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Who had more help in their career: LeBron James or Michael Jordan? | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Publicado em 8 Mai 2018
Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe talk NBA. Hear their thoughts on LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Which star had more help?
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Who had more help in their career: LeBron James or Michael Jordan? | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  • Will LeBron lead the Cavs to the finals?

    • Lerbon had more help. Since going to Miami he's played with 5 hall of famers. Wade bosh Allen kyrie love. No excuses either because Lebron is picking his teammates.

    • Skip, Scottie Pippen made MVP in the ALL STAR game in 94 you idiot!!!!!He was also in the running for League MVP that same year!That was the year AFTER MJ retired the first time!!!!

    • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED rodmans stats were the same as bosh. N ray allen was the factor.

  • Lebron had more help kyrie wade bosh love they always trying to downplay and act like lebron anit have help 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Is it fair to say that Jordan is also better than Lebron because he knows the value of his teamate and choose to stick with them?

  • Lol Skip is just making excuses not giving out the full context why Scottie wasn’t an all star that year🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Shannon you trippn

  • I grew up in the 90's I watched every Bulls game on WGN and NBC. In my opinion Scottie Pippen is the most overrated player in the history of the game.

  • Lebron had the help of a much weaker era.


  • Lebron played with 6 all stars, Jordan 1. Shut up sharp.

  • Shannon Logic and arguments are just so stupid, lame and pathetic just to bring the fraud over MJ

  • MJ is better and always will be better. Get over it.

  • Larry Hughes was a steals leader

  • They are having the wrong conversation. MJ is overrated. He won 0 championships without Pippen. Plus Pippen is a top 50 player (at least).

  • Shannon was dodging that question the whole time. Michael Jordan had Scottie and Dennis Rodman Lebron had Dwade, Bosh, Ray Allen, Kyrie, Love who was a rebound specialist so him and Rodman cancel each other out, so that leads Jordan with Scottie and Lebron with everybody else

  • Shannon reaching

  • Did wade win a ring and a finals mvp without lebron ?

  • Thank you Skip, not even an argument. Shannon tries to rearrange everything to Lebron's favor. I can't believe players he was trying to bring up. And it was about All-Stars which Shannon brought

  • Lebron has had times in his career where he has had less talent than Jordan but there has also been multiple periods of time in which he has had far more talent then Jordan. Pippen was a fantastic player but Lebron had two nasty scorers in Wade and Bosh. Rodman was a good defensive player but he wasn't better than Bosh in his prime. I will give Lebron credit by saying the main reason his record in the finals is so bad is due to injuries of his teammates and the formation of the GSW Super Team. If luck was on his side, he would probably have more rings but Lebron was fortunate to have won 3 rings in the first place as 2016 and 2013 were both decided by extremely close situations. Lebron has had more help than Jordan but I think he has played against more stacked teams. Jordan wasn't playing against scrubs though and he played incredibly considering he had far less talent outside of Pippen and Rodman who wasn't in his prime with the Bulls. Both players have had role players step up at times but I have to give Jordan credit for winning more in an era of basketball in which size and strength was far more important than now. Being 6-0 in the Finals and not ever going to a 7th Game is pretty legendary. Lebron is probably the 2nd best player of all-time but it's a combo of not winning when he has had the opportunity and injuries at horrible times that have prevented him from having more championships. I do think the creation of the Warriors has stunted his ring count as well. I think if Lebron can defeat these Warriors (even if Boogie leaves) in a NBA Finals in a best of 7 series, he can be considered the best to ever play. Until then, I still think MJ was the stronger individual player on overall slightly weaker rosters.

    • or if he beats them in the West and goes on to win the NBA Finals

  • Lebron Great? I never saw any greats that makes more flops and excuses than this clown queen. Just so soft, lame, stat padding and pathetically delusional seeing himself as the “GOAT“ probably got to high in steroids hahaha

  • We, know the answer 😏

  • This dude Shannon said Lebron hasn’t played with an all star teammate for 10 year like Jordan but he has been playing with various all star teammates for 10 years 🤔

  • Didnt oakley get those accolades while on the knicks? Lol

  • someone tell me how first year LB Irving and Love was not favorite vs Curry Thomson Green?

  • in 2010-2011 season dwade tied lebron in ppg at 24.8 and averaged more blocks and steals then lebron. and the playoff run dwade led lebron in points blocks fg% stop lyin bruh

  • How are people dumb to think jordan had more help. U do knoe that luc longley, steve kerr, paxon and all those "great" players were castaways that if it wasnt for bulls they wouldnt exist in the nba. Lebron had wade, bosh, allen, kyrie and k love, all stars and superstars with lebron. Debate is over

  • 3-6. A GOAT never has a losing record in the finals or in championship rounds. Devate was even over when he lost in 2011 so why are people debating it, its been over for 8 years now.

  • Every time Skip smirks and says "I don't know", I lose my grip on humanity. This man causes even the most rational of people to become insane over the notion that they may be subjected to even one second more of his meandering, nonsensical utterances.

  • Is Skip still saying that the shot that Lebron MADE isn't good for some reason?????

  • shannon sharp is an idiot, LB had wade and bosh when they were still the top 10 players in the league, both still all stars at the prime. he also had love and irving, who are going to argue they anit any better than anyone on MJ team other than pippen?

  • Shannon u keep hollering about scottie name another person stats on that bulls team!!

  • LeBron missed his first 2 playoffs come on Shannon u acting like Bron ain't miss a playoffs!!

  • LeBron=Shaq,Wade,Bosh,Ray allen, Kyrie, Love,ilgaskus,

  • "Gotta give it some context now..." 😁😁😁😁

  • So who’s better Dwayne Wade or Scottie Pippen? Chris Bosh or Dennis Rodman? Ray Allen or Steve Kerr? BJ Armstrong or Kyrie Irving? Kevin Love or Horace Grant? Is this really a discussion?

  • Scottie Pippen is in the top 3 defenders ever, with Gary Payton and Dennis Rodman, in no particular order.

  • Scottie Pippen was the MVP candidate and made the All-Star team and was the MVP of that game the first time Jordan retired. so skip is wrong.

  • Shannon is right though, how can Scottie Pippen go to an All-Star game with Michael Jordan she wasn't even in the league yet? So that doesn't even count. so Shannon's right 7 of those 10 years Scottie played with Michael he was an All-Star.

  • Okay I don't think at the end of the day, after everyone is retired, that Rodman and even perhaps Pippen will be considered greater than Kyrie or D Wayde.

  • Skip is 10000% right!!

  • Skip:”Michael gave birth to Scottie”.

  • Jordan also played against many great players.

  • all start team this all start team that shu up skip thats all hw knows its actually sad

  • skip is so annoying damn im tilted

  • the blonde only argument is he didnt make the all star team i swear he sounds like a little kid who has nothing else to say and is repeating the one argument

  • LeBron had more all stars/talent, MJ had the best players that suited him. How Rodman, Pippen, and all those great defenders fit with MJ so well, LeBron has never had. Pair LeBron with Klay, and three other 3-D players and he wins the finals. Best realistic lineup for LeBron would be PG: LeBron SG: Klay SF: Butler PF: Jeramy Grant C: Basically any center that can get boards.

  • First of all Mj's best player was Scottie who was a rookie when he came to the bulls he was not a all star or a superstar yet. The rest of the team was a good supporting cast no all stars or superstars.. LeBron wen to Miami to join up with Dwade(top 5 shooting guards of all all start..a superstar..and a champion and finals mvp).. Bosh who was a bonified all star and very damn good playing and one of the best power forwards in the league at that time (Check his stats). Those 2 alone was more than Mj ever had. No let's get to Ray Allen the best shooter the game has even seen til Curry came.. Kyrie Irvin the best handler the game has ever of the most clutch players ever..Then there Kevin Love who was putting up monster numbers in Minnesota...My fingers are tired typing about the help LeBron had. Not taking anything away from him I have him in my top 3 but he definitely had more help than Mj. Now if we were talking coahing then that's a different story!

  • The reason the cavs are in the lottery without LeBron is because dan Gilbert

  • A lot of Jordan’s teammates where role players tbh

  • Shannon doesn't understand math

  • Agent 0

  • Lebron had kyrie wade shaq bosh ray Allen Kevin love Larry Hughes I can keep going

  • Lebron

  • Shannon is a bronsexual 100%. Shannon only has pippen to go off on 😂 LeBron had love wade kyrie bosh etc

  • Prior to leaving to LA LeBron wouldn't go anywhere without a huge group of help. Wade and Bosh in Miami, Kyrie and Love in Cleveland. LeBron has had way more help than MJ.

  • Lebron on the heat had Wade, Bosh, and Allen. Lebron on the Cavs had love and Kyrie. Micheal jordan just had pippen. Shouldn’t even be a debate.

    • How many all stars did lebron have on his team when he took them to the finals this year?

  • shannon u so dumb

  • Lbj clearly have had more help and still Mj 6 from 6. Enough said!

  • The Bulls without Jordan in 94 won 55 games and made the 2nd round of the playoffs. The Cavs after Lebron left in 2011 won 19 games, and the Heat after he left in 2015 won 37 games.

  • This entire conversation is: “Here is a fact” “But what do you think about this fact?” “Sure, but have you considered this fact” “What about this fact?”

  • Miami was never the same without lebron but they were never a lottery team

  • Shannon lost this debate

  • I don’t know if LeBron is better than KD to be honest, he can’t defend KD thats for sure, two NBA back to back Finals MVP.

  • Shannon argued having all stars, now he's switching basically saying all star games are irrelevant

    • OMGTv they are irrelevant in a sense because they got nothing to do with winning the title

  • They keep forgetting to mention that sweep last year... smh

  • Waiting for the Steve Kerr name drop....

  • LeBron James won 30% of his playoffs. Michael 100% of his playoffs. LeBron only made it to the playoffs because he played in a trash conference. MJ rose to the top of a extremely competitive conference. Again: LeBron 3-6 Jordan 6-0

  • Shannon makes Skip look like Aristotle

  • Without joining others Leborn James = Dwight Howard

  • It's not a matter how many all stars there in a team, it's more of the chemistry and balance.. MJ had the more reliable and balanced team.

  • 6/6 with pippen 3/9 with bosh-wade-allen-irving-love God math is hard for shannon

  • Shannon _ Jordan had scottie for 10 years Skip _ Jordan drilled and just held the pose ( its called a follow through )

  • Shannon Sharpe would smell LeBron's dirty draws he love that man unconditionally

  • RIP did

  • Jordan took a borderline all star, Pippen, and made him a HofFamer.

  • Do we count coaches as help? Just curious

  • they had the same help, but bron had tougher competition in the finals.

  • This video could have ended at 0:15

  • This dude needs to just talk about football. Michael molded scottie into a all-star. He didn't come over being a all-star. Scottie from 87-89 sucked. It's obvious he has a man crush on Bron but stop it 5. You trip'n.

  • The great “the chosen one became the frozen one” that shot Skip to HOF

  • Skip is the worst sports analyst ever

  • LeBron has more names, MJ had more stability and consistency and a system dedicated to him

  • LeBron. Wade, bosh, Irving, love maybe ad and irving again

  • Skip is a lebron hater plain and simple.

  • Shannon sharp is completely bias and a COMPLETE IDIOT!!


  • Sometimes, I think Shannon is so dumb. He can't comprehend stats and reasoning.

  • Lebron: Dwade,Bosh,Allen,Kyrie,Love MJ: Pippen,Rodman, Kukoc, Steve Kerr, Phil Jackson Now you tell me how is mj’s teammates were better than lebrons. All of lbj’s guys are future HOFs

  • Skip said Jordan made 10 all defense team. Shannon said LeBron made all defense team too. Skip said he used to. Shannon made some noises that were very hard to understand. Uh uh uh uh... lol 😂

  • Shannon LeBron wanted out of Miami that was his decision not to play longer with them

  • Lmao Shannon Sharpe doing everything in his power to make an exscuse for LeBron 😂😂😂😂😂 he even brings up MJ rookie year like hes trying to penalize MJ for Scottie Pippen not being drafted yet lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 then he wanna talk bout defense lmao he dnt wanna talk bout offense tho cause as good as Scottie,Dennis,and Horrace Grant were LeBron had the better scorers in Kyrie,D-Wade ,and Kevin Love,and Ray Allen and dnt forget Shannon LeBron played wid Shaq may be out of prime shaq but he was still pretty good smh shannon sharpe at it agian everybody .........BTW get off KOBE hes SO MUCH BETTER than LeBron

  • The 2011 Lakers' squad was not the same roster that won those 2 championships back to back. LOOK IT UP. Shannon can't use that argument.

  • Wade >> Pippen. I think most fans, old or new, would agree with that. Wade is a Top 3 SG all-time, Pippen no way is a Top 3 SF. Jordan had help but he never had a dominant big man in the golden age of centers, or a top level PG to facilitate his scoring load. Think about that.

    • orphia, wade was past his prime after his knee surgery when lbj arrived.

  • Wow this interview looks and sounds like someone just climbed down a .... and when he learned to walk on his .... ...., then walked straight into this studio to give his opinion while eating a ...... absolutely incredible!

  • But micheal help developed into what they became Mike played for one team

  • Has anyone seen the players that LBJ has had to play against and play with in the finals? Your telling me MJ could beat curry, thompson, durant AND green in the finals? People ignore the facts. Skip is an idiot. Lebron cant win finals by himself, neither can MJ, who btw had rodman AND pippen for all his titles. 2015 kryie and love injured, 2017 his second best player was IMAN SHUMPURT. Like are you kidding me? its like people forget that GSW is Literally the greatest team ever and now even better with cousins. The only time where LBJ truly lacked was the finals against the mavs. Stop being delusional. When LBJ was first on Cleveland his best player was an old broken Shaq.

  • I hate that Shannon just interrupts constantly to tear down MJ yet skip just listens politely and waits for him to finish. Yet Shannon is the one people like. Crazy

  • It's called the LeBron system Shannon that's why he is the only player that benefits from it and the reason why LeBron hasn't had anyone play with him 4 a long amount of time is because LeBron always leaves

  • Sounds like lbj made his teammates better

  • LeBron has had more help. But none of LeBron help is better than Scottie

  • No one ever mentions that Jordan was double and triple teamed every game... Pippin had the luxury of playing with the best offensive scorer in history. This is why anybody that actually watches games would know that Barry Sanders was much better than emmitt Smith... Berry played on garbage teams with garbage lines and Emmett played on it elite teams with elite lines.