffs.

  • Wtf is this pig talking about.

  • Didn't Rondo hate Allen for playing with James?

  • Whitlock statement is so stupid. Make sure you roast this mental midget when this blows up in his face

  • This guy said the warriors are young in key positions when kd/curry are older than harden

  • So tired of whitlock and colin cash grab quotes. I know casuals who know more basketball

  • I love Whitlock ...makes me laugh...he’s right though

  • Whitlock on point...again!

  • next year they get khawi then greg povitch retire from coaching to come back the following year two coach lebron and khawi with another allstar to make a tittle run.

  • Wtf ,Stop saying lebron is the biggest spotlight in the history of Sports, The Goat Michael Jordan has that ,period,, Hate these Dck Riders,,

  • ...isn't this fatfuck burning something in the oven?

  • We will see how good they can be.

  • Golden State fake dynasty was based on the Cleveland players getting injured Chris Paul always lame, this last finals rigged by the referees , and the league to force LeBron to a larger market , for branding purposes ,just like most pro sports, they are no different than the W W E ,they use to try to pretend it was real, but now they just turned everything into a Walt Disney cartoon, to sell merchandise

  • Coach Lebron

  • Im here for thr fatlocks jokes 😂😂

  • Lebron wanted Mark Jackson and I hope he gets him cuz Mark Jackson on commentary is annoying af.

  • Fatlock Haterlock

  • Fatlock 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • "Signing Carmelo as a solution"? (@6:23); Ha, ha, ha, ha! Whitlock, you're funny. But, it's true; Losing those two players, in order to give the oft injured Chris Paul the maximum deal, has made this past season, that organization's only golden one.

  • Jim Jackson was a straight Baller, baby!

  • Whitlock is rubbish at this job.

  • ShitLocked got some good points though

  • Here comes 'PHIL JACKSON' Phil Will Be The Lakers HC! Luke Walton is a Good Solid NBA Coach But cannot Coach This Lamborghini Called The Lakers!

  • lakers team sucsess next year is just a big questionmark ! i wonder why people act overexited. there are not enough shooters ..there is no chemistry ...there is lavar ...there is lonzos up and downs...there are difficult personalitys...betting on the lakers is just more then stupid

  • Whitlock is fake news

  • Hey, guys, you concentrate too much on the new signings you've totally forgotten Kuzma, Ingram and Ball, not even mentioning Josh Hart, c'mon, guys!

  • Whitlock never says anything good about the Lakers he’s a dead hater

  • Lmao. Fake Stephen A. Smith. You two are the worse.

  • Luke Walton was a big part of that 73 win season the warriors had before Durant. i doubt he'll get fired. He's a good coach.

  • its amazing how these guys make up stories as they go along based on a bunch of nonsense to stay relevant throughout the summer until nfl season... these shows arent about sports, its about creating drama to get attention then talk about the drama they created. they are suppose to report on facts but 99% of the time its speculation

  • Wow yall got allot of hate in there....

  • Whitlock was a god in this one 😂

  • Exactly

  • Stephen A Smith also said the same thing.

  • He’s right... point guards and coaches have a tough time with lebron.. it doesn’t really matter but still

  • LeBron ain't Kobe. And, he ain't in the Laker front office just yet. No LeBron lap dog coach, PLEASE.

    • ya gotta remember that the Lakers lost their starting center AND power forward to get LeBron... and a bag of chips at center. They may Not be a whole lot better!

  • Whitlock is always right, the same cucks that knock his weight can’t debate so they go for insults. Lebron is trash as a leader and his ball suckers can’t handle it.

  • ROCKETS: CLINT, HARDEN, CP3. OKC: ADAMS, PG, WESTBROOK Jazz: Mitchell (Real ROY), GORBET (DPOY) Colin dumb af.

  • Walton knows the warriors better than anyone.

  • Jason Whitlock, that has to be the most stupid, unfounded fantasy conspiracy theory.. mans this we love in a soap opera 🤯