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Who had more help in their career: LeBron James or Michael Jordan? | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Publicado em 8 Mai 2018
Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe talk NBA. Hear their thoughts on LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Which star had more help?
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Who had more help in their career: LeBron James or Michael Jordan? | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  • Will LeBron lead the Cavs to the finals?

    • The question is, who wants or wanted to play with Jordan? Answer. Everyone. Who wants to play with LeBum? Nooooooobody. Zero. Only players that flaup.

    • +Avi Adam u meant 4 lll

    • +Landon Alexander u mean get swept lol

    • skip is a racist who only think larry birds is good

    • @ShannonSharpe Lebron played with Ben Wallace who is a 4 time defensive player of the year.

  • Jordan had more help don’t @ me

  • I love how the all star game is a "popularity contest" when trying to downplay L36ron's help but when it comes to him getting killed in the finals it's all about the Warriors have 4 all stars!! Lol. Smh. Fanboys.

  • MJ elevates his teammates to a whole different level all their careers are highlighted when playing with him meanwhile lebron gets the best around the league the hottest youngest or even primest players and still they either have a mental illness, lung clots (close to death) or is celebrating their departure while filming uncle drew

  • I guess Kevin love, Kylie Irving, d wade and Chris bosh are now trash? Stop acting like he hasn’t had all stars

  • The bulls were contenders for the title without Jordan, Lebrons teams were all garbage without Lebron

  • Simple way to answer this debate is to look at the team photos. This is a surefire method of coming to a helpful assessment of who's who. Certain players are easily identified & others will have you wondering who they are which is often the case when you are not familiar with the coverage of a franchise team (fan or not). Since both Mike & Lebron had extensive television coverage chances are casual fans will recognize their teammates from the long season/post season. Of those teammates ask yourself who was/is a (superstar) as opposed to who was/is in their own right a (stellar player) or at the very least a (solid role player). Both are great players even without comparing Mike's 13 seasons to Lebron's 15 seasons its apparent Lebron had more help! (All respect due to Scottie Pippen's greatness) yet in still Mike did more with (lesser) talent around him. The (depth of the teams) aids in this debate or like I said in the beginning simply look at the team photos.

  • 5:45 yes he did in 95 hahahah

  • Rodman wasn t an all star, pippen didn’t make to the all star in 91 and 98, kucoc wasnt an all star and in lebron list are Ilgauskas and mo williams... making this comperison make skip look like an old foolish granpa

  • Rodman wasn t an all star, pippen didn’t make to the all star in 91 and 98, kucoc wasnt an all star and in lebron list are Ilgauskas and mo williams... making this comperison make skip look like an old foolish granpa

  • Does really anyone belive that lebron supporting casts were better than jordans one? is he going to argue that jordan was the underdog every finals and lebron was the big dog in every finals? ahhahahahah

  • How you going to mention Jordan’s help and not mention Steve kerr

  • How much is Shannon being paid?! Ludicrous

  • Totally agree, there is something in kobe and lebron in common: Shrink and blame others. MJ with no Pippen no rings and viceversa.

  • Give it up Shannon.... LEbron is a beast, but Mike is ALL TIME LEGEND

  • POINT goes to.........SKIP

  • Bill Cartwright, Luc longely, Bill Wennington ect...These are the guys Jordan had back when the NBA was a CENTER dominated league. Against guys like David Robinson, Hakeem Olajuwon, Alonzo Morning, Shaquille Oneal, Patrick Ewing, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Rick Smits...need i go on?

  • Not sure if it got mentioned here but what about coaches? Having Phil Jackson all those years was a tremendous advantage for MJ. Probably the same assistant coaches too, same offense, defense, trainers, manager, and owner.

  • I’m so tired of the argument MJ went out in the first round so many times. Bruh who cares if you lose first round or finals. If you lose you lose! You don’t get no bonus points for going to the finals and LOSING!

  • How many superstars in MJ career has he played with as oppose to LBJ? Don’t home how long MJ played next to Pippen just cuz MJ never left his team!

  • excussssssssssssssssssessssssssssssssssss for lbj...stupid debate.... tired already!

  • they are swaying from the whole point here. The aIt arg is about who HAD more help. The very word HAD. So Skip is saying that The cavs, heat players minus Lebron, played better than MJ's team??? Bosh got an injury, wade also plus kyrie and love. Would you really count that as help? Coz the point is, who got the better supporting cast that PLAYED BETTER. Got what Im saying?

  • Whenever Lebron doesn't play, his team looks horrible. When MJ retired the first time, the bulls went deep in the playoffs

  • Scottie also won mvp all star game in 94.

  • No way of knowing. Agree he'd have won a title with time to play and mesh on a squad like that. People only pretend like Dallas were chumps because of the seeming star power on Miami, and the fact thatLeBron was part of it. LA Clippers had a a lot of star power in recent years. How'd that work out?

  • when comparing to Lebron. MJ fans quick to wipe their hands of the impact of Pippen, Rodman etc lmfao

  • SHUT UP and look at the facts ALL STAR TEAMMATES FOR CAREER: *LeBron : 14* *Jordan : 6*

  • I don't like Skip...but lost this argument....Lebron had a lot of help...he was pioneer in creating superteams

  • Don't know how shannon didn't bring up Phil...

  • Everyone who played with Jordan played defense so they never made all star teams because people don’t want to watch defense in the all star game

  • that's funny Skip that's funny

  • Those Bulls teams played in a system that made Michaels teammates successful. Individually, aside from Pippen and Rodman, theses guys were role players. LeBron is ball dominant and his game requires him to be surrounded by guys like Ray Allen arguably the second best shooter to ever play the game. D-Wade, a Finals MVP. Chris Bosh who was a franchise player in Toronto. Kyrie Irving. Arguably one of the best points of his generation. Kevin Love. A franchise player in Minnesota. Kyle Korver another top shooter the league has ever seen. LeBron has been surrounded by more future hall of famers than Jordan. Jordan played the triangle offense under the best coach the game has seen.

  • Lebron fan randomly bringing up Kobe’s name when baffled to find out Lebron’s not better than Micheal Jordan..

  • Shannon KILLED Skip on this argument!!!!! I swear the more Skip speaks on Jordan and tries to defend him.... the more he makes Shannon’s point that LeBron is better than him.

  • Shannon MJ played with players longer because he didnt jump team to team like Lebron lmaoo

  • I wish Shannon Trash would debate me. Hes debating someone who doesnt know too much about BBAll. When MJ left the bulls, the bulls had 3 all star caliber or all star players. BJ, Scottie, Horace. 3 big pieces and added a huge rotation player in Toni Kukoc. When lebron left the Cavs, Shaq left, Ilgauskas left, 2 rotation players left, Antawn and Moe William's played partially together. That's alot of movement. In 2014 when lebron left, 3 other rotation players left, Wade has that Knee injury which cost him 20+ games and Chris Bosh had the blood clots which cost him majority of the NBA season and still the Heat were 1 game away from making the playoffs smh!!!!!!!! Shannon I dare u to challenge me to a debate so I can slap u a few times and make u cry.

  • Crybaby flopping LeBron had more help

  • One question: Could you REALLY hold it against Jordan for being loyal and commited to staying with ONE team and helped DEVELOP a teammate he can play with long-term and recruit MAINLY role players, unlike "Lebandwagon" James recuiting STRICTLY all-stars from other teams and ditching them when he gets spanked in the Finals?

  • Funny how we reckon lebron had more help but also say that the bulls team was the greatest team of all time.

  • If u give michael jordan dwayne wade and chris bosh he would never lose in finals if u give lebron kyrie and kevin love he never loses lebron has too many weaknesses to be the goat

  • Jordan hands down but that doesn’t mean Lebrons better.

    • lebron obviously had more help

  • The more they try to talk LeBron up the more I think he sucks.

  • The all Star is like the least relevant thing ever lmao

  • LOL Ho Grant

  • But hold skeeeep

  • Maybe its because bron team hops so he cant play with anyone long shannon..... get your facts correct

  • Clearly MJ. Doesn't take away anything from MJ. He was the best of his era and a top 3 player of all time still. My reasoning is the roster of his teams that won rings and the competition they had. MJ played in a tougher Conference than Lebron did. To be on top of such a conference and regularly win 60+ games in such a conference, MJ had help. Lebron had more All-star teammates but his teams were top-heavy, and in a weaker conference his teams have rarely won 60+ games. And this isn't a GOAT argument, so don't turn it into that.

    • +Kid chaor If that help only gets you 55 wins on average in a weak conference, but MJ's help got him 63 wins on average in a tough conference, MJ had more help. Simple 😎

    • more all stars means more help simple

  • Shannon hates when he is wrong about Lebron

  • Lebron is not Loyal to no team all he does is leave after he builds a team that cant win and jumps on a another team

  • Ok Dont forget that Lebron wanted to leave everytime so blame him not Jordan 😂😂

  • Horace Grant.... really Shannon lol?

  • And y'all compare this era to when Michael was laying this era is way more competitive all around from starter to bench then it was back then lebron has way more challenges but he is still able to dominate the game.

  • Yes and great as jordan was he would of only gotten 3 championships if scottie wasn't around

  • Skip what are you talking about kevin love best years were in Minnesota

  • Shannon lost me with Oakley

  • The argument about Cleveland in the lottery when LeBron has left them was a good point by Shannon, swayed my opinion

  • Simple- every single time LeBron left a team, it resulted in them missing the playoffs and in most cases, his former team getting a lottery pick. The big and bad Miami Heat team didnt even make the playoffs in the “weak Eastern Conference” the year after he left, and Bosh was banged up but played more than half the season. Jordan leaves for retirement, his team sweeps the first round and was a bad call away from advancing to the next round.

  • Dumbest argument Jordan never played against 4 all star teams with a good bench and lebron and kyrie are by them self and Jordan had Dennis Rodman and Scottie pippin and Steve Kerr so lebron is better he is best in my opinion

  • Lebron CLEARLY had more help and STILL won LESS!!!!

  • Pippen wasnt a all star that year cuz he was hurt so he didn't get enough votes. See this is why u need to know your history. Shannon could have shut down the topic rite there. Sad part is skip probably knew that. Hes such a joke . Go look it up.

  • No question LeBron James did.

  • Skip wins this one... no debate

  • here should shanon ask to skip. in any team lebron and mj. removing both of them who is better.. then the debate is over...

  • Skip is so stupid. He knows nothing. Jordan has so much more help. All star is a poor argument.

  • 1. LeBron (G.O.A.T) 2. Jordan lets end it there. fanboys and band wagoners will say otherwise.

  • Jordan played with two-TWO TOP NBA PLAYERS OF ALL TIME! LeBron did not.

  • Skip can you stop dodging questions. Shannon answers just about all of yours

  • That's dumb Jordan had the much better team

  • Unnecessary stuff = ESPN

  • bruh this is great television

  • Mj had defense player of the year

  • Pippen was a all star twice without Jordan. 94 and 95 Pippen was old asf when he left chicago. Thats not even a debate

    • +Jonathan Marable Don't take that 2years off excuse, everybody knows what happened to Jordan's dad which leaded to this break. And Name players who kept their level of greatness after 2 years of retirement!! In this early retirement he has lost two seasons of his prime and at the same time a new generation of stars emerged (Payton, Kemp, Reggie Miller, Mourning, Shaq, Petrovic, Hardaway etc...). It's not like you can leave the NBA and come back like it's your Momma's House.

    • +mikatteba225 yeah and MJ took two years off cuz he was mentally and physically drained. Those are mjs words. Lebron on 16 straight years. Skip said so many things that were flat out lies. Its so pathetic

    • Pippen was younger than Jordan tho.

  • This is the dumbest debaye based on how things were different then til now. Almost every team had one all star and at least half of the teams now have multiple all stars.

  • This is the most stupidest question in American sports history. Lebron had more help in his career than MJ. MJ literally put his team in NBA map, he's team mates become better because of him. Lebron's team hoping to team up with great players.

  • The best player Lebron played with is the third greatest shooting guard all time. Scottie is not a top 20 forward all time.

  • Joy Taylor's checkin her Instagram this entire argument

  • Shannon slaughters skip EVERY TIME. All stars is meaningless. Skip! Stop lying.

  • Skip is such a liar. All stars? He had two hall of famers, the best three point shooters the best rebounders, give me a break. And the rest of the cast was still better than the supporting casts of the other teams.

  • Bill Russell and Kareem are the Goats 🐐

  • this may be the first time I agree with skip and Shannon

  • Jordan - Horace grant Charles Oakley Pippen Rodman Kukoc Lebron - Wade with Bad knees Bosh Kyrie that was injured 2014 and Love that had scored less than 10 mutiple times in the finals

    • Benjamin Franklin cuz that was the only finals he failed in they were favored how did every team Jordan play in the finals have less than 1 person average 20 and have less hall of famers than them

    • Kevin Toto how did “wade with bad knees” make all nba teams every year he played with Lebron (except 2014) and how did he average 27 ppg in the same finals Lebron averaged 17? 🌝

  • LeBron ran to another team.

  • When its "who's the better player?" Skip can talk skills but when it comes to who had the most help he goes by all-star appearances. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 skip a fool

    • Cousin Marcus how does that make him a fool? One player has players who have a combined 33 all star appearances; the other has playeds who’s made a combined 9 all star appearances lol. Dennis was a 7 ppg scorer for his career and never made an all star team in Chicago

  • In the 6 years MJ won teams didn't haven't multiple all Stars like they do now. so LBJ def needed to have more help than MJ

    • Benjamin Franklin like I first said in my comment LeBron needed more help because he went up against teams with more multiple super stars in the finals than MJ. Lebron's 3 victories were against teams with 3 super stars. MJ only won against 2 or 1 superstar. that's all I'm saying explaining why LeBron needed more help than MJ

    • Slaughta House when you play team with 3 all stars like golden state, while also playing on a 3 all star team; that’s not an accomplishment lol. Rodman never made an all star team in Chicago .

    • Benjamin Franklin LeBron beat the spurs that was a stacked team and golden state, even without KD they were still a team of multiple superstars. the hardest team I think MJ defeated in the finals was Malone and Stockton but by that time the bulls had MJ, Pippen, Rodman. The first 4 wins were against 2 or 1 superstar teams

    • Slaughta House Lebron never beat a dynasty lmfao. In 2013, Tim Duncan was 37, ginobili was 35 and kawhi wasn’t even an all star. Celtics ? The Celtics are the same team that made Lebron go to Miami and team up with a former finals mvp and top 5 player in Wayne wade and a top 5 pf in Chris bosh. It was a bunch of 20 year old stars in their prime beating a bunch of mid 30 year old declining stars lol. Warriors ? Again, a 3 star team in kyrie Lebron and love beat a 3 star team in curry , Green and Thompson dealing with injuries and suspensions. The warriors weren’t a “dynasty” when they beat a cavs team in the finals missing two all stars

    • Benjamin Franklin 1991 MJ and pippen beat magic and worthy which were no longer in their prime. 1992 MJ and Pippen beat Clyde Drexler. 1993 MJ and Pippen beat Charles Barkley. 96 MJ Pippen beat Gary Payton. My point is he never defeated a Dynasty like the spurs, Celtics, golden state, or Lakers.

  • Jordan never played with a Superstar of the caliber of DWade. Prime Wade was WAY BETTER THAN PIPPEN, he is one of the greatest of ALL TIME, top 20 easily. Let's not forget Wade won the NBA in 2006 as Finals MVP, was the scoring Champion in 2009 and would BE THE 2011 FINALS MVP - and I suspect Lebron missed his shots on purpose to not win a ring as Wade's sidekick... Imagine Jordan playing a Finals and Pippen averaging 30 PPG carrying him. This would NEVER Happen. Also, Kyrie averaged 30 PPG in 2 Finals in a row. Lebron had 2 Superstars for 6 seasons, winning only 3 times. Jordan never had a Superstar of that caliber and even then won 6 rings. Lebron had MUCH more help. And I didn't even mention Ray Allen one of the 2 greatest playoff shooters ever... And Kevin Love considered the best Power Forward in the NBA before joining the Cavaliers...

  • Not only did Jordan have less help but he beat better teams. Playoffs with a teammate averaging 22+ PPG. Jordan - 0 LeBron - 4 (2011, 2012, 2016, 2017). Jordan also beat way better competition, that overrated 2007 playoff run that cavs had they only beat two 0.500 teams (41-win Wizards and Nets) and a 53-win Pistons team with no Ben Wallace or Larry Brown). Record against 60-win Playoff teams. Jordan - 7-2 (most by one NBA dynasty in one decade). LeBron - 3-4. 50-win playoff team jordan beat 20 vs Lebron 10. Please stop with the comparisons Mj is the undisputed GOAT.

  • Scottie didnt make the all-sar team because he didnt even play at the first half it the 97-98 season...

    • +Benjamin Franklin i exactly know what was his average dont worry ;) but I didnt talk about that at all... I just said Jordan didnt have an all-sar teammate in the 97-98 season because Pippen was unable to play at the first half of the season because of his back problem thats all what I have said... By the way his defense was great...same level like Kawhi(in my opinion) who is a 2-time DPOY but in the 90s the centers and power forwards were much more dominant at the defense end of the floor and of course their numbers were greater because the players went much more to the paint to make layups, dunks, inside games so they got all the DPOY awards expect 96...

    • László Ökrös Scottie was a career 17 ppg 43% fg shooter in the playoffs. He was an excellent defender but isn’t as great as some claim he is

  • Skips only argument is that lebron played with more all stars because he moved to Miami and back to Cavs. Funny how if u play with the same team for 10 years chemistry increases, confidence increases oh and Jordan saying how good Pippen was is also interesting

  • Lmao what’s hilarious is Scottie pippen wasn’t when he came onto the bulls ...lebron joined a Dwayne and a kyrie who were both all stars

  • Jordan is GREATER LeBron is BETTER (talent) and as much as I would love to say Jordan had more help cus I’d love the LeBron v Jordan debate to be really close (because I don’t have a true favourite out of them) but LeBron definitely had more help, while, Pippen is great he can’t outweigh; Kyrie, Wade, Bosh, Love etc. etc.

  • Has anyone noticed that LeBron might have played with 3 of the top 10 clutch players in NBA history in kyrie, ray allen, and wade and has only 3 rings to show for it? lol ok

  • 3:13 held the pose hahha its called a follow through

  • Shannon also forgot how after Jordan's 2nd retirement the Bulls sucked for several years.

  • Shannon schooled skip, skip has no real points

  • Lebron had more help. He couldn't win a ring by himself. Needed Wade & Bosh to help him out.

  • didnt dennis rodman make two all star teams before he joined the bulls? cmon skiup

    • derek milholm meaning he was a role player and 35 when he joined the bulls

  • We all knew Skip was gonna say Lebron

  • Dwade vs scottie dwadeeeeee !! Is wat better than scottie wtf 😭😭😭😭

  • Skip lied when Jordan left Scottie Horace Grant and bj Armstrong where all stars and Scottie won all star game mvp

    • Nice2787 he didn’t lie. You can make the all star game one year like a Roy Hibbert or Jameer Nelson and never make it again. They never made it when they played with MJ . Wade was averaging 27 ppg in the finals playing WITH Lebron . When has MJ ever had that type of help ? LOL

    • 🦈' \ 😕👆🥋✊

  • Jordan had Pippen and Rodman. LeBron had Wade, Bosh, Allen, Kyrie. All of them All Stars and Hall of Famers. LeBron got more help.