Will It Butter? Taste Test

Publicado em 16 Jul 2018
Can we believe it's now butter? Or are these new butter options better off unchurned? GMM #1354
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  • will it stop my heart

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  • Number 1 on trending 😱😱😱😂😂😂

  • Did anyone notice the Bush’s beans dog died recently?

  • Number 1 on Trending, baby!

  • Did link dye his hair


  • Will it tho


  • 4978th comment

  • congratulations #1 on trending!!!

  • #1 on trending, came out yesterday

  • No.. not the lobster

  • Did i just watch tow guys in top #1 trend basicly eating butter ? Just to be shure

  • You should do will it milkshake

  • 6:40 *background laughing* 😂😂😂

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  • Exotic butters are my favorite butters 😍

  • Will it make it number 1 on trending?

  • congrats, #1 on trending!

  • Is it butter or pâté? Maybe you should so will it pâté 🧐

  • Trending! Yay!

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  • Rhett is the type of nibba that eats beans while watching cars 2. In the movies

  • Maybe chuck Berry said it maybe it's Maybelline

  • Nice vid keep up the amazing work

  • Will it French fry, Will it tea, Will it iced cap or frapicino, Will it poutine, And Will it cheese

  • Will it French fry, Will it tea, Will it iced cap or frapicino, Will it poutine, And Will it cheese


  • “Poop tunnels...... let’s spread it on some bread and eat it!”

  • You literally just made a dodgy Pate with that last one didn't you?

  • Is there a recipe for all of these

  • It’s Hardee’s !!!!!

  • Will it number 1 on trending? Yes, yes it will

  • Listening to you guys chat always makes me hungry

  • Awesome idea guys

  • coooooool af

  • Will it wig?

  • I'm watching and thinking will the last one be tarantula butter or blood butter?

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  • Will it heart attack

  • Paula Deen is QUAKING!

  • Butterly >.>

  • #1 trending! grats rhett and link

  • Butter my buns and call me a biscuit

  • It should be called color butter

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  • will I die???

  • I havent watched GMM in so long but im back and why is Link’s hair grey?

  • Snickers Butter....

  • taste the filipino dish "bopis" and you might like guts

  • You guys should of done escargo butter

  • Who's better like for Rhett comment for link.

  • Yes, can I have a heart attack burger dripped in butter. Carl"s Jr probably has a contract with the local hospitals.

  • if you are a guy and are +18 come watch my videos! :)

  • Lemon head butter .....

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  • Need to borrow my Lipitor?

  • Why is your star upside down in the background?

  • look the butter with intestines would be better if they where cleaned seasoned boiled and then fried then pureed and seasoned again. How I know it? I made it. Just to see if I could improve it. and it worked. Tastes like meat spread now

  • Will it whip cream? No.

  • sound like basic podcast dudes

  • I think you should’ve tried an “utter” flavor. I can’t believe it can MOOve through your body. Ok I’ll stop


  • Cool dude

  • That’s very dangerous

  • Will it get you cardiac attack

  • Loved this episode! Just a heads up, a lobster isn't an insect per say, it's an arthropod and insects are too 😊 I'm going to go make my own butter now... 🙃

  • Can you make a live stream please


  • I saw the title of the video and I thought "oh no, they *butter* not" hahahaha her it. Aww, I'm not funny at all.

  • So they eat crayons but can’t stand “hotdog butter”

  • Ayyy, Filipino mythical beast!

  • Do I Not Know Information To Any Non Dimensional State In Norwegian Knowledge?

  • Yay congratulations on #1 trending video

  • We have all these newer youtubers like jake paul, ksi, deji, etc.. but we can't forget the OG's Rhett and Link who've been here, making videos, since before 2008. And what a long way you guys have come from chia lincoln to drinking each others urine in front of millions. Love you guys and I've been watching your videos for 5 years.

  • Only in America, Kiddos.

  • A Random comment

  • What do you call a fast redneck sister? A virgin.

  • The last one is basically a foie gras/pate! 👌

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  • Love your hair link and your hair is looking cooler then ever Rhett

  • Not sure how I feel about the name “butter burst” but lburst butter” isn’t exactly better lmao

  • This was the best will it episode till now. This is the first time I actually want to eat the things they tested.

  • Y'all really missed the opportunity to title this " Will it taste butter " 🤦🏿‍♂️ I'm disappointed. I make animations...

  • *but where is peanut butter?*

  • Will it floss?!!!

  • Grats on #1 trending guys! You should have dedicated this episode to Paula Deen lol! Login Rhett with his bean butter "that's just what daddy needed" and the starburst looks amazing!

  • Will it sauce?

  • Butter made out of weed?

  • can I die


  • nice videos

  • hoowww mannnnyyyy calories is that?!?!???!

  • next time, after boiling the intestines for safety....chop them into small pieces, then pan fry them; with onions & some garlic; with some actual butter and add some salt and seasoning. You will definitely love the taste then!!! In Kenya we call it 'Matumbo' and we eat it with Sukuma Wiki (fried kale) and Ugali (corn flour 'mash')