Will Smith hosts Meme Review

Publicado em 22 Fev 2019
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  • *a surprise to be sure but a welcome one*

  • Our lord and savior

  • #45 НА ВЛАДКЕ "В ТРЕНДЕ" мое почтение, добро пожаловать в наши российские тренды 👏👏👏

  • Aloona: soobridiiiit Pewds: ruuver

  • #RipOppertunity

  • It depresses me that this guy has such a massive following. Our future generation is screwed.

  • Oops 1# on trending

  • Will Smith ain't hosting meme review it's elon musk

  • Thanks Elon. We love you

  • Billionaire hosted meme review. I’m gonna unsub now.

  • Now this is a Epic VictoryRoyale

  • Play apex

  • I wish the discusting wave meme would piss off

  • Number #15 in trending im going to report this bug

  • Number 1 trending


  • Pewd's merch is actually BANGIN

  • thank you elongated muskrat, very cool

  • Pewds Tseries made a diss track on you

  • Älskar dig heje

  • mr beast and elon musk use tesla to send pewdiepie to mars so he can save opportunity

  • That Elon Musk part felt so much like a cowchop wrong side of youtube episode, fucking hell that's great stuff!

  • aww i thought will smith was gonna host meme review

  • Hehe

  • Why Elon Musk looks like he didn't sleep for 10 days?

  • Normal people: Rover Pewdiepie: RoOvEeer

  • Get off my lawn

  • Elon laughs at downed deer meme Finds out the deer actually drowned *laughs harder*

  • F for real heroes

  • f

  • My battery is low and i have leave a like Now thats my part

  • R.I.P

  • Humanity cannot go higher than this.

  • T series wins

  • Mr.Beast hosts meme review.

  • Why is this 720p though

  • Finish world’s hardest game.

  • Nobody: Tseries: heddo ma frend howd r u today,, cuddy cuddy cuddy cuddy

  • I made 3 accounts just to sub to pewds. I'll be making another 3 next week. I have done my part. Have you?

  • 😂😂😂😂💻

  • F Goodbye Mars rover

  • Ben Shapiro ✅ Justin Roiland ✅ Elon Musk ✅ Mr Beast, Notch, 6ix9ine, Will Smith where you at

    • Forget 69, we need trippie red or kanye to do it

  • I find it funny because I got that the ad that has Will Smith in it

  • T series to host meme review 👌👌

  • Omg

  • Im happy now :D

  • -Что это было-

  • E loan lookin real fresh

  • play mafia city to stop t-series

  • Видео как всегда топ

  • Ask Donald Trump to host meme review

  • next play apex

  • Cringe

  • No1 trending wtf?😂

  • 1v trendech!😮😮😮😮😂❤❤😄

  • support my channel, who likes and sbscribes, I pray that you get plenty of fortune. amen

  • I love the qay they covered the laptop logo

  • Platz 1 in den deutschen Trends...😂

  • i really enjoy how the prize wheel animation spins the opposite way of pewds pretending to spin it

  • 45 втренде

  • Why is this not on trending?

  • Pewdiepie #1 Trending. Is BR-tv actually helping in the fight against T-Series? Find out in PewNews.

  • so T-Series won for 2 minutes yesterday

  • Oof, now I see why season 3 of R&M got so dark.

  • Chal bhosdike

  • Сурово

  • Rooooooover

  • What a time to be alive

  • Nice Bro

  • Jjjjuuuuustttiiiinn roiiilaaaannnd ACCEPTABLE

  • Cringed on Justin on the Queen Meme :3

  • No.1 trending in youtube

  • I'm an Indian rap artist and I don't support T Series 🤣 I just dropped a diss, mind giving it a listen?

    • i'm an indan i'll watch your diss and smash like cuz i'm a 9 year old too..


  • Seeing Elon Musk laugh at a dead deer in a pool made burst out a laugh that i haven't felt for months at the present time.. *petition for Elon Musk laughing at more dead stuff*

  • 3:12 "In other news mods are gay" LMAO


  • Not the hero we deserve but the hero we need

  • Part 2?

  • I want to see Will Smith host meme review.

  • Thanks elon musk , we enjoyed the host.

  • Bravo Very nice, rest now

  • why did elon go to the justin guy EPIC cringe

  • Justin Roiland is og

  • Can i *HoSt MeMe ReViEw*

  • Thanks guys ♥️

  • btw if you have not noticed just look at the sticker on Elon musk's laptop this is the official meme lappy

  • very cool


  • Omg

  • Pewdiepie watching justin roiland and elon musk: -Let me iiin, let mi iiiiiiiiiiiiiin

  • Congratulations t series you beat pewdiepie for a solid few hours 😂❤️

  • Roiland was weak, felt like an out of touch dad just saying words he's heard his son say when talking about memes. More Elon though he was a mad man

  • Welcome senpie

  • Why can't we haha react in BR-tv videos, I want to haha react to this video...😭😂

  • Wtf

  • #1 on trending!

  • If he titled it Elon musk hosts meme review then it would have gotten more views

  • Daniel fernandes

  • ​я русский зайдите подержите лайком